The Best Roman Mods for Skyrim (Weapons, Armor & More)

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Everyone loves to talk about how amazing it is that Skyrim is still played over 10 years later – but did you know the Roman Empire lasted over 1000 years?

You don’t rule over a vast swath of land spanning several continents for a millennium without leaving a mark, and Rome’s influence can be seen worldwide in the 2020s.

The Romans made it to Tamriel as the inspiration for the Cyrodiilic Empire, but true Patricians still want more.

History buffs and Roman Empire fanboys can continue bringing even more Roman culture into Skyrim with the help of the following mods.


1. Frankly HD Imperial Armor & Weapons

Frankly HD Imperial Armor & Weapons / Skyrim mod

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It’s not hard to see the Roman influence on the design of the Imperial Legion’s weapons and armor.

Therefore, the first thing you can do to make your game more Roman is to ensure that the Imperial Legion looks its best.

Frankly HD Imperial Armor & Weapons overhauls all Imperial Legion equipment, from the most basic stuff to General Tullius’ and General Carius’ unique outfits.

All textures are high-resolution, with 2K and 4K versions available, and feature optional sleeves and pants to protect the soldiers from Skyrim