Top 5 Custom Map Marker Mods for Skyrim

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After over 10 years of Skyrim, modders have improved even seemingly minor details like map markers.

Skyrim’s world map features surprisingly good markers that help the player find their way around Skyrim 100% of the time – but there’s always room for some customization.

Whether you want to add markers, subtract them, or play around with their appearance, the following mods can help you do it all with just a few clicks.


5. No Map Markers

No Map Markers / Skyrim mod

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Some people are obsessed with immersion, and there’s nothing more immersive than getting lost in the woods and dying of exposure in the cold Skyrim night.

I know what you’re thinking. “How could I get lost when the map tells me where I am and even what direction I’m facing?”

That’s where this mod comes in.

No Map Markers removes every marker, including cities, towns, mines, bandit towers, and even the player’s arrow. Now, you’ll have to find your way by looking around and contrasting the landscape with the map.

At least the roads are still visible!


4. Flat Map Markers

Flat Map Markers / Skyrim mod

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Another way to increase your immersion without losing the map’s functionality is by making it more of a traditional paper map and less of a Google Earth window.

Flat Map Markers helps you do this by flattening the markers onto the page instead of hovering right above it.

You won’t get the appeal of this mod until you couple it with something like the Immersive Paper Map.

The Outline Map Markers are another definite must-try with this setup.


3. Pastel Markers

Pastel Markers / Skyrim mod

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The marker icons in vanilla Skyrim are reasonably well-designed. Thanks to their distinctive shapes and bold outlines, they’re easy to tell apart most of the time.

That said, the more markers you have, the harder it is to navigate the map. When you get to the late game, most areas have at least one or two hot spots where several markers are stacked.

Pastel Markers helps you find whatever you’re looking for by adding subtle pastel coloring to some of the most important and common icons. Daedric shrines are purple, ports are blue, and so on.


2. Atlas Map Markers SE

Atlas Map Markers SE / Skyrim mod

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Have you ever looked at a Ubisoft game map and thought, “damn, why doesn’t Skyrim have all that clutter?”

Well, me neither – and yet, I know some of you would like nothing more than a map marker for every little detail.

Atlas Map Markers adds no less than 700 new markers to Skyrim’s already crowded map, including markers for Blackreach, the Soul Cairn, and the Forgotten Vale.

How are you supposed to navigate such a cluttered map?

Well, you’re not supposed to.

This mod features a pretty in-depth configuration, so you can choose what is highlighted and what isn’t.

You can also use the Atlas Map Markers Settings Loader to store and load settings between saves.


1. Colorful Map Markers

Colorful Map Markers / Skyrim mod

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If you want something that’ll dramatically change the look and feel of your map, Colorful Map Markers is the way to go.

This mod offers a more intense, high-contrast alternative to Pastel Map Marker’s subdued tones.

Many icon designs have more than just brighter colors going on. Author WildGoat07 gave these markers more depth with contrasting materials and even lighting effects.

Couple this with mods like Paper World Map for the best results.

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