15 Best Male Follower Mods For Skyrim: The Ultimate Collection

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Anyone who’s dabbled in a little Skyrim modding knows the community is obsessed with getting as many hot gals into the game as possible.

This includes enemies, NPCs, and of course, followers.

But if you’d rather adventure with a guy, we’ve got you covered.

Because plenty of amazing male followers are waiting to supercharge your Tamrielic adventure and forge a bond of warriors that’ll follow you both to Sovngarde.

This is our ranking of bro-focused follower mods that you can’t overlook – whether you’re in need of a companion, a comrade, or a husbando!


15. Six Sexy Gentlemen

Six Sexy Gentlemen Skyrim follower mod

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Before we go looking for all-new followers, we should look at how we can improve the vanilla ones.

Six Sexy Gentlemen by TheMadHarridan gives six of the most popular male NPCs a visual overhaul, making them fierce, masculine, and very attractive.

With this mod, you’ll have access to a sexy hunk to fight for you and carry your burdens as soon as Riverwood – assuming you choose to help Faendal over Sven.

Other updated bachelors include Farkas, Vilkas, and Marcurio.

Plus, Dwemer researcher Aicantar and Thalmor Justiciar Ondolemar are now followers which got similar visual and combat upgrades.


14. Veezara Alive

Veezara Alive mod for Skyrim

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Acolytes of Sithis among you will recognize Veezara – an Argonian assassin working for the Dark Brotherhood who you’ll meet in the DB Sanctuary.

Veezara was born under the sign of the Shadow, so he was put in the Dark Brotherhood’s care ever since he was just a hatchling.

You won’t find a better assassin than this Shadowscale!

Tragically, Veezara dies after To Kill an Empire, felled by the Penitus Oculatus.

That’s where this mod by RexSol comes in.

Not only will the Argonian live to tell the tale, but he’ll also become a follower.

And he’s essential, with a sneaky build and a penchant for dual-wielding.


13. Khajiit Will Follow

Khajiit Will Follow Skyrim mod

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There’s nothing like having a pet cat to keep you company and wake you up at an ungodly hour just so you can fill their food bowl.

You’ll get a similar experience from the Khajiit Will Follow mod by Robbobert.

It introduces four fully-voiced, marriageable Khajiit followers with custom quests, detailed backstories, and lovable personalities.

These Khajiit have some of the best facial expressions I’ve seen on the race.

Somehow they look more human and expressive, while also making me feel like I’m talking to my IRL cat.

The mod features over 5000 lines of dialogue and even a hidden quest with some exciting rewards, including three new weapons, five new armors, and a new spell – so try it out!


12. Azel (Follower)

Azel (Follower) mod for Skyrim

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If cats aren’t your small mammal of choice, perhaps a bat would be more to your liking.

Azel is a famous vampire follower by creator Nt6486 that’ll make the perfect companion for a Dragonborn who prefers to go on adventures after dark.

This youthful-looking denizen of the night has chiseled features and a delicate beauty reminiscent of Twilight vampires, though the sun doesn’t make him glitter.

Something I love about this vampire is how customizable he is.

You can choose between several hair and eye colors that totally change his aura.


11. Companion Yngvarr

Companion Yngvarr Skyrim mod

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When I hear the word “Nord,” I picture a grizzled old warrior with the strength and facial hair of a bear.

Yngvarr is precisely such a warrior.

This old Nord has waited for Sovngarde for far too long, but he’s still up for an adventure with the Dragonborn.

Modder Engelbert created Yngvarr’s voice by modifying Kodlak Whitemane’s and putting unimplemented dialogue to good use.

Other than the perfect aesthetic and solid voice acting, Yngvarr shines for his werebear transformation, which triggers if he’s about to die.


10. Anna NPCs

Anna NPCs mod for Skyrim

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Anna NPCs by Anduniel is a collection of fleshed-out followers with enhanced AI.

They’re fully voiced, quest aware, and come with many extras like player homes, armors, weapons, and much more.

There’s romance, party banter among the followers, and some catchy new songs and tunes for the musically oriented in the group.

There are only a few males in the collection.

But you’re getting over 9000 lines of fully-voiced dialogue and extra features, so don’t let that keep you from trying this out.


9. Interesting NPCs (3DNPC)

Interesting NPCs (3DNPC) Skyrim mod

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Interesting NPCs is a massive undertaking by Kris Takahashi, which brings over 250 fully-voiced NPCs to Skyrim to enrich its population and make the province feel more crowded and alive.

Among these 250 NPCs, there are a little over 35 followers – but that’s not even why you should give this mod a chance.

Eight of these 35 followers can be considered “super followers,” meaning they’ll have complex interactions, commentary on quests and locations, and fleshed-out conversations.

If I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with Rumarin – a High Elf Bladebinder who’ll get you laughing out loud more than once.


8. Prof. Benjamin Doon

Prof. Benjamin Doon mod for Skyrim

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Most people want youthful and attractive followers who’ll protect them in battle and make their travels more idyllic.

That’s not Benjamin Doon.

