Where To Farm Nordic Barnacles in Skyrim

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Skyrim’s northern coast is where you can farm lots of Nordic Barnacles, specifically around shipwrecks.

Nordic Barnacle clusters can also be found around rocks and underwater. Harvesting these Nordic Barnacle clusters will give you one Nordic Barnacle each.

It’s also worth mentioning that all alchemy merchants have a chance of selling up to 5 samples of Nordic Barnacles.

Nordic Barnacle cluster on a shipwreck / Skyrim

But for regular farming, you check out shipwrecks like the Wreck of the Brinehammer, Hela’s Folly, and Pilgrim’s Trench, in the northern part of Skyrim.

The Nordic barnacle clusters can be found sticking on the sides of shipwrecks.

They can also be found on rocks near the coast, if you’re willing to search around a bit.

Just note that they do not grow on the icebergs that are also present in the area.

Shipwrecks at Pilgrim’s Trench, underwater / Skyrim

Sometimes the barnacle clusters can also appear underwater and hard to reach.

These can be located on a shipwreck resting on the ocean floor, like the ones at Pilgrim’s Trench.

You can drink a Potion of Waterbreathing to reach them underwater, or take multiple short dives so you won’t drown.

The Lady Stone is in Lake Ilinalta, southwest of Riverwood (Map) / Skyrim

If you don’t want to go so far north (or if you’ve just started a new save) then the lake west of the Guardian Stones has two spots with Nordic Barnacle clusters.

One shipwreck can be found south of the Lady Stone, and an entrance to a Nordic Ruin can be found in this lake as well – both with a few samples of Nordic Barnacle clusters.

Unmarked shipwreck in Lake Ilinalta (mast sticking up above water) / Skyrim

The shipwreck near the Lady Stone is underwater. It’s unmarked on the map, but you can see the ship’s mast sticking out of the water (pictured above).

You’ll find several Nordic Barnacle clusters in this location if you search around.

The Nordic ruin can be found underwater on the lake’s northeastern shore here, and that area has three barnacle clusters you can take.


Nordic Barnacle Uses

Doing alchemy with Nordic Barnacles / Skyrim

Nordic Barnacles offer the effects of Damage Magicka, Waterbreathing, Regenerate Health, and Fortify Pickpocket.

You can combine this type of barnacle with a Chicken’s Egg or a Histcarp to make a Potion of Waterbreathing, which will allow you to swim underwater without drowning (helpful for getting even more barnacles if needed).

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