Skyrim: Best FGO & Fate Series Mods (All Free)

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I’ve been a fan of the Fate franchise for longer than I’ve been playing Skyrim – and that’s saying something!

After the 2004 release of the Fate/Stay Night visual novel, the popularity of this series has skyrocketed – especially since the Fate/Grand Order mobile game became the center of the franchise.

This series appeals to all kinds of gamers – from the history buffs attracted to the historical and mythological characters, to the waifu-hunters in it for the cute girls and appealing character designs.

With the popularity of the series at an all-time high, it’s the perfect time to look around and see what kind of Fate-themed mods we can find for our favorite open-world RPG.

From character presets to Noble Phantasms, here are the best Fate mods for TESV: Skyrim.


1. Exmorgan – Saber Alter’s Sword

Exmorgan – Saber Alter's Sword / Skyrim Mod

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The only thing cooler than an all-powerful sacred sword is its dark, corrupted version.

Exmorgan is wielded by Saber Alter – Artoria Pendragon corrupted by the Holy Grail.

In other words, it’s the dark version of the legendary sword Excalibur.

This mod by Shuffler90 makes this bad-ass sword available for the Dragonborn to brandish against Alduin. Its dark blade and bright red ornamentation help it fit into Skyrim as a sort of Daedric artifact.

The world-eating dragon won’t know what hit him.


2. Archer Weapon Pack

Archer Weapon Pack / Skyrim Mod

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The Heroic Spirit EMIYA – also known simply as Archer – has the power to create copies of any sword ever created.

Still, he prefers Bakuya and Kanshou – two short, curved blades representing the Yin and Yang, or Light and Darkness.

In addition, he wields a unique bow as the only weapon that’s not a copy.

Creator oPlasma brings us these powerful weapons as Conjuration spells, meaning you’ll “project” them just like Archer does.


3. Aestus Estus – Nero’s Sword

Aestus Estus – Nero’s Sword / Skyrim Mod

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My favorite weapon in the Fate series is Aestus Estus, wielded by (female) Roman Emperor Nero in Fate/Extra and FGO.

Aestus Estus means “passion” and “heat,” which is appropriate for an artistically-minded Emperor known for burning down Rome.

The chaotic, curved blade and bright red color could be interpreted as mimicking flames. One way or another, it looks bad-ass.

You can get this two-handed sword in Skyrim thanks to this mod by Shuffler90. It features the regular red and black version and the black and white one favored by Nero in her Saber Bride form.


4. Saber Armor

Saber Armor / Skyrim Mod

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As the old adage says, “the best offense is a good defense.”

Wait, did I get that right?

In any case, I mean that you can’t only focus on cool weapons – you also need badass armor, which you can get from this mod by Obantr.

Saber’s armor is described as unrefined and unaesthetic in the games, which definitely comes through in this mod.

The steel parts look somewhat weathered and unpolished, which fits in well with Skyrim’s aesthetic and feeds the idea of a warring monarch who’s never stopped fighting for her kingdom.


5. Saber’s Swords – Changes

Saber's Swords – Changes / Skyrim Mod

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We’ve already taken a look at Exmorgan – the dark version of Excalibur – but what about the real deal?

Saber’s Swords – Changes by Juschge gives you access to Excalibur and almost every other weapon ever wielded by Saber. This includes the Avalon scabbard, the Sword in the Stone Caliburn, and Exmorgan.

In addition, the mod lets you wield “Invisible Air,” a shrouded version of Excalibur used by Saber to hide her identity as the King of Knights during the Fifth Holy Grail War.

These weapons have unique and powerful special abilities that’ll make you feel like a true Heroic Spirit.


6. Artoria Pendragon Follower

Artoria Pendragon Follower / Skyrim Mod

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So far, we’ve looked at mods that can help you wield the strength of Heroic Spirits – but what if you could be their Master?

This mod by Zreincarnation summons Artoria Pendragon as a follower for the Dragonborn, which is basically the same as her being your Servant.

You’ll find this legendary knight on the second floor of Dragonsreach, wearing her magic-resistant armor and carrying Excalibur on her back – ready to be drawn to protect her Master.

This take on Saber looks absolutely breathtaking and should blend into Skyrim reasonably well.


7. Command Seal Armor

Command Seal Armor / Skyrim Mod

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As any Fate fan surely knows, a Master needs Command Seals to maintain their bond with their Servant and force them to comply with their orders should they refuse.

This mod by Haladoon offers a bad-ass recolored version of the Elven armor displaying Shirou Emiya’s Command Seals on the cuirass to signify your status as a Master when adventuring with Saber or any other Servant in tow.

Even by itself, this armor looks pretty cool, and since it’s a recolor of a vanilla set, it pairs nicely with Skyrim’s aesthetic.