Experience and knowledge often come with age, but they come at a price. The illustrious Prof. Benjamin Doon is a storytelling genius, but he’s also cranky and has more gastrointestinal problems than he’d admit.

An adventure with Benjamin Doon is a unique experience you won’t get anywhere else.

It’s 1300 lines of educational & often profoundly inappropriate banter.


7. Geralt of Rivia

Geralt of Rivia Skyrim mod

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What better male companion than the legendary Geralt of Rivia?

Known throughout the multiverse for his incredible monster-hunting skills and amazing abs, Geralt is ready to bring his killing expertise to Skyrim.

Whether it’s a werewolf or a bandit, Geralt is ready: Silver for monsters, steel for humans.

This mod by ImAarwyn and Bchick3 takes lines straight from The Witcher 3 to craft over 100 lines of voiced dialogue for this follower.

Geralt sets himself apart by keeping his irreverent personality in Skyrim.

He’ll refuse to do stuff he doesn’t find honorable, and he won’t fight with anything but his Witcher swords and signs.


6. Jesus in Skyrim (Follower)

Jesus in Skyrim (Follower) mod for Skyrim

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Anyone with a sense of humor and a basic understanding of the Bible will definitely enjoy Jesus in Skyrim by Andrew Kornovan.

You thought one prophesied savior was enough for Skyrim? Think again!

This mod introduces none other than Christianity’s lord and savior, Jesus Christ, as a badass follower with more than a few miracles up his sleeve.

These godly powers include:

  • Rising from the dead after being killed
  • Temporarily bringing others back to life
  • Shooting multiplied fish and bread at your enemies
  • And even banishing Daedra with divine authority

He’ll even turn water into wine if you give him some empty bottles.

And really, could we have expected anything else?


5. Hoth (Follower)

Hoth (Follower) Skyrim mod

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If traveling with Jesus is too Lawful Good for your character, consider the menacing and mysterious Hoth.

Skyrim is a hard place to survive, and Hoth has been doing it for the longest time.

He’s violent and brutal – but also smart and shrewd.

This somber warrior shines for various reasons, chief among them his ability to generate bounties anywhere you go. He’ll know who needs killing and how much it pays no matter where you are.

He’s a fully fleshed-out character with fascinating dialogue that’ll provide a peek at the ice-cold world of a bounty hunter.


4. Miraak

Miraak mod for Skyrim

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You know Miraak as the ancient Dragon Priest who became the first Dragonborn and served as the primary antagonist in the Dragonborn expansion for the original game.

This Dragonborn Follower mod by TransientFaith lets you befriend the one and only worthy companion for the Dovahkiin: another Dovahkiin!

He’s fully voiced and has a wide array of shouts at his disposal.

He’ll even teach you a new shout to summon his three tamed dragons.

Miraak is one of the coolest and most potent followers you could ask for. Who knows what’ll happen when two Dragonborn join forces?


3. Lucien

Lucien Skyrim mod

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Lucien isn’t nearly as powerful as Miraak, but he makes up for what he lacks in combat prowess with personality.

This nerdy scholar wishes to explore every nook and cranny of Skyrim, taking in the sights and studying the dangerous ruins that litter the landscape.

That’s where you come in.

Initially, you’ll be hired by Lucien as a sort of bodyguard so he can go on risky adventures. In time, he’ll grow into a competent fighter – but until then, all he brings to the table is fantastic banter.

Lucien’s dialogue and backstory are fleshed-out, and he even has interactions with other prominent custom followers like Hoth and Inigo.

I’d also recommend getting Pandorable’s Lucien Replacer for a more attractive scholarly look, or Erydia’s Lucien for something a bit more mystical.


2. Kaidan 2

Kaidan 2 mod for Skyrim

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If you’re looking for a male follower that’ll take you on an emotionally-charged romantic adventure, you’re better off with Kaidan.

Kaidan 2 boasts numerous features:

  • Custom outfits
  • Custom quests
  • And over 1200 lines of high-quality context-aware

You’re not forced to fall in love with Kaidan if you don’t want to, and he’ll remain a fantastic follower nonetheless – but the romance elevates this hunk to the next level.

He also brings a new player home to the table and leads you on quests where you’ll find out more about his past. You’ll also be able to track him on your map, which sounds a bit toxic but is definitely convenient.

Make sure you also check out Pandorable’s Kaidan Replacer for even more sexiness.


1. Inigo

Inigo Skyrim mod

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I’m mad about cats.

There’s one trying to sit on my keyboard as I type this. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you also love cats (and therefore Khajiits) you can’t go wrong with SmartBlueCat’s Inigo.

This clever and resourceful companion has over 7000 lines of dialogue discussing current events, your path as a hero, and any places you visit.

He’s also highly skilled in archery, taking care of your enemies before they even get in melee range – as long as you keep his arrows stocked.

Inigo is no stranger to making friends and influencing people.

So you’ll see him interact with many other custom followers like Lucien, Auri, Serana (with the Dialogue Add-On), and even Vilja!

It’s top-quality party banter like you’d see in a Dragon Age game.

And like many other modded followers, you can get several beauty mods for Inigo. I recommend starting with Inigo the Suave to give the brave Khajiit a dashing look.

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