Skyrim: Best Mods For Imperials (All Free)

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For some people, Imperials are the most boring characters to play in Skyrim.

For others, there couldn’t be a more thrilling experience that creating an Imperial character and taking them through the journey of the Dragonborn.

I think I did it one too many times, though, and I now feel I’ve had enough of playing as an Imperial.

That last save where I rushed through the story too quickly might’ve done me in. But in an attempt to make my new Imperial playthrough feel unique, I’ve managed to compile a bunch of mods that serve the purpose of bringing some variety and diversity to a Skyrim Imperial playthrough.


15. True Spear Combat

True Spear Combat mod

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We all know that a true imperial knows how to handle a stick. And I’m not exactly making a sexual innuendo, nor am I referring to that old car that your father used to drive.

We all know that brave legionnaires always knew how to throw spears and kill their foes, all with the proper handling of a pointy stick.

With this mod you’ll be able to use spears as they were truly used back in the days of the Roman Empire.

Gone are the days of spears being used just for stabbing your foes. In fact, even if you intend to keep using it like that, this fantastic mod enhances spear combat much more than you might ever think possible.


14. Imperial Fine Clothes

Imperial Fine Clothes mod

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Even though the clothes found in Skyrim are actually quite good, they don’t seem to fit an Imperial quite well.

Granted, the region is mostly populated with Nords… but that doesn’t mean members of the imperial legion or exiled inhabitants of Cyrodiil shouldn’t have some clothes for their own kin.

This mod adds a plethora of new clothing items meant to fit an imperial, all of which share that old Cyrodilic design that we’ve grown to love since the days of Oblivion.

It’s a fantastic mod for those times you’re just not feeling like rocking that Imperial armor above your shoulders.


13. Colovian Fur Armor

Colovian Fur Armor Skyrim mod

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If you’re a fan of fur clothing and you intend to play as an Imperial, you’re going to want to try this one out.

The high-quality model was created with the Colovian design in mind, which means that the clothes evoke the feeling of an Imperial life that you’re probably familiar with.

And who wouldn’t be familiar, while living in the cold and desolate Skyrim? Long live the Empire!


12. Perfect Legionnaire

Perfect Legionnaire Skyrim mod

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I didn’t want it to be this early in my list when I used the word “must-have”, but this is an absolute must-have mod if you’re going to go for an Imperial playthrough.

Perfect Legionnaire reworks all of the Imperial armor sets in the game, creating a reinvigorated Imperial experience that I’m sure you’re going to love.

The new textures are something completely out of this world.

I didn’t even recognize the damn sets of armor after installing this mod – they’re absolutely crazy. Check them out!


11. The Imperial Legion

The Imperial Legion mod for Skyrim

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Man, this shield just feels exactly like something a real Imperial would create after emigrating from his homeland and moving to Skyrim.

This is the shield that you’ll want to get if you intend to represent both Skyrim and the Empire at the same time.

It basically evokes the design of an Imperial Kite Shield without losing that air of Skyrim freshness with the dragon embedded into it.

This mod has some extremely well-done textures. And I’m sure it fits right in with some possible other shield mods, if you’re looking.

But you can even take your own screenshots of the Imperial Legion and send them to the creator– he might feature them on his page!


10. Tower Asada

Tower Asada mod

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Every Imperial needs a good place to rest. And there’s no better place to rest that one that feels like home.

Tower Asada is designed and built into an old Imperial fort, which was abandoned and set to be destroyed as time went by.

Instead, this fantastic player home was built. And it helps Imperials find a comfy place to lay down their arms and rest their heads.

The inside of the tower is filled with Imperial memorabilia and items, evoking the same Roman vibe that you’d expect to find in an Imperial camp.


9. Solitude Tower Loft

Solitude Tower Loft mod

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If you don’t feel like living outside of the city, I think it’s safe to say that the most Cyrodiilic city in Skyrim is Solitude.

This mod provides a small room on the uppermost part of a Solitude tower, where you’ll be able to spend the rest of your days in peace.

Cozy, elegant, and very Imperial. I fully recommend it for a light and breezy home.


8. Solitude – The Tower of the Wolf

Solitude - Tower of the Wolf mod

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If you liked the Solitude Tower Loft, then you’re going to love this also simplistic place to live.

Here you can spend your days as a lonely warrior living on the top of a better-designed tower in Solitude.

Feel like a Disney Princess while also being an elegant knight. What more could you want?


7. Imperial Mage Armor

Imperial Mage Armor Skyrim add-on

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Don’t you worry, my mage friends. I haven’t forgotten about you.

This Imperial Mage Armor adds a new type of armor to the game that’s suited to be worn by Imperial mages.

It looks really good, but most importantly, it gives relevance to the unsung mages of the legion that always seem to be forgotten (mostly because they don’t really exist).


6. Immersive Weapons

Immersive Weapons - custom skyrim mod

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Immersive Weapons adds a whole bunch of new weaponry to the game.

Shocking given the name, I know.

I’m recommending this mod for an Imperial playthrough because it truly modifies and enhances the weapons of the game, providing many more blades, swords, axes, hammers, and longswords that are fitting of an Imperial warrior.

You’ll have to dig through all the new additions to find something you like, but I think you’ll find something here.


5. Imperial Winter Heavy Armor

Imperial Winter Heavy Armor mod

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Now this mod replaces the basic heavy armor of the game with a much more detailed model.

It comes packed with a fur cape, better winter equipment, and looks way cooler overall.

The addition of the cape is definitely what makes this model worth downloading. But I also have to say that it complements the next mod on my list quite well…


4. Sleeved Imperials

Sleeved Imperials mod

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This might be cosmetic only, but it adds so much immersion. Sleeved Imperials changes all of the basic Imperial outfits of the game, and replaces them with “sleeved” versions of themselves.

Gone are the days of Skyrim legionnaires being unfazed by the cold weather that predominates Skyrim.

This mod will make them look like they’re really affected by the freezing temperatures of the land.

Did you know that Roman Legionnaires actually dressed like this when occupying cold northern lands in the winter? No? Well, now you do.

See? You’re not just learning about cool Skyrim mods, you’re also getting your fair share of useless facts.


3. Disparity

Disparity Mod - TES Skyrim

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I know this mod might seem a bit generic to be on this list, but check out why I’m adding it:

It allows you to create custom stats for your character based on gender, weight, height, abilities, perks, etc.

Given how all human-like races tend to be the same, even though they look physically different, I think this is a fantastic mod to add if you’re looking to make your character feel truly authentic.


2. Camp Argentum

Camp Argentum mod

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The Stormcloak insurrection is all but intensifying, and the Emperor needs to do something.

He’s deployed one of his most important legions into the cold region of Skyrim, where they set up Camp Argentum.

This camp is filled with Imperials, all of which are potential followers, and you can take command of the camp and run your own little legion in the northern province of Tamriel.

No Imperial playthrough would be complete without you manning an outpost of dozens of soldiers & taking command of a legion. You know, like in the good old days of the Roman Empire.


1. Imperious – Races of Skyrim

Imperious – Races of Skyrim mod

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This amazing mod completely reinvigorates all races in the game, turning them into much more interesting and in-depth versions of themselves.

In fact, this is a mod I can comfortably recommend to you if you’re looking to start over with one of the vanilla races.

It will completely change your perception of each one.

This is even more important if you’ve been playing the game for as long as I have. One can only start new saves for so long. Eventually you have to mix things up and this is the perfect mod to do it.

Say goodbye to those old perks, and introduce new racial abilities with this amazing mod!

Take a look at the mod description for a list of all of the new abilities that each race gets with this mod, Imperials included!

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