Skyrim: Best Redguard Mods Worth Downloading (All Free)

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The Redguards of Hammerfell are among the most talented warriors in Tamriel. But Skyrim doesn’t seem to celebrate their glory properly.

Sure, you can make a badass Redguard character. But the game doesn’t feature a whole lot of content for such a build.

Things are very different if you’re playing Skyrim on PC, though. With these mods your Redguard playthrough will be more immersive than ever, making you feel more like a warrior that bows to no one.


10. Azarik

Azarik Skyrim mod

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Redguards are among the most talented warriors in the game, so no one should object to a proper Redguard companion.

This companion, named Azarik, is a skilled barbarian who’s very good at handling two-handed weapons and bows… and with them he can make mincemeat out of any enemy.

Just travel to The Winking Skeever in Solitude, enlist his help and watch your enemies disappear as if they were never there to begin with!

Arguably one of the best modded followers you could install.


9. Forge of Warriors – Redguard Weapon Boost

Forge of Warriors - Redguard Weapon Boost mod

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If getting a Redguard to join you in your quest isn’t enough, what about becoming a proper one?

Redguard Weapon Boost introduces four new custom weapons that are built from scratch and are completely lore-friendly.

And since we’re not going out of the boundaries of the canon, you can forge them only if your character is a Redguard. Such is life: to get something, you must give up on something else…


8. Hammerfell Bandits

Hammerfell Bandits mod for Skyrim

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A change in looks and a change of armor goes a long way to make an old faction feel new again!

The Hammerfell Bandits mod introduces over 100 new Redguard mercenaries all coming with custom armor that look nothing like the ones seen in the vanilla game.

Additionally, the mod also introduces three new craftable outfits, and a new scimitar for when you’re tired of just looking at shiny new things and not getting a real piece of action.


7. Shandar

Shandar Skyrim mod

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It really doesn’t matter what a Redguard does in his life.

Leader or follower, their badassery is always real.

This holds even more true with Shandar, a modded Redguard follower coming with unique equipment, and 2K resolution textures that make him look so badass that bandits and the like will prefer staying poor rather than face him in combat.


6. Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal mod

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Gray Cowl of Nocturnal doesn’t focus on the Redguards alone.

But you should play it in any case, as you’ll hardly find another modded quest as good as this one.

It’s difficult to say why you should download and enjoy this new adventure without huge spoilers, so trust me: it’ll keep you busy.

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal is as big as any of the DLC released for the game, and the way it falls into the series’ lore is so clever that you’ll be asking this fantastic modder for more.


5. Farinelli’s Hammerfell Armory

Farinelli's Hammerfell Armory Skyrim mod

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A trip to the armory is exactly what you need to make your Redguard adventures in Skyrim feel fresh once again.

Farinelli’s Hammerfell Armory mod is brilliant. It combines all of Farinelli’s Redguard items mods, while making some adjustments to make them more consistent with the rest of the game.

In my opinion, this is an essential download for any Redguard playthrough.


4. Realistic Redguard

Realistic Redguard mod for Skyrim

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Redguards in Skyrim definitely look the part. But only if we’re talking about created, player-controlled characters.

NPCs leave a lot to be desired.

The Realistic Redguard mod introduces a few visual changes to the NPC Redguards to make them look more like actual Redguards, and less like the other races in the game.

Female characters, unfortunately, are not affected by the mod. But this is due to the Hammerfell garb not looking too good on women. Blame the developers, folks, not the modders!


3. House of the Redguard

House of the Redguard Skyrim mod

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Introducing new weapons and armor sets for the Redguard isn’t enough for a truly immersive experience.

You need something more. Something like a custom house!

The House of the Redguard is another essential mod to try if you’re playing a character of this race, as it gives you an incredibly detailed place to call home. And it comes with unique architecture, plus unique items that will really make you feel like you belong to one of the oldest races in all of Tamriel.


2. Warmonger Armory

Warmonger Armory mod

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Warmonger Armory isn’t just an excellent Redguard mod, but also an excellent mod in general, no matter which character you’re playing.

The main purpose of this mod is to introduce new lore-friendly Armors, Weapons, and Clothes that can be instantly associated with the series’ classic archetypes.

Always look your best when saving the world, that’s what I say.


1. The Redguard Expansion – Prologue – Exotic DLC

The Redguard Expansion - Prologue - Exotic DLC Skyrim mod

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Skyrim is not getting more DLC. That might be making you a sad Redguard, eh?

No worries, fellow warrior: modders got you covered!

This Redguard Expansion DLC is a brand new adventure set on the tropical islands known as The Chain.

These islands feature all the content you’d come to expect from any official DLC such as new items, new quests, new NPCs, and more. Lots to explore and lots to love.

Better download this mod right away and see what you can find. Actually, even if you’re not playing a Redguard character, maybe give this one a try.

On The Chain, there’s plenty for everyone.

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