Where Do You Farm Ebony Ore in Skyrim?

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Gloombound Mine in the Orc Stronghold of Narzulbur is the best place to farm Ebony Ore in the game, with a total number of 16 Ebony Ore veins.

You can then use these ores to create 48 Ebony Ingots, which is enough to craft a full set of Ebony Armor.

But let’s look into how you can get to this mine and how to farm these for yourself.


How To Get To Gloombound Mine

The orc stronghold of Narzulbur / Skyrim

Gloombound Mine can be found southeast of Windhelm, in the orc stronghold of Narzulbur situated in the snowy mountains.

You can enter the stronghold directly through the gate and just ignore the orcs who tell you that “you’re not welcome” in their stronghold.

Continue to the south of the compound and cross the wooden bridge.

Then follow the path on your left to the mine’s entrance. There will be two paths inside, one straight ahead, and one on the left.

Mining ebony ore inside Gloombound Mine / Skyrim

To the right is a single ebony vein you can mine.

The path to the left will lead to an iron ore vein and three ebony ore veins.

If you follow the straight path, it will lead to a ramp and then to a path over on the right. You can take that route all the way to the end of the ramp, and on your left there you’ll find two more ebony ore veins.

The path at the top of the ramp in Gloombound Mine / Skyrim

Note: if you get all the way to the top of the ramp (pictured above), there is a small path leading to the right, and that will ultimately take you to a passageway with a dead end. You’ll see one ebony ore vein on the ground after you turn right from the ramp.

So you can go straight to the dead end where you’ll find one iron ore vein and two ebony ore veins, or you can take a right turn and follow another path with wooden planks.

This path will have one ebony ore vein before a right turn, and then if you actually take the right turn past this section you’ll find another ebony ore vein on the wall.

The floor collapsed before the end of the mine / Skyrim

At the end of the mine, five ebony ore veins can be found. It can take a while to get this deep so it’s good to plan out how much ore you actually need.

And be careful when you’re getting closer to this part at the end of mine (pictured above).

The floor will collapse here and you can fall through to the first floor if you’re not careful.


Is There Another Way To Get Ebony Ore?

Some ebony ore veins can be found deep inside Dwarven Ruins, but these dungeons are usually long and full of strong enemies – so for farming it’s much better to go to Gloombound Mine.

If you’ve exhausted the ore veins and cleared out the mine, the veins will replenish after 30 days of in-game time.

Also, ebony ore will start to appear at blacksmiths after you reach level 27, and in general goods merchants once you reach level 14.

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