Best Dagger & Knife Mods For Skyrim (Ranked)

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I know daggers aren’t for everyone. In fact, when it comes to Skyrim players, the only ones that truly find effectiveness in knives are role-players, assassins, and overly-violent thieves.

But those of us interested in getting the best daggers in the game, may find the vanilla selection to be rather underwhelming.

So let’s turn to mods and see what they can offer.

Many of these blades will make you wonder why Bethesda didn’t add cooler-looking knives to the game to start with… but hey, thankfully the modding community always has our backs.

Use these mods wisely and be sure to paint them with the blood of your enemies – some of them are extremely strong, and I can assure you of one thing: I avoided adding too many retextures to my list.

So these are truly brand-new knives & daggers, so be sure to wield them with might!


10. Curse of Sithis

Curse of Sithis knife mod for Skyrim

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The Curse of Sithis might not be the best dagger for you to use if you intend to properly slice a piece of bread… but hey – it seems like the perfect knife to use if you want to cut the throats of your enemies.

I mean, if this one doesn’t cut straight through the bone, I don’t know what will.

Keep it sharp and kill some fools with it!


9. For the Brotherhood Dagger

For the Brotherhood Dagger Mod

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This masterful mod adds a couple of new daggers to the game, which gets incorporated into the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary.

As you can imagine, they’re both specifically designed to fit the needs of a true assassin.

I also like that the creator of this mod feels just like me: there seems to be a ton of mods for all sorts of weapons, but there just aren’t many cool dagger mods.

These daggers are made with the specific intention of providing proper replacements for assassins who would rather use a greatsword than an actual dagger.

So let’s combine big damage output with a tiny weapon, seems like a good idea right?

The daggers give you a fantastic base damage value – gone are the days of you having to resort to using longer blades!


8. Leaf Dagger

Leaf Dagger for Skyrim

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This weapon might seem like it has a simple design at first.

But don’t be deceived by its apparent simple looks. The Leaf Dagger is super strong and could do a fantastic job for an assassin looking to spill some blood with a “shiny new blade”, using the words of the mod’s creator.

Why is it called the Leaf Dagger?

That’s a question for another time(read: who the hell knows).

Just snag the mod and enjoy this new blade’s shininess!


7. Epoch Weapon Pack

Epoch Weapon Pack Skyrim mod

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This weapon pack adds a handful of new weapons to the game, including a simple knife that I can’t help but love.

Unlike many of the other daggers on this list, this one has an extremely simple design. And it doesn’t seem to be overdone when it comes to its set of features.

Instead you’ll be able to wield it and it should feel like the knife of an effective assassin. It does the job you need to get done, that’s for sure.

The other weapons in this pack are pretty nice too!


6. Cyrodiilic Steel Dagger

Cyrodiilic Steel Dagger for Skyrim

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I always love when mod-makers go all out trying to make their mods as lore-friendly as possible. Just by adding the name of an in-game location to their creations.

The Cyrodiilic Steel Dagger ticks that box.

Bbut it’s not all about the name with this mod.

The blade does share the same design that you often see in weapons crafted in Cyrodiil, much like the design of weapons that Oblivion got us accustomed to.


5. Warblade Dagger Sword & Shield

Warblade Dagger Mod

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I think this is the only dagger on my list that looks more like a dagger than it actually is.

In fact, this weapon is not even meant to be used by assassins or sneaky thieves. It comes with a shield and has a big aspect ratio to it, which makes both the dagger and the shield look just totally oversized.

But the weapon deals a ton of damage and serves its purpose rather well – providing players with a unique & matching set of a sword and a shield, with a design that isn’t seen anywhere else in the lands of Skyrim.


4. Reversed Daggers

Reversed Daggers - TES Skyrim

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If you’re looking for some combat daggers, then this mod is sure to put a smile on your face.

It adds the best combat daggers that I’ve ever seen.

I mean, wearing blades backwards? How badass is that?

Don’t waste any more time, be sure to get this mod installed and look like a gangsta while icing some fools (I beg your forgiveness for writing that sentence).


3. Darker Than Black Dagger

Darker Than Black Dagger in Skyrim

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No, this dagger isn’t “darker than black”. That would be too difficult to program.

This is actually the blade from the Darker Than Black anime.

It’s an ebony dagger that can be crafted in any forge if you have the ebony smithing perk.

The weapon has some absolutely beautiful textures and a stunning design that makes it look exactly like the one from the series. Anime fans rejoice!


2. Dagger of Vaermina

Dagger of Vaermina Skyrim Mod

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The only reason why I’m not rating this mod as the number one on my list, is that it only adds one dagger to the game. Because it’s actually a beautiful mod.

It doesn’t matter if you want to have this dagger shaded, or if you want to wield it anywhere you go.

The Dagger of Vaermina is going to make you look as badass as the next Dovahkin.


1. DaggerCraft Package

DaggerCraft Package Mod for Skyrim

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Why download one dagger when you can download a whole bunch of them?

The DaggerCraft package adds a ton of cool-looking new blades to the game (6 in total), with each of them having a unique crafting material and unique stats, too.

Give this a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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