Top 15 Best Game of Thrones Mods For Skyrim

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Let’s face it: we’ve all dreamt of having our Skyrim save turn into something out of “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

The two worlds resemble each other a lot, so it’s only natural to picture how would it be to turn Skyrim into Westeros. I mean, it’s normal right?

I was asking this question to myself the other day and I decided to get some answers. I went straight to the Nexus and compiled a whole list of Game of Thrones mods for Skyrim, the best that I could find.

I was expecting some cheap-looking mods and poor retextures… but I was pleasantly surprised to see the Nexus community not disappoint, yet again.

These mods will turn your Skyrim playthrough into some weird hybrid that’ll both resemble Game of Thrones and vanilla Skyrim at the same time.

Is this list perfect? Oh God, no. Butit’s the closest we’ll get to a quality Game of Thrones game that isn’t just a knock-off mobile app. So enjoy!


15. Valyrian Steel – Weapons of Ice and Fire

Valyrian Steel Weapons of Ice and Fire Game of Thrones Mod - TES Skyrim

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Yes, this mod adds exactly what its name suggests: the weapons that you “see” in the books written by George R. R. Martin.

All of the weapons here are fully textured with HD images and represent the Valyrian Steel weapons of the series in the most perfect way possible.

Naturally, they’re all super strong.

However, as the creator of the mod states, the weapons were designed to be balanced and vanilla-friendly.

I tried them out myself and I have to say they are much more powerful than I expected… but if you’re looking for GoT resemblance, I don’t think you’ll find any another accurate collection of weapons like this.


14. Arakh Blade

Arakh Blade Game of Thrones Mod - TES Skyrim

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Now The Arakh is one of the main weapons of the Dothraki, the warrior race that we’ve all grown to love thanks to Kahl Drogo himself.

With this mod you’ll be able to use the half-sword, half-scimitar weapon for yourself.

It fits Skyrim quite well, even though these types of blades weren’t really popular in Skyrim, or even in Tamriel as a whole.

In any case, the Arakh blade comes with quality textures that look incredible. And even though the weapon looks a bit too bright for my liking, it does fit the theme of the game almost flawlessly.


13. Winter is Coming Cloaks

Winter is Coming Cloaks Game of Thrones Mod - TES Skyrim

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These cloaks were actually added to the game with the intention to resemble the ones you see in the HBO show.

And they came with the intention to make them as lore-friendly as possible to the world of Skyrim.

If you ask me, they look damn cool.

I mean, it would be better if you had an actual use for capes in Skyrim. But aesthetics are still something, right?

I guess you’ll never freeze in Skyrim regardless of how much snow seems to fall on the map. Upsides.


12. Game of Thrones Immersion

Game of Thrones Immersion Skyrim Mod

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The name should already clue you in that this is a killer mod.

It adds 120 new objects to the game, all of which you can expect to find in Westeros itself.

The mod also distributes them across all the characters of Skyrim, which makes random encounters much more interesting. And it gives you a chance to replay the game and see many of your favorite characters wearing GoT equipment.

It’s not going to turn Skyrim into Westeros completely.

But it will give you that extra element of immersion that could complement the rest of the mods on this list, ultimately turning your game into the closest thing to GoT that you can hope to have.


11. Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark Game of Thrones Mod - TES Skyrim

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Yes, you guessed it.

This mod adds Sansa Stark as a follower/companion to the game.

You can now have her accompany you in your adventures across the land, instead of having her marry that crap that we know as Ramsay Bolton. Yay!


10. King in the North Armor

King in the North Armor Game of Thrones Mod - TES Skyrim

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Have you ever wanted to wear some black armor, but none in the game seem to suit your needs?

Have you ever wanted to dress like a hero too? Or do you ever wonder how it’d be to wear the armor of the bastard son of a noble knight?

If you answered yes, maybe, or ignored my questions completely, then yeah you’re gonna wanna check out the King in the North armor mod.