8. Christmas Padoru

Christmas Padoru / Skyrim Mod

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Padoru Padoru!

Who needs Jingle Bells when you have Nero Claudius’ own rendition of the famous Christmas carol?

The Paduru meme originates from a scene in Fate/Extra where Nero puts on a Santa outfit and sings this parody of a Christmas staple. She finishes by exclaiming, “Padoru Padoru,” which is the Japanese onomatopoeia for reindeer hooves.

This hilarious mod brings the joy and merriment of chibi Nero through an arcane item capable of summoning the tiny Roman Emperor to sing her song while spinning around.


9. Scáthach Armor

Scáthach Armor / Skyrim Mod

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Scáthach is a Lancer-class Servant based on a legendary warrior queen from Celtic Mythology.

Among other things, she’s known as the mentor of the great hero Cú Chulainn.

She’s one of the most popular characters in Fate/Grand Order thanks to her bad-ass personality and, most importantly, incredibly appealing design that showcases her feminine beauty and dark origins at the same time.

With this mod by XingSkyrimSE, you can become the Witch of Dún Scálith, complete with her sultry attire and long, purple hair.


10. Rin Tohsaka Outfit

Rin Tohsaka Outfit / Skyrim Mod

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If you’d rather play as a Master than a Servant, consider this Rin Tohsaka outfit by Chinese modder Hsan_0.

Rin quickly became a fan favorite after her appearance as Archer’s Master and one of Shirou’s romantic interests in the original Fate/Stay Night.

Since then, she has returned in many forms throughout the series. She even serves as the vessel for the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar in FGO.

This mod is based on her original appearance, with a skin-tight red long-sleeved sweater and a black miniskirt complemented by thigh-high socks that made her a mascot for the Zettai Ryouiki trope.


11. Custom Fate Player Voices

Custom Fate Player Voices / Skyrim Mod

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One thing that’s always bothered me about cosplaying characters or using presets in Skyrim is that the voices never match.

You can play the game in Japanese, but even then, it’s not 100% accurate.

Thanks to the Fate series’ massive popularity and Nanahane’s Additional Player Voices mod, we can overcome this hurdle for some characters.

Creator Yoshika73 offers us this fabulous Rin Tohsaka voice pack (linked above), along with one for Saber (Artoria) and the wildly popular “trap” Astolfo.

And these mods don’t just change your character’s voice.

They also add more voiced events when sneaking, shooting weapons, entering dungeons, etc.


12. Saber Lily Armor

Saber Lily Armor / Skyrim Mod

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Artoria’s most elegant and refined appearance is the Saber Lily form, which depicts her as the Knight Princess who had only just pulled out Caliburn from the stone.

Thanks to this mod by creator Fireboxs, her path to glory will lead her straight through the province of Skyrim.

This armor is slightly lighter and much more ornate than her usual attire.

The white dress represents her innocence and purity, and it’s separate from the cuirass and gauntlets, so you can wear it more casually in town.


13. Jeanne D’Arc Armor

Jeanne D'Arc Armor / Skyrim Mod

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If you enjoyed the Fate/Apocrypha anime series, you’ll love this Jeanne D’Arc armor by Outlawer.

Joan of Arc is known for her impressive military accomplishments during the Hundred Years’ War – specifically the Siege of Orléans – where she helped lead the French forces after receiving visions from the Christian God.

In Fate/Apocrypha, she’s summoned as a Ruler-class Servant meant to oversee the Great Holy Grail War.

This mod features everything you need to cosplay Jeanne in Skyrim, including a wig! It also includes a dark recolored version representing her “Alter” form as seen in Fate/Grand Order.


14. Saber Dress Color Variants

Saber Dress Color Variants / Skyrim Mod

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It’s no secret that around 50% of all women in the Fate franchise look exactly like Artoria.

What can I say? Type-Moon is all about recycling.

This mod lets you develop your own original characters with Saber-like characteristics with a collection of recolors of Artoria’s classic dress, which she usually wears under her armor.

The new colors include red, black, pink, and a lighter shade of blue than usual.

Thanks to its medieval design, it fits Skyrim’s aesthetic just fine.


15. Elysees’ Noble Phantasm Mods

Ultimate Blade Works Noble Phantasm / Skyrim Mod

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Along with the colorful characters and crazy storyline, the Fate series shines for its exciting battles.

These battles wouldn’t be the same without Noble Phantasms – the Servants’ special moves based on the great deeds they accomplished in life.

Prolific modder Elysees has spent years recreating some of these Noble Phantasms in Skyrim, including EMIYA’s Unlimited Blade Works and Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon.

Note: some are only available for Skyrim Legendary Edition, so check that out if you like to stick to the classic engine.

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