The Best Nazeem Mods For Skyrim (All Free)

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Of all the diverse NPCs in Skyrim, many people have ones they adore and ones they despise.

And among those despised, there’s normally one name that pops up often: Nazeem.

This most pompous of Redguard with a snarky uptight personality that makes many want to shout him to pieces at his key dialogue:

“Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying, of course you don’t.”

These mods offer improvements for the Redguard, mostly catering to those that despise Nazeem.

Because who doesn’t at this point?


1. Run Like the Wind Nazeem

Run Like the Wind Nazeem / Skyrim Mod

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Here’s a mod for all those that deeply resent the pompous Redguard, but also enjoy some schadenfreude and a clean crime record.

Watch as Nazeem’s wife Ahlam becomes fed up and proceeds to hunt Nazeem down in a fury – and the guards do nothing about it.

Nazeem, for once, cowers in fear from his wife and tries to escape… but how unfortunate if he runs into someone that considers him unpopular.

Say, the Dragonborn, who also happens to be very good friends with the Jarl of Whiterun and is fully fledged in high-tier armor and weapons.

How unfortunate for him.


2. Effeminate Nazeem

Effeminate Nazeem / Skyrim Mod

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So this one’s a bit more subtle, but it fits Nazeem’s personality perfectly.

Because Nazeem typically just walks around Whiterun without a destination, he berates stall owners on their lackluster merchandise, and belittles everyone he comes across.

Honestly he seems more feminine in many ways because of it – and clearly someone else thought so too.

This mod gives Nazeem the idles and animations for the female NPCs, giving him a different walk cycle and a few idle cycles that are more… fitting.

It would take a while to notice unless you spend ample time in Whiterun. But you’ll notice.

So let that sass fly, Nazeem!


3. Immersive Tax Evasion – Nazeem Imprisoned

Immersive Tax Evasion – Nazeem Imprisoned / Skyrim Mod

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Do you abhor Nazeem so much that you just want him to be off the streets, but don’t have the guts to install a killable Nazeem mod?

We’re here for you.

With this mod installed, Nazeem has been imprisoned in the Whiterun jail for “crimes against Skyrim and her people”… or as the mod title blatantly states, tax evasion.

It’s something that Nazeem would honestly do in adherence to the lore, and he would genuinely get in trouble if he was found out.

And now you’ll never have to see or hear this pompous Redguard in Whiterun again.

Just… don’t end up in the jail in Whiterun at any point, or that bliss will be shattered.


4. Nazeem’s Wintersand Manor

Nazeem’s Wintersand Manor / Skyrim Mod

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Yes, this is a fully-fledged house that the Skyrim devs originally meant to create for Nazeem and his wife, but for whatever reason it was never finished.

Thanks to passionate TES fans this manor has been brought to life.

It doesn’t remove Nazeem from Whiterun, nor does it stop him from berating others, but there is a plus.

Previously, Nazeem and his wife lived in the upper floor of a bar/fletcher shop in Whiterun. So stealing from him meant stealing from the business of a kind wood elf as well.

Now, having his own place, someone can freely break in and steal most of Nazeem’s possessions with minimal guilt.


5. Skyrim – 70s Nazeem Reloaded

70s Nazeem Reloaded / Skyrim Mod

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This mod is as combination of two other mods to make Nazeem a better asset as an NPC in the game.

It combines the creator’s cosmetic mod of “70’s Nazeem” with their mechanic mod “Nazeem Reloaded”.

This grants Nazeem a new look, and the ability to fight and become a follower with new voice lines – but he retains his snarky personality.

This isn’t a recommended mod for those that detest Nazeem deeply.

But for those that merely judge because he serves no purpose other than to whine and bully… well I’d say this would make a fine install.


6. Jarl Nazeem of Whiterun

Jarl Nazeem of Whiterun / Skyrim Mod

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Nazeem has always thought himself of being above the people of Whiterun because of his successful farm.

Now you can place him in a seat of power for his ego to grow even bigger!

This mod does exactly as it says on the tin:

It makes Nazeem the new Jarl of Whiterun.

Is this preferred over Jarl Balgruff? That’s up to opinion honestly.

But having Nazeem as Jarl does come with some perks surprisingly!

He has new dialogue options to help this big change mesh with the story of the main quest better, and him being Jarl means he’ll never be seen on the streets again.

Small victories!


7. The Wholesome Scrolls Initiative

The Wholesome Scrolls Initiative / Skyrim Mod

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This is a watered-down version of “Nazeem Reloaded” – but it’s good for those that don’t want a complete overhaul.

Basically this makes Nazeem friendly towards you, meaning no more snarky comments or remarks.

It also makes him a powerful warrior and a viable follower to have.

Plus this mod gives him decent heavy armor by default, and superb weapons skills, meaning he’s ready to face down anything.

Even dragons and giants!

Let Nazeem have a shot at the Skyrim space program tryouts and see if he makes the cut.


8. Replace Nazeem’s Voice with Obama

Replace Nazeem’s Voice with Obama / Skyrim Mod

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This might be more of a jokey/meme mod, but video games are supposed to be fun right?

Well for those that want an injection of comedy to replace Nazeem’s demeaning dialogue, this is the way to go.

It essentially does just what it says: fully replaces any male with condescending voice lines, including Nazeem, with sounds clips of Barrack Obama.

So instead of hearing “Do you get up to the Cloud District often?” it might be one of a variety of Obama voice clips from his presidency.

This can result in both confusing and hilarious encounters.

And considering the depressive nature of the game by default, a comedic pick-me-up may just be what you’re looking for (among a few other pretty funny mods).


9. Make Nazeem Great Again

Make Nazeem Great Again / Skyrim Mod

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Forget “Make America Great Again”, give me a MNGA hat instead!

What does MNGA mean? Why, it stands for “Make Nazeem Great Again”.

This mod essentially changes Nazeem’s dialogue to be less condescending, and more of a suck up to the player.

Instead of calling you out on their potential social class, Nazeem will tremble in respect at the raw power and status of the Dovahkiin.

While this mod doesn’t remove Nazeem from the game, or give you the ability to remove him yourself, this does put some respect into his brain regarding the literal Hero of Skyrim.

And that’s much more satisfying than virtual murder most times.

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