Best Pokémon Skyrim Mods For True Poké Masters

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If you want to be the very best, you gotta catch’em all. Anywhere you go.

And since Skyrim is such a modding-friendly game, it’s no surprise that modders tried bringing elements from the Pokémon universe TES 5.

A massive overhaul has yet to be made (here’s hoping!)

But these mods will be more than enough to satisfy all of your Pokémon needs while you’re waiting for yet another entry in the Elder Scrolls series.


6. Pokémon Level-Up Sound

Pokémon Level Up Sound Modded for Skyrim

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Being a classic RPG series, every Pokémon mashup that gets combined another RPG series makes a ton of sense. No matter which features get brought over.

The Pokémon Level Up mod is one of those addons, and it’s pretty simple:

It changes the level-up sound to the one from classic Pokémon games. Joyous sounds for joyous occasions!


5. Charizard – Pokémon Dragon

Charizard Dragon in Skyrim - Mod Screenshot

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This one was kind of a given right?

Don’t tell me you didn’t expect to see Skyrim dragons turned into Pokémon… this seems like a given!

And this mod doesn’t just stop at introducing an amazing looking version of Charizard.

It also brings the Pokémon’s Mega Evolution form into the fray.

So be on the lookout when traveling to Red Eagle Redoubt, Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt, and Whiterun: you may get to see one up close. And you may not like it as much as you think.


4. SkyreMon – Texture Overhaul

SkyreMon Pokemon Texture Mod - Mamoswine in Skyrim

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A grown-up looking Pokémon experience?

Yes, please. Ten thousand times yes!

SkyreMon is a texture pack that changes some of the creatures seen in Skyrim, so that they look like a realistic version of different Pokémon.

No catch’em all here, though: you’ll have to continue doing the dirty work yourself.


3. Pokémon Moves In Skyrim

Pokémon Moves Added into Skyrim - Mod Preview

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So this adds some Pokémon stuff into the game, but you can’t actually build a team of Poke balls at your waist.

But it’s a great mod, so be sad that you can’t catch Pokémon here.

Pokémon Moves In Skyrim introduces a lot of Pokémon special techniques, including iconic moves like Aurora Beam, Flamethrower, Water Gun, and Poison Sting.

The only disappointing thing about this mod is the missed inclusion of Splash.

Can you imagine the memes that could have been made?


2. Pikachu Voiced Pokémon Follower

Pikachu Follower Mod in Skyrim

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Remember when I said that you can’t have Pokémon helping you out on your adventures?

I lied!

This follower mod lets you bring a fully-voiced Pikachu follower along with you.

All you need to do is recruit the little fellow in Riverwood. Then enjoy frying all sorts of enemies!


1. Pokémon In Skyrim

Pokémon Team Rocket In Skyrim Mod - Screenshot Preview

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Hey, look over there. Doesn’t that fish look like Magikarp?

Better run away, before it evolves!

Pokémon In Skyrim brings the ultimate Pokémon experience into TES 5 with one heck of a cool mod.

Sure, the number of Pokémon here is pretty limited.

But here in Skyrim, you can turn them into the heroes that’ll save the world.

And these Pokémon are helping with a real crisis, not from those Team Rocket wimps!

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