How To Get Charred Skeever Hide in Skyrim

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Charred Skeever Hides can be looted from charred skeevers that are cooking over campfires. You can mostly find these being cooked in Giant Camps.

More specifically, Stonehill Bluff in Hjaalmarch Hold has six charred skeevers that you can collect.

Although you can find these cooking over fires in the game, you actually can’t cook skeevers to make Charred Skeever Hides (imagine that).

Alchemy merchants will also sometimes have Charred Skeever Hides, so definitely check your local alchemy shop from time to time.


Stonehill Bluff Location

Charred Skeevers over fire in Stonehill Bluff / Skyrim

Stonehill Bluff can be found directly northwest of Loreius Farm.

Once you get here you can find 6 charred skeever hides roasting over a campfire.

Just note that there are two giants in this camp, one guarding the entrance, and another near the campfire at the end of the camp.

Charred Skeever close-up in Stonehill Bluff / Skyrim

At the entrance you’ll find painted rocks and a single giant.

You can climb the hill to the left of the entrance to avoid this giant.

This will also give you a vantage point where you can see the overview of the camp. The first campfire has 2 charred skeevers, and the other one guarded by a giant has 4 you can take.


Red Road Pass

Red Road Pass campfire / Skyrim

North of the Hall of the Vigilant near Dawnstar, you’ll find the giant camp called “Red Road Pass”.

When you reach the camp for the first time, bandits will spawn and fight the giant that’s in the camp.

You can get 3 charred skeever hides here if you can make the journey.


Guldun Rock Cave

Three guaranteed samples of charred skeever hide can be found inside Guldun Rock Cave, south of Valtheim Towers.

This is also a giant camp – but unlike other camps, there are no charred skeevers over the campfire.

The cave is rather small, and the charred skeever hides can be found near the mammoth cheese bowl on the west side of the cave, under a dead skeever.

Charred skeever hide in Guldun Rock Cave / Skyrim

Silver Hand Members

A charred skeever hide from a Silver Hand member / Skyrim

As one more farming option, sometimes members of the Silver Hand carry Charred Skeever Hides (and other ingredients) in their inventories.

They can be encountered in the Companions questline.


Charred Skeever Hide Uses

These skeever hides can be combined with other ingredients to create potions.

More specifically, these various potions contain the effects of Cure Disease, Resist Poison, Restore Health, and Restore Stamina.

Plus these hides are also classified as food, and can be sold to merchants and innkeepers if you need some extra gold (although you won’t get all that much).

Charred Skeever Hide in Inventory / Skyrim
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