Where Do You Get Troll Fat in Skyrim?

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Stealing Troll Fat from The East Empire Company Warehouse in Solitude is the fastest way to get lots of this ingredient, since this location has the greatest number of guaranteed samples to take.

There’s also a cave called Darkshade where you can find a few trolls (if you don’t prefer stealing the fat). Or even just head to your local alchemy merchant and check their stocks.

All types of trolls drop at least 1 sample of Troll Fat.

These trolls can be found in the wilderness, underground caves, and in Dwarven ruins.


The East Empire Company Warehouse

Inside the East Empire Company Warehouse / Skyrim

A total of 17 samples of Troll Fat can be found and stolen in this location.

Just note that he door is always locked and watched by a guard.

So you should either try to sneak around him, or kill him, and then try to pick the lock on the door to enter.

3 bowls of troll fat at the side of the ship / Skyrim

Once inside, head to the boat on a platform on the northeast side of the warehouse.

Guards will be hostile to you here, so sneak around or kill them. You’ll find 3 bowls of Troll Fat on both sides of the ship.

11 samples of troll fat on a shelf / Skyrim

Follow the wooden path from the ship and keep going past a set of wooden stairs. You’ll find a bunch of Troll Fat on a shelf here.

If you’ve stolen everything so far, then this brings the total up to 17 bowls of Troll Fat.


Darkshade Farming

The Dragonborn facing a Troll / Skyrim

Five trolls can be found inside the Darkshade cave, which is located east of Valtheim Towers.

The cave is pretty straightforward, and you’ll encounter the trolls one after another as you progress through the cave.

Just take them out for a chance at some more fat.


Uses For Troll Fat

Troll Fat has the effects of Resist Poison, Fortify Two-handed, Frenzy, and Damage Health.

It’s one of only three (or 4 with the Dragonborn add-on) ingredients that has a Fortify Two-handed effect.

Also, the quest “The Cursed Tribe” needs a sample of this ingredient for completion.

Trolls are a pretty tough opponent, and they can hit you with strong & fast attacks – so be careful if you’re out farming through battle.

Consider bringing a follower or using fire magic against them.

Troll Fat Inventory Item / Skyrim
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