Best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Mods For Skyrim (All Free)

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Let’s face it:

You have trash taste if you don’t like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. If you don’t love the show then of course I’m sorry, and have you thought of quitting anime? Maybe it’s just not for you.

With the Netflix release of Stone Ocean, the passion for Jojo is burning bright in the hearts of Stardust Crusaders all over the world.

So it’s a great time to check out what the Skyrim modding community offers to Jojo-ify Tamriel.

Admittedly, Skyrim is already pretty bizarre. There are vampires, magical abilities, and the Conjuration school is basically about summoning Stands.

Plus, have you met Cicero? That guy is straight-up a Jojo character.

Still, we can go a lot deeper when it comes to bringing JJBA charm into Skyrim. Whether it’s abilities, poses, or sound effects, you’ll find some gems in this list to supercharge your bizarre adventure in Tamriel’s coldest region.


1. Vampire Transformation Replacer

Vampire Transformation Replacer mod for Skyrim

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Modern JoJo is all about ancient alien arrows, Stands, and weekly wretches for our heroes to beat up – but back in the days of Jonathan Joestar, it was about vampires.

If you’ve been a fan of the series since the days of Jonathan and Dio’s brotherly rivalry, you’ll remember the iconic scene where Dio finally casts away his humanity to become a vampire thanks to the stone mask.

This mod by Lord ChiruChiru is an homage to that defining moment. It replaces the vampire transformation SFX with Dio yelling “I REJECT MY HUMANITY, JOJO!”

Best case scenario, you forget you even installed this mod – then you turn into a vampire and laugh so hard you’ll think it’s the work of an enemy stand.


2. Jojo’s Main Menu Music Replacer

Jojo’s Main Menu Music Replacer Skyrim mod

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Also in the sound replacing category comes Jojo’s Main Menu Music Replacer by Raexxar.

As you probably figured out from its title, this add-on replaces the classic main menu tune with a song from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Everyone has their favorites, so the author included several options.

You can choose between several versions of Fighting Gold (Part 5 OP), Traitor’s Requiem (2nd Part 5 OP), and Bloody Stream (Part 2 OP).

This small but meaningful modification becomes way better when paired with the Jojo-themed Main Menu mod.


3. ZA WARUDO Shout Redux

ZA WARUDO Shout Redux mod for Skyrim

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There have been a ton of mods promising to give the Dragonborn the ultimate stand-based power: DIO’s The World.

ZA WARUDO Shout Redux is one of the best – and by that, I mean it’s one of the least buggy.

It was simply a sound replacer for the Slow Time shout back when it was released. Now it’s an entirely independent shout with the power to stop time in its tracks.

Of course, the best part is hearing DIO go “ZA WARUDO” whenever you cast it.

I also love that author Maselkov went the extra mile with the quest to acquire the shout.

You don’t just magically develop a Stand. You need to make your way to North Brittleshin Pass and cut yourself with a mysterious arrow. Sounds familiar…


4. Jotaro’s The World

Jotaro’s The World Skyrim mod

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If you’re not fond of playing the villain, consider Jotaro’s The World.

Created by modder Vitaar, this mod is almost the same as ZA WARUDO Shout Redux, except Jotaro calls out for Star Platinum’s The World instead of DIO.

You’ll also need to get pierced by a mysterious arrow to get the shout, but this one is in Riverrun and much easier to find.

And this mod also features a version using xVA Synth, so the shout sounds like vanilla Thu’um rather than DIO or Jotaro. Inclusive!


5. Giorno’s Theme for Dragon Battles

Giorno’s Theme for Dragon Battles mod for Skyrim

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One of the main reasons I enjoy the Jojo anime over the manga is how good the battle themes tend to be – especially when Jojo finally turns things around.

Out of every Jojo, I think Giorno has the best theme.

It’s no wonder there are so many remixes online!

This mod by Dirty_Dan brings some of the bad-ass fighting energy from the show into Skyrim by playing Giorno’s battle theme whenever you encounter a dragon.

Regrettably, the game can’t detect when you “turn around” the fight – but hearing it from the beginning will motivate you to wipe the floor with the dragon with style.


6. Summon Stand (LE)

Summon Stand (LE) Skyrim mod

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For the most part, I try to focus on Skyrim Special Edition mods whenever I put together a ranking.

Still, some mods deserve recognition despite being stuck in Legendary Edition.

Summon Stand was one of the first Jojo mods, and it remains one of the best.

Rather than letting you launch a special power or stop time, this mod lets you summon your own stand – Skyrim version.

They look ridiculous. But honestly, so do the actual stands.

This mod by Solar includes Silver Chariot, Magician’s Red, Star Platinum, and The World.


7. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Spells

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Spells mod for Skyrim

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A great way to Jojo-ify your Skyrim experience is with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Spells mod by Daxafagan.

This introduces 149 new Stand abilities for your Dragonborn to try out.

Admittedly, they’re not all the most detailed spells. You won’t be summoning any stands or restarting the universe – but they’re varied and definitely match their inspiration.

For example, Stone Ocean’s Weather Report lets you choose the current climate or summon thunderstorms, while Goo Goo Dolls enables you to increase or decrease your size.

In addition, you’ll find special weapons like Anubis and Pluck, and a skill that’ll send you straight into the turtle from Golden Wind.


8. Hedy’s Jojo Poses

Hedy’s Jojo Poses Skyrim mod

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I really can’t believe it took until the 2020s for someone to make a functional Jojo pose mod.

You might be surprised to find a Skyrim animation mod here, considering we’ve covered massive skill packs and other cool add-ons already.

But everyone knows JJBA is all about the posing.

Even if you have nothing but vanilla spells, summoning a bunch of skeletons and striking a pose while they take care of your enemies is about the Jojo-est thing you can do in Skyrim.

Watching the Dragonborn contort himself into Killer Queen’s iconic pose is priceless. It’s a definite win in my book.

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