Best Skyrim Harry Potter Mods: The Ultimate Crossover List

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I might not be the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world. But crossing over two worlds where mystical creatures and magic are common just makes sense.

In fact, I was surprised to find fewer HP mods than I thought I would find! I still managed to compile quite a solid list, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy what we have here.

Do notice that I incorporated a few mods that aren’t explicitly Harry Potter related, but only because they’ll add a lot more immersion to your Harry Potter playthrough.

If you want to turn your Skyrim game into a weird J.K. Rowling dream, this list will help you do it.


10. Flyable Broomstick

Flyable Broomsticks in Skyrim

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So this one isn’t a Harry Potter mod per se, but what kind of HP world wouldn’t have flying broomsticks?!

I mean, why on Earth isn’t there a mod that adds the Nimbus 2000 to the game? Or something even a little similar, come on!

I had to add this mod precisely because we all need a bit of flight. We need flying brooms, man.

It’s not Harry Potter-y enough if we’re always flying on top of a dragon. I mean, this isn’t Game of Thrones.


9. Immersive College NPCs

Immersive College NPCs in Skyrim

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Here’s another mod that isn’t precisely from the Harry Potter universe, but it’s also a mod that you can download if you intend to get into Skyrim wizardry.

It adds a bunch of more useful NPCs to the College of Winterhold, which boosts the level of immersion that a Skyrim magic playthrough has.

I hope we can all agree that many College members in the game are rather bland in personality, much like the Starbucks communists of modern Western universities. This mod changes that for the better. Gone are the days of interacting with an apparently-dead college!


8. Harry Potter Shout

Harry Potter Shout Mod for Skyrim

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Even though your character needs to be a male to cast this shout, it’s one that I fully recommend everyone to try out.

It allows you to use the Expecto Patronum spell in the game, in the form of a shout, so it isn’t as overpowered as it could be as a spell. But still really fun to use!

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes, the shout has the sound effect of Harry screaming the spell. Just like in the movies.

They weren’t going to miss that little detail.


7. Advanced Wizarding Wands (Arcane Accessories)

Advanced Wizarding Wands w/ Arcane Accessories Skyrim Mod

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This mod adds a whole bunch of wands and the ability for you to put new spells into them.

I mean, it’s not as straightforward as it could be. But the mod basically allows you to create “staffs” that aren’t really staffs, but wands instead.

That way you can feel more immersed into the universe, and be able to wave around a tiny wooden stick.

As the name suggests, it focuses on adding advanced wizarding content to the game.

Feel like a true god among men by walking into the halls of the College with your fantastic magical wands.


6. Mermaids (Harry Potter Siren)

Mermaids Harry Potter - Skyrim Mod

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The mermaids from Harry Potter have swam all the way from Hogwarts to Skyrim. And now you can find them in the various lakes and oceans that surround the land.

Keep in mind, however, that the mermaids are tough to kill.

They do come with some decent loot, though.

Sirens seem to be very lore-friendly, which is fantastic even for this list of mods that aims to turn the game into something taken out of Harry’s memory.

In any case, this fantastic mod adds some cool new Rowling NPCs to the game. Kill them and see what they drop.


5. Gray’s Hogwarts Spell Pack and Items

Grays Hogwarts Spell Pack Skyrim mod

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Now this mod aims to bring new spells to the game, many of which we’ve all grown to love by watching the movies and reading the books.

You’ll be able to find them in a single chest, so don’t expect anything too fancy to unlock.

Granted it would’ve been cooler if Harry came down and gave them to you, but we can’t have everything eh?

If you don’t want this mod causing you too much trouble, I would suggest you get it without installing the staff mods.

They could make this mod bug out, not always but it’s possible.

Otherwise, happy spellcasting wizard!


4. Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wands ver2 Skyrim mod

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Install this mod and get the wands of Dumbledore, Wormtail, Harry, and Tom Riddle all added into the game.

Yes, they’re fully functional.

And yes, they resemble the ones you see in the movies almost to perfection.

They’re all easy to craft, but you cannot find them anywhere. So get to crafting!


3. Advanced Wizarding Wands

Advanced Wizarding Wands preview of mod - Skyrim screenshot

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Advanced Wizarding Wands adds a bunch of new magical features to the game, which range from traditional spells to new wands that you can equip on your right hand only.

It would be cool if you could use two wands at once, but it would also go against the principles of what wizards stand for. You don’t want to be doing that, do you?


2. More Harry Potter Spells

More Harry Potter Spells for Skyrim

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A list of Harry Potter mods wouldn’t be complete without actual Harry Potter spells (other than the shouts).

As such, this mod adds a total of six new spells to the game, plus the invisibility cloak!

Give it a try and you certainly won’t be disappointed.


1. Harry Potter Spells

Harry Potter Spells (original pack) skyrim mod

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Continuing with the trend above, this mod makes sure that there are enough Harry Potter spells for you to cast on your enemies.

More is always better, I hope we can all agree on that.

Master these and become the true chosen one to kill Voldemort (or in this case, maybe use them on Alduin).

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