The Best Lakeview Manor Mods For Skyrim (All Free)

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Lakeview Manor is one of the nicest homes in all of Skyrim.

It’s located in a privileged location overlooking Lake Ilinata, with an unbeatable view that includes the majestic ruins of Bleak Falls Barrow far in the distance.

Despite some minor inconveniences (like a local conjurer practicing the dark arts just a few steps from your property & a somewhat nasty mudcrab population down by the lake), there isn’t a better place to live in the icy province.

When you find a spot like this, it’s worth making it the best it can possibly be.

In the case of Skyrim, that means getting some home improvement mods!


10. Lakeview Manor Trader

Lakeview Manor Trader Skyrim mod

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With a home like Lakeview Manor, most of us would never want to leave the house.

Taking in the fresh air and enjoying the view is enough to take up all your time!

Regrettably, online delivery services haven’t been invented in Tamriel, so you’re forced to hit the town regularly for supplies.

Modder Malrama offers us a great alternative through the Lakeview Manor Trader – a resident peddler who’ll get you the basics and buy up to 3000 gold pieces of goods from you every 48 hours.

A similar mod is available for other Hearthfire homes like Windstad and Heljarchen Hall!


9. Butterfly Hatchery for Lakeview Manor

Butterfly Hatchery for Lakeview Manor mod for Skyrim

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Butterfly wings are some of the hardest items to harvest in Skyrim.

Not only are there relatively few butterflies in the world, but they’re hard to spot, and they’re somewhat harder to pick up than other Alchemy ingredients.

A genius way to solve this issue is by building a Butterfly Hatchery – made possible in Lakeview Manor thanks to this mod by Midgetalien.

It works much like the Fish Hatchery improvement introduced in Hearthfire, creating spawn points for Monarch Butterflies, Ancestor Moths, Torchbugs, etc.


8. Lakeview Manor Dock & Shack

Lakeview Manor Dock & Shack Skyrim mod

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If I lived in Lakeview Manor, I’d like to have a place where I could recharge whenever the intricacies of civilized life felt like too much of a chore.

The Lakeview Manor Dock & Shack mod by Ferogain offers the Dragonborn the perfect secluded space to fish, read a book, and take care of adventurer business away from the wife/husband and kids.

This remodel also removes the altar and warlock at the edge of the property, making this nature sanctuary a safer place for your family, followers, and pets.

If you’re using Kinaga’s Carriage & Ferry Travel Overhaul, this dock is a fully functional fast travel location too!


7. Lakeview Manor Guards & Improvements

Lakeview Manor Guards & Improvements mod for Skyrim

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By the time you move into Lakeview Manor, you’re most likely Thane of at least two holds and a well-known adventurer all throughout these regions.

You’ll have amassed a wealth of enemies – and your riches will be the stuff of legends, ranging from powerful Daedric artifacts to literal mountains of cheese.

If you and your family are to rest easy, you’ll need personal guards stationed throughout the property.

You’ll get some thanks to Giesytorres’ Lakeview Manor Guards & Home Improvements.

These additional home improvements include lamp posts for better lighting, removing the pagan altar and the mud crabs near the shore, and extra beds for followers and guards.


6. Zen Pond

Zen Pond Skyrim mod

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Something else that might help keep your mind balanced and at ease whenever you’re resting at Lakeview Manor is this Zen Pond improvement by TheYrahcaz.

This fantastic remodel takes a previously unremarkable pond and upgrades it with a beautiful waterfall, a quaint little stone bridge, and some seating space to reflect on life and relax with the sound of flowing water.


5. Town of Pinewatch (by Lakeview Manor)

Town of Pinewatch (by Lakeview Manor) mod for Skyrim

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One of the best things about Lakeview Manor is how private it is.

The closest thing is the bandit home of Pinewatch, and once you’ve cleared the bandits, you’re all alone in the forest.

Still, we all eventually get tired of solitary confinement.

If your Dragonborn is the lonely type, something like the Town of Pinewatch mod might be what they need.

As the name implies, this mod expands the single hut that is Pinewatch into an entire community with several new houses and NPCs, including fighters, villagers, guards, and more.


4. Lakeview Manor Upgrades – Enhanced Edition

Lakeview Manor Upgrades – Enhanced Edition Skyrim mod

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Fully upgrading your home in Hearthfire is a bittersweet feeling.

On one side, you’ve achieved your goals and made it in Skyrim – on the other hand, there’s nothing to look forward to.

Lakeview Manor Upgrades lets you ride the wave of constant improvement just a little longer by adding new options to the Carpenter’s Workbench.

These include:

  • A grain mill
  • A much-upgraded front entrance
  • Plus a wall surrounding the property perimeter to protect your family & valuables

In addition, your personal steward will provide new services too – such as hiring guards to patrol the area, hiring a Blacksmith for your property, and evicting the local conjurer in favor of hunters.


3. Vandia – Stormcloak Town & Lakeview Manor Fort

Vandia – Stormcloak Town & Lakeview Manor Fort mod for Skyrim

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Tired of the condescending and lazy Siddgeir and his Imperial allegiances, the people of Vandia at the edge of Lake Ilinalta have seceded from Falkreath and founded their own hold.

Don’t worry, though:

The people of Vandia want no trouble with the Dragonborn.

They’ll honor your deed to the property and throw in a fort and some guards to protect the player’s home.

PaulyG’s Vandia includes everything you could need, such as a lumber mill, an inn, a blacksmith, and even a Jarl’s Hall, among other things.

It’s a great addition to these idyllic lands.


2. Lakeview Manor As It Should Be

Lakeview Manor As It Should Be Skyrim mod

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We’ve done a ton to improve the area surrounding Lakeview Manor – and now, we’re moving indoors.

Lakeview Manor As It Should Be is modder Nimee’s idea of the perfect player home for a wealthy collector with a large family and tons of valuables to display.

The interior design style takes a lot from sophisticated Solitude trends.

Thanks to the renovated windows, there’s excellent illumination and even some indoor plants to keep things fresh.

No longer shall your home look like a dank crypt. This manor is fit to be a king’s summer home.


1. Lakeview Manor Avant-Garden EX

Lakeview Manor Avant-Garden EX mod for Skyrim

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If you really want to live in the lap of luxury, you need to get Sa547’s Lakeview Manor Avant-Garden EX.

This mod is an upgraded version of the creator’s previous Pool & Hot Bath mod.

It introduces a massive stone deck outside the manor with an enormous pool, a hot bath, amenities like seating space, and even a minibar.

There’s also great lighting around the estate, eight full-time sentries securing the perimeter, and a massive garden with 30 available plots.

Some of my favorite features are the most ridiculous, like the heating control for the hot bath and the retractable flamethrowers built into the gates of your manor.

This is a home fit for an evil genius – or a very paranoid Dragonborn.

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