Where To Farm Giant’s Toes in Skyrim

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Giant’s Toes can be looted from Giants, which are actually found in Giant Camps all across Skyrim. Whiterun’s western tundra area has several Giant Camps and is the best place to look for them.

More specifically, the camps Bleakwind Basin, Secunda’s Kiss, and Sleeping Tree Camp (all found in the tundra) are relatively close to each other. And each camp has at least two giants around a campfire.

Each giant only drops a single toe though. So you have to fight lots of them if you want to farm lots of Giant’s Toes to use in alchemy.

Also worth noting that the camps will respawn in 30 days of in-game time after they’ve been cleared.

But if you don’t want to fight Giants, you can alternatively check your local alchemy merchant every 48 in-game hours. Sometimes they carry a few Giant’s Toes in their inventories.

It’s considered a rare alchemy ingredient, so merchants have a 21% chance of carrying them.


Giant Camps Near Whiterun

Bleakwind Basin Giant Camp / Skyrim

Bleakwind Basin is a camp that can be found west of Whiterun, and it’s inhabited by two giants and three mammoths.

Secunda’s Kiss Giant Camp / Skyrim

Secunda’s Kiss can be found just below the mountain where Bleak Falls Barrow is located, southwest of Whiterun.

You’ll find two giants here: one near the path to the mountain, and one near the campfire.

Sleeping Tree Camp (Giants Camp) Location / Skyrim

Sleeping Tree Camp can be found southwest of Whiterun.

Also there’s a cave located in this camp, and it’s occupied by a single giant you can farm as well.


Guaranteed Giant’s Toe Samples

There’s guaranteed samples of Giant’s Toes that you can find steal in various locations around Skyrim.

Some good locations to consider that offer two samples are:

  • White Hall in Dawnstar
  • Calixto’s House of Curiosities in Windhelm
  • Palace of Kings, also in Windhelm

White Hall Location

Giant’s Toes in White Hall / Skyrim

White Hall is located in Dawnstar.

When you get inside, look for a room to the left where lots of alchemy supplies can be found. Among all the supplies you should find two Giant’s Toes.

And above this room, another sample can be found on a table.


Calixto’s House of Curiosities Location

Calixto’s House (Giants Toes on table) / Skyrim

You should be able to get into Calixto’s House(museum) basically right when you get to Windhelm.

Once you get inside his house, you should immediately see two pieces of Giant’s Toes on a small table.

Steal ‘em and they’re yours.


Palace of the Kings Location

Giants Toes in Palace of the Kings / Skyrim

Two samples can be easily stolen in the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm.

Just find Wuunferth the Unliving’s room at the end of the hall, right after entering the door on the left.

The toes are in the corner of his room near the alchemy table (pictured above).


Are These Toes Worth Farming?

Fighting giants can be a burden at lower levels. But using the Giant’s Toe in alchemy can produce some pretty handy effective potions.

More specifically, these toes have Damage Stamina, Fortify Health, Fortify Carry Weight and Damage Stamina Regen effects.

Also, mixing a Giant’s toe to craft a Fortify Health potion will make it last for 300 seconds instead of 60, and makes it more valuable than the regular Fortify Health potions. So that’s one way you could turn these Giant’s toes into extra money.

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