Skyrim: 15 Best Marriage, Spouse & Family Mods(Custom Wives & Husbands)

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I really wonder why a website as popular as the Nexus, which is the most prominent mod community, doesn’t really have a “spouses” category.

I was trying to find some cool spouse mods for my characters and I struggled to come across any that I liked. But given all the effort I put into that research, I figured why not share it with you kind Skyrim fans?

So this list covers all my personal favorite mods on relationships, marriage, and family time for TES Skyrim.

It might’ve taken me hours to put this together, but don’t worry – it’ll only take you a few minutes to read it and decide which of these mods you want.

And this post includes male spouses for Skyrim as well as female spouses for Skyrim, so it’s got a little something for everyone.

In any case, be sure to check out each character and try out the ones you like the most. Some of them are even fully voiced!

15. Marriage Mod

Marriage Mod for Skyrim

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This is the only mod on my list that doesn’t add any new spouses to the game.

But I still find it quite fitting because it’s truly going to improve your marriage experience by a landslide.

First of all, this mod allows you to have multiple spouses.

Which seems like a fitting thing to do in a world that aims to resemble how the Nords where in the days of old.

I’m pretty sure Bethesda didn’t add this feature because of moral reasons. But worry not – modders are far from the most moral people on Earth (looking at you, weirdo mod makers).

That’s not all you will get with this mod either.

The marriage mod also aims to fix many of the bugs that marriage has in base-game Skyrim, improving little tweaks that you’ll notice as you play with it.

Now it doesn’t matter if you want to marry multiple people at once or just make marriage feel better – this is the mod to get.


14. Avrusa Sarethi

Avrusa Sarethi Skyrim

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Avrusa Sarethi is quite an interesting character, yet one that not many players really wish to marry.


Well, because she isn’t really pretty in vanilla Skyrim.

However this mod gives her a quick rework, making this farm woman a much more desirable spouse by changing her looks and some of her quirks.

The also changes the body design, making her look a bit more feminine than her farmer self.


13. Bolrin

Bolrin Skyrim mod

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Female characters are fun and all. But you might not be looking to marry a woman.

I’ve added this male character to the list to spice things up a bit.

Plus you also get the chance to have a companion that’s a master with the bow and arrow.

It doesn’t matter if your character is looking to marry a guy or not, Bolrin is a great addition. Even as a friendly companion to the game.


12. Cute Argonian Spouse

Cute Argonian Spouse Skyrim mod

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This mod has one of the least original names that I’ve ever seen.

The name is so dull that I almost chose not to try it, but it’s very popular with the community. So I caved and installed this sucker.

Honestly, I’m thankful that I did.

I think it’s kinda racist that all marriable characters tend to be humanoids. Reptilians deserve some love as well – especially because they’re probably behind the creation of a New World Order (right?)

In any case, it’s time for the game to have a proper Argonian spouse. This is the mod to add it! Among a few other aragonian mods.


11. Kashim

Kashim Skyrim mod

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Kashim is a mighty Redguard that does wonders with a sword and shield.

He’s masterful at combat and a companion that will help you in battle, as well as a character that you can marry.

Redguards aren’t really too popular among the community for various reasons.

But this one’s a fantastic addition to the game.


10. Brelyna Maryon

Brelyna Maryon Skyrim mod

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Now this mod alters the look of Brelyna to make her look more appealing as a wife.

The mod uses the Better Bodies mod to improve the appearance of the character, as well as some facial modification mods. You might even try combining this with other beauty mods to really revamp Skyrim.

Why not marry a dark elf wizard for a change?


9. Khagra

Khagra mod for Skyrim

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Khagra is an orc and one of the best male spouses that I came across while making this list.

The details of the character’s face are very well done, and the dude himself is super useful as a companion.

Check him out, you won’t regret it.


8. Morinth

Morinth Skyrim mod

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Kinky fools, be sure to look into Morinth.

She’s a vampire that you can marry or keep around as a follower. But either way, the creator of the mod decided to make her look quite beautiful right from the start.

And I know what you’re going to do with this mod, so just make sure your door is locked first!


7. Visarra

Visarra Skyrim mod

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Well, the creator of this mod somehow managed to create a female orc that truly looks attractive.

Kudos to the guy, and good for us. I guess.

She’s quite a good companion that isn’t only there for the looks, but also for her prowess in battle.


6. Anruin

Anruin mod Skyrim

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Anruin is a replacer for Faendal.

You won’t miss the fool, though. As he’s one of the most boring characters out there.

In any case, Anruin is a male wood elf that will become a follower that is very prominent in the arts of destruction magic.

Marry the dude or keep him around for protection; it’s up to you to do what you wish.

Just be sure to get the best out of him – he’s a pretty useful follower!


5. Avelyn

Avelyn mod for Skyrim

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Alright, you thirsty fools.

Avelyn is probably the hottest character on this list and one that truly serves her purpose of being a powerful companion.

She’s a warrior and will help you fight off any foes that you might encounter. But she’s also quite good at protecting herself (and yourself) from attacks.

She can block, stab, slice, but most importantly, she can smash.

No pun intended.


4. Marriable Serana

Marriable Serana mod

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Serana is possibly the most coveted spouse in the game. Yet you can’t really marry her in any edition of Skyrim.

This mod changes that.

But you still need to complete the quest Kindred Judgment if you wish to have her as your partner.

There are also some mods out there that further improve her looks, even though the Skyrim community at large doesn’t seem to think that’s needed.

In any case, Serana is a powerful companion that will make a fine wife for the Dragonborn.


3. Interesting NPCs

Interesting NPCs mod

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The Interesting NPCs mod isn’t something that exclusively adds specific spouses to the game.

But the fact that it adds tons of new characters and over 15 potential spouses that you can marry is enough to warrant a spot on my list.

The mod adds a grand total of 250 characters to the game, all of which are fully voiced and you can interact with every single one of them.

I truly recommend you check out this mod for the sole fact of how many new NPCs you get.

You will truly feel that the game is more alive than ever. Which is especially important if you’ve been playing the game since release.


2. Vilja

Vilja mod

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Listen, I won’t lie to you. Vilja is an interesting character.

But she can be extremely annoying at times.

In fact, sometimes you’re going to be wishing that she had a mute button.

In other words, Vilja is the perfect wife experience that you’ll find in Skyrim!

Aside from that extremely chauvinist joke, she’s a pretty useful character that’ll serve as a great companion in your adventures.

She has a goal of her own, though. And one that she’ll be looking to achieve by your side if you let her tag along.

She’s a bard and one of the most interesting voiced characters that I’ve come across in many years of adding mods to Skyrim.

So it’s truly a mod that I can recommend to anyone. She’s a great companion for females or males – regardless of whether you intend to marry her or not.


1. Sofia

Sofia Skyrim mod

Check Out This Mod

I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no; I haven’t added this mod to the first spot on my list solely because the character is made to look like a supermodel.

In fact, Sofia is one of the best character mods in the game. And that’s not only because the girl is smoking hot.

Which she is.

Sofia is fully voice acted and provides you with a unique experience every time you interact with her.

Even if you choose not to marry her for some crazy reason, having Sofia as a companion is a pretty cool way to spice up your adventure.

As I said, the character is fully voiced. Imagine the fun you can have with that!

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