Best Dark Brotherhood Mods For Skyrim

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Don’t believe what people say in the streets of Dawnstar, Falkreath, Solitude, and Whiterun.

The Dark Brotherhood is not dead.

Because anything eternal, can never truly die.

That said, the Dark Brotherhood is not exactly in a very good shape when the events of Skyrim happen. And it seems like further decline is inevitable, even if an important figure like the Dragonborn gets involved.

The only way to restore this ancient assassin organization is to install some sweet mods and prove to Commander Maro that he can never stop the Dark Brotherhood.


5. Dark Brotherhood Reborn – Dawnstar Sanctuary

Dawnstar Sanctuary Dark Brotherhood Mod for Skyrim

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Being part of a shadowy assassin organization should come with some great benefits.

And it usually does. But not in vanilla Skyrim, sadly.

So this Dawnstar Sanctuary mod aims to fix this glaring issue by completely overhauling the Sanctuary that you get access to at the end of the Dark Brotherhood questline.

How so?

By tweaking pretty much everything inside it.

Check out this mod and you’ll finally have a secret base worthy of the most deadly assassins in all of Tamriel.


4. Your Choices Matter

Dark Brotherhood Choices Matter Mod

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The Dark Brotherhood questline in Skyrim is extremely good.

But it could do with some improvements here and there to bring it more in line with the rest of the game.

Your Choices Matter is a custom expansion that brings these well-needed improvements to the questline.

It specifically introduces tons of new choices that have consequences in the questline, and these can even influence the ending.

Toss in some new voiced dialogues as well, and you get a mod that can stand head-to-head with the rest of the game – despite being entirely fan-made.



3. Deacons Dark Brotherhood Pack

Deacons Dark Brotherhood Pack / Skyrim Mod

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New gear for a full Dark Brotherhood playthrough?

As always, we got you covered.

Or rather, dedicated modders have you covered (we’re just the messenger).

Deacons Dark Brotherhood features gear and weapons that make every assassin more menacing and incredibly strong.

Menacingly strong, to be precise.

How would you feel like facing an enemy equipped with a flaming sword? Afraid, I’d bet.

We’ve covered assassin-related gear in another article, but custom mods take things to the next level. And this mod really matches the Dark Brotherhood aesthetic.


2. Save the Dark Brotherhood

Save the Dark Brotherhood Quest Mod

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Saving the Dark Brotherhood from annihilation will not only just make you a legend among the assassins.

And it’ll make you THE legend to follow at all costs!

And here’s a mode to get you going on that.

Save the Dark Brotherhood introduces a neat tweak to the Death Incarnate quest, so that you can actually save your Brothers and Sisters from death by healing them, and kill off Maro’s agents before they can do any damage.

The reward is their never-ending gratitude and admiration. Not to mention their invaluable help as followers!


1. The Brotherhood of Old

Brotherhood of Old Skyrim Mod

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When you finally manage to make the Sanctuary your own, the Dark Brotherhood questline is over.

But is it really?

The Brotherhood of Old is an amazing mod that gives you 24 new epic quests.

These will take you all across Skyrim to rebuild the Brotherhood, following the events of the main questline.

Your task will be to make it into a force to be reckoned with, as it was in ancient times. Or die trying…

Because the enemies of the Brotherhood are many, and they’ll fight you fiercely to make sure it’ll stay in ruins and forgotten until the end of time.

Anyone looking for more Dark Brotherhood is bound to enjoy this one.

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