The Best Nordic Armor Mods for Skyrim (All Free)

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Nordic culture is the basis for all things Nord in The Elder Scrolls V – and it’s a great place to go looking for new armor inspiration.

Inspired by the Vikings of the Northern Europe, the Nords of Skyrim are fair-skinned, mostly blonde, and their skill as warriors is the stuff of legends.

But even brave warriors need equipment that’ll protect them from unfriendly blades – and mods are the best way to find something a cut above your average Iron and Steel sets.

Check out the following mods if you want the best Nordic and Viking-inspired clothing worthy of a true Nord hero.


1. Nordic Hauberk

Nordic Hauberk / Skyrim mod

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We’ll start with a historically-accurate chain mail hauberk resembling what a real-life Viking would have worn between the 9th and 11th centuries.

Judging by the quality materials and the use of chain mail, this high-quality hauberk would have been worn by a warrior of great renown.

The mod offers various color and material combinations for a total of 9 hauberks.

The chain mail can be light, dark, or rusty, and there are three different sleeve options, including checkered and striped gambeson.

For the complete historically-accurate Nordic warrior look, check out Nordic Helmets.


2. Vannord Carved Nordic Armor & Weapons

Vannord Carved Nordic Armor & Weapons / Skyrim mod

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If you value flashy armor and epic weapons over historical accuracy, you can’t skip out on Vannord Carved Nordic Armor & Weapons.

This mod takes the Nordic Carved armor set introduced with the Dragonborn expansion and infuses the ornamental carvings with a mystical glow.

The bright power emanating from the new Nordic Carved armor progresses through a broad spectrum of colors, including red, green, blue, purple, and yellow – mimicking the aurora borealis.

Be sure to add some powerful enchantments to justify this striking look.


3. Nordic Wanderer’s Equipment

Nordic Wanderer's Equipment / Skyrim mod

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One thing I’ve never liked about plate armor is how bulky it tends to be.

I prefer the slimmed-down, form-fitting designs so common in fantasy anime and JRPGs.

The Nordic Wanderer’s Equipment mod adds a new set of steel armor for male and female characters that combines classic Nordic materials and colors with a modern design philosophy.

It abandons realism in favor of stylizing the armor, but only slightly. Your appearance won’t be at odds with the world around you – but you’ll be the best-looking adventurer anywhere you go.

Get the beast race compatibility patch if you favor Argonian or Khajiit characters.


4. Nordic Adventurer’s Armor

Nordic Adventurer's Armor / Skyrim mod

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The Nordic Adventurer’s Armor is the way to go if you’re willing to try something more sumptuous.

This armor is designed around an intrepid adventurer braving dangerous catacombs and arcane powers beyond human comprehension for the promise of epic loot.

It’s a patchwork of carved plate, expensive-looking furs, and intriguing accessories plucked from the hands of defeated Draugr in the most ancient caves in Skyrim.

When I think of the Dragonborn – an untiring hero thirsty for glory, power, and new experiences – I picture them in this kind of armor.


5. Ancient Nord Armory Extreme

Ancient Nord Armory Extreme / Skyrim mod

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If you want to know where modern Nord forging traditions come from, you need only look at the armor worn by the undead Draugr prowling the catacombs around the region.

The Ancient Nord Armoury Extreme introduces a wide range of new variants for Ancient Nord armor and distributes them in leveled lists so you can acquire them during normal gameplay.

It features over 25 new items ranging from generic armor pieces to named items with powerful enchantments and flashy looks.

My favorite additions are the Ancient Helmet of the Unburned and Everscorch and the flaming greatsword, which will turn you into Tamriel’s version of Azor Ahai from ASOIAF.


6. Black Bear Ancient Nord Armor

Black Bear Ancient Nord Armor / Skyrim mod

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Another fantastic Ancient Nord variant not included in the previous pack is the Black Bear Ancient Nord Armor.

This set looks a lot more protective than the average Ancient Nord equipment. There’s black leather where the Ancient Nord armor used to expose your skin, and thick bear furs protect you from the cold.

It features three helmet variants for added customization and a special Berserker Armor stripped down to the bare minimum protection to expose your shredded abs and bad-ass war paint.

You can also choose an all-black color scheme or a more balanced brown leather palette.


7. Nord Tribal Armor

Nord Tribal Armor / Skyrim mod

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Contrary to popular belief, Nordic life is not just about war and fighting.

There’s also time for exploring, traveling, and learning – all activities where chainmail or plate armor might be less than ideal.

The Nord Tribal Armor offers a light armor alternative in style reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s Vikings. It features stylish tunics and plenty of furs to keep you warm.

Get it for rangers, herbalists, and anyone who needs protection from the cold Skyrim wind.


8. Nord Raven Battle Armor

Nord Raven Battle Armor / Skyrim mod

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Another armor set drawing inspiration Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is the Nord Raven Battle Armor.

It’s modeled after the equipment worn by Raven Clan warriors during the Viking Expansion, and it’ll serve your Dragonborn against the dangers of Skyrim just as well.

The armor’s materials and general design aren’t far from vanilla Nord styles. A little bit more refined, but you’re probably Thane of at least four holds by now – you’re expected to look good.

The mod features a hood and a lowered hood, so you can enjoy your character’s hairstyle without losing the helmet armor slot.


9. Nordic Leather Armor

Nordic Leather Armor / Skyrim mod

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The Nordic Carved Armor is probably the coolest-looking vanilla armor in the entire game – and many mods use it as a base for something new.

Nordic Leather Armor takes the best parts of the Nordic Carved set and updates them by cutting down on the steel plate and replacing it with leather.

The result is a gorgeous lightweight armor that makes you look like an adventurous badass in a high-fantasy universe.

What really brings it all together is the high-quality textures, featuring intricate ornamental details and natural wear throughout the entire set.


10. Nordic Round Shields

Nordic Round Shields / Skyrim mod

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One of the most widely-known facts about Viking warriors is their preference for small, round shields known as “rönd” due to their shape.

These lightweight wooden shields allowed the Viking warrior increased freedom of movement and were perfect to stack together into an impenetrable shield wall.

Like historical Viking shields, these Nordic Round Shields are decorated with brightly-colored sigils and patterns representing the wielder’s heraldry, allegiance, or divine protection.

There’s an incredible variety of shields to try out here. The possibilities are endless, with 48 different emblems, several buckles, and some unique metal reinforcement types.

And if you enjoy this mod, check out Nordic Shields of the Companions and Nordic Round Guard Shields to give your fellow sons and daughters of Skyrim shields worthy of their heritage.

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