Skyrim Imp Stool: Where To Get, Uses + Farming Tips

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You can find Imp Stools inside caves, with the most notable locations being:

  • Chillwind Depths
  • Halldir’s Cairn
  • Tolvald’s Cave in the Rift

This odd ingredient can also be bought from alchemy merchants in Skyrim.

There are also a few pieces of Imp Stool that you can steal from alchemy shops, which are displayed on shelves and countertops.

Let’s look into all these options to help you stack up your inventory.


Best Imp Stool Locations

An Imp Stool Plant / Skyrim

You can harvest Imp Stools from plants found in various caves and dungeons.

The places with the greatest number of Imp Stool plants are listed below:

  • Chillwind Depths – 51 plants
  • Halldir’s Cairn – 23 plants
  • Tolvald’s Cave – 20 plants
  • White River Watch – 19 plants
  • Orotheim – 17 plants
  • Ikngthand Grand Cavern – 14 plants
  • Rebel’s Cairn – 14 plants

Imp Stool Farming

A greenhouse with Imp Stools / Skyrim

If you have the Hearthfire add-on, you can build a house with a garden and a greenhouse to plant and farm Imp Stools easily.

You’ll also have a small garden outside the house where you can cultivate other plants and ingredients.

But for Imp Stool, you need to have a fully furnished greenhouse which offers 18 patches of fertile soil inside. You can then plant one Imp Stool into each patch of soil.

Wait for three days outside the house, and Imp Stools will spawn inside the greenhouse, ripe for the plucking.

After harvesting, you can again wait the house for another three days for even more to grow.

You can then repeat this process until you get however much Imp Stool you need.

Imp Stool growing in the garden outside / Skyrim

Also, don’t forget about the eleven (11) patches of fertile soil located in the garden outside your house.

They’ll behave the same way as any Imp Stool growing in the greenhouse, and will also respawn after three days.

Unlike the plants you’ll find in caves, each plant you cultivate in the greenhouse/garden can be harvested for up to four samples of Imp Stool. This handy respawn is one big reason to consider growing your own.


What If I Don’t Have The Hearthfire Add-On?

Imp Stools inside Angeline’s Aromatics in Solitude / Skyrim

If you don’t have the Hearthfire add-on, but you’ve visited the caves with Imp Stool to get everything you can, then you could try visiting every alchemy shop in Skyrim.

Many of the merchants can sell you Imp Stool, it just requires checking in.

You can also steal Imp Stool from the containers inside their shops.


Imp Stool Uses

Using Imp Stools in alchemy / Skyrim

Imp Stools contain Damage Health, Lingering Damage Health, Paralysis and Restore Health effects.

This makes it a good ingredient for a variety of potent poisons.

As an example, you can combine Imp Stool with another ingredient (like Mora Tapinella or Orange Dartwing) to make a Lingering Damage Health Poison which continuously damages health.

You can also make lots of Restore Health Potions by combining some Imp Stool with a fairly common ingredient: the Blue Mountain Flowers.

This is a great way to level up your alchemy fast.

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