Long story short: it adds Jon Snow’s armor to the game!


9. Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones Mod - TES Skyrim

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I know this girl doesn’t look as much like Daenerys.

But I think this is the closest we’re going to get in Skyrim.

The creator of the mod definitely put a lot of work into it, and it came out looking very nice.

Check it out and have the Dragon Queen accompany you through the lands.

As an additional piece of advice, please don’t let her ride any dragons near any of the game’s cities. Thanks in advance.


8. Targaryen Nightingale Prime Armor

Targaryen Nightingale Prime Armor, Game of Thrones Mod - TES Skyrim

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Dress like a true warrior Targaryen with this texture replacement of the Nightingale Prime Armor set.

It looks super cool and it’ll truly make you feel like your character is part of the show.

It does seem pretty similar to the Nightingale Armor that the game comes with, but the retexture is good enough to merit a place on my list.

Besides, the Nightingale armor itself is already pretty cool. I don’t think too many changes are needed to love it.


7. Game of Thrones Westeros Soundtrack

Game of Thrones Westeros Soundtrack - Skyrim Mod

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Now I’m only adding this mod to my list because you’d probably miss it otherwise.

This one doesn’t add the music itself to the game, but it allows the music from the GoT soundtrack to play.

You need to follow the instructions of this mod carefully if you want to make the music work correctly in the game. It’s easier to setup than you’d think, but it will take more effort than others on this list.


6. Game of Thrones Main Theme Replacer

Game of Thrones Main Theme Replacer Skyrim Mod

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Here’s another musical mod that’ll change the original main theme of the game and replace it with the Game of Thrones intro music from the HBO show.

Yes, it’s as epic as it sounds.

You won’t want to miss this if you’re going for full immersion.


5. Game of Thrones Mini-Pack

Game of Thrones Mini-Pack Skyrim Mod

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This amazing mod adds a couple of weapons from the Game of Thrones series into Skyrim.

One of the weapons is Arya’s Needle, the sword she uses to slash & dice in the series.

The other weapon is Jon Snow’s Longclaw. Both are real nice to have.

I do have to admit that the Longclaw looks a bit too clunky, but the Needle is a fantastic addition to the game.

In any case, we’ve grown familiar with these weapons by watching the show and it’s really cool to see them wielded in-game!


4. GOT Weapons for Skyrim

GOT Weapons for Skyrim Mod

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I’m sure you’ve noticed all the unique weapons mentioned in this article. Well this mod basically adds them all to the game, except the Valyrian Steel ones.

You can save yourself the trouble of manually downloading everything and get this mod instead.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t mention this earlier, that’s because not everyone wants to overload with mods.

This is great if you know you want a full pack, but if you’re just going for a few here & there it’s better to install them separately.


3. House Shields

House Shields Game of Thrones Mod - TES Skyrim

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This mod adds a staggering 23 new shields to the game, with each belonging to a different house in Game of Throne.

In fact, there are more than 23 because some houses have two variations of their shields.

This mod is simple to install and will help Skyrim resemble Westeros even further.

Who doesn’t love a new shield design or two anyway, am I right?


2. Game of Thrones Followers

Game of Thrones Followers Skyrim Mod

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This is my second favorite Game of Thrones mod, just behind the armor compilation.

It adds 40 new followers to the game (all of them based on Game of Thrones characters), but that’s not all it does.

The mod also adds 24 new armor sets that are complete recreations of those found in the GOT series.

You can craft them all, too!

It’s a shame there aren’t any GoT story mods, as this one would fit perfectly.


1. Game of Thrones Armors Compilation

Game of Thrones Armors Compilation Skyrim Mod

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The only reason why this mod takes the first spot on my list is exclusively because I haven’t been much of a fan of Game of Thrones followers…

So this one adds all of the fantastic pieces of armor that come in the mode above, but without the extra bloat(well “bloat”, assuming you don’t want the extra followers either).

And just like in the original mod, these are all fully craftable and easy(ish) to obtain!

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