Top 10 Skyrim Meeko Mods: The Definitive Doggo Collection

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A dog is a man’s best friend – and Meeko can be the Dragonborn’s bestie with the right Skyrim mods.

Meeko is a tragic little doggo you’ll meet while exploring the outskirts of Hjallmarch. He’ll guide you to his former master, lying dead in a shack nearby, and appeal to your sympathy with adorable puppy eyes.

You’re not alone if you’re moved by Meeko’s loneliness but aren’t sure how much value this dog can bring to your party. Luckily, we have plenty of mods to transform Meeko into the best dog he can be.


10. Bring Meeko to Lod

Bring Meeko to Lod / Skyrim mod

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Sometimes, your character isn’t the dog type.

Still, it would take a cold heart to leave Meeko alone at his shack, watching as his former owner’s corpse slowly decomposes.

Luckily, there’s someone in Skyrim looking for a loyal beast just like Meeko to keep them company: the blacksmith Lod in Falkreath. He initially asks you to catch Barbas, but with this mod, he won’t mind as long as he gets a dog.

Better Meeko than a Daedra, that’s for sure.


9. Useful Dogs

Useful Dogs / Skyrim mod

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If I was a traveling hero, I’d at least train my dog to perform basic support actions. Everyone has to pull their weight in this party!

Useful Dogs helps you train your Skyrim canines, giving them the ability to follow simple commands like “go find a weapon” or “I need food.”

The mod works on dogs – like Meeko – but also wolves and foxes you’ve managed to tame.

This is also a great way to get Meeko out of the way when moving through tight spaces like caves and catacombs.


8. Attack Dogs – A Dog Combat Overhaul

Attack Dogs – A Dog Combat Overhaul / Skyrim mod

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A cute doggo like Meeko can make exploring Skyrim less lonely, but a Dragonborn’s life is fraught with danger.

Every time you get attacked by a dragon, there’s a high chance that Meeko will be devoured like a chicken nugget – and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Attack Dogs mod helps by training your canine companions in survival. They’ll scale up to level 80, gain perks, and generally carry their weight in battle much better.

You also won’t have to worry about Meeko activating a pressure plate due to his over-enthusiasm.


7. Improved Meeko SE

Improved Meeko SE / Skyrim mod

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If you’d prefer to enhance Meeko alone instead of every dog in the game, Improved Meeko is the way to go.

This mod allows Meeko to discover his full potential, leveling up to 81 and acquiring several perks – mostly connected to stealth.

You’ll also notice Meeko has become more durable in battle. He has almost double the health and more than double the stamina – with stats matching vanilla Dawnguard huskies like Bran and Sceolang.

Another fantastic feature is the ability to choose whether you want Meeko to look like a Dawnguard husky, an armored husky, or to keep his traditional look.


6. Dog Backpacks

Dog Backpacks / Skyrim mod

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Meeko has the potential to be a strong ally, but there are many ways he can help the Dragonborn on his travels without putting his life on the line.

Dog Backpacks lets you give your favorite doggo one of many convenient backpacks to help carry your burdens.

You can keep it simple with a Rucksack or a Barrel for +30 carry weight or equip a Harness with modular attachments for other benefits. These include a Dog Lantern, a collar, or an amulet.

Not only is it convenient, but it’s one of the only ways to customize the look of your doggo.


5. Meeko’s Shack Reborn

Meeko's Shack Reborn / Skyrim mod

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Unless one of your kids has taken a liking to Meeko and asked you to keep them at home, he’ll always return to his old master’s shack whenever you dismiss him.

Not only does this hurt my feelings as his new protector, but it’s extremely sad, considering the shack isn’t all that great (and the corpse stench doesn’t help).

If Meeko doesn’t come to you, maybe you should go to him.

Meeko’s Shack Reborn overhauls the run-down shack into somewhere livable. Its convenient location at the edge of Hjaalmarch makes it the perfect strategic spot to rest, resupply, and visit your dog.

You’ll still have to drag the corpse out yourself, though.


4. Meeko the Ghost Dog

Meeko the Ghost Dog / Skyrim mod

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The most common dog-owner complaint is that dogs don’t last a human lifetime.

But what if you could see them again even after they’re gone?

This mod changes history so that Meeko followed in the steps of his deceased master before you even came upon the shack.

Thanks to the intervention of a local necromancer, Meeko remains tethered to the world of the living in a ghostly, transparent form.

Meeko is stronger as a ghost, and you can call upon him whenever you need with the new Summon Meeko spell.


3. True Meeko

True Meeko / Skyrim mod

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Another significant change for the best boy in all of Hjallmarch is True Meeko.

Instead of turning Meeko into a ghost, this mod lets you choose a new appearance based on Dawnguard huskies.

The nine different colors are natural and very well-designed. This helps distinguish them from the huskies – especially the German Shepherd colors.

This mod also makes Meeko essential and a little bit stronger at first. This strength will only keep rising now that Meeko has no level cap.


2. Pet the Dog

Pet the Dog / Skyrim mod

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Petting dogs is one of the most enjoyable activities humans can indulge in.

This is just as true in video games as in real life.

There’s even a Twitter account with over half a million followers dedicated to identifying pettable critters in gaming!

Regrettably, dog-petting gameplay was still very niche back when Skyrim first came out. If you want to pet the dogs – Meeko included – you’ll have to download this mod.

Finally, you can adequately comfort Meeko for losing his former master.


1. Meeko Reborn

Meeko Reborn / Skyrim mod

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Meeko Reborn is the best way to make this good boy into the best boy.

This overhaul grants Meeko a variety of bad-ass new looks. You can have a bone-armored black hound or a warm-colored cutie with an intriguing Dwemer mechanical leg.

Not only that, but Meeko becomes essential, won’t set off traps or alert enemies, and can be immersively summoned with a War Horn you’ll find at his shack.

Author Vaelka also offers overhauls for other beloved animals in the game, including the dog Vigilance and the horse Frost.

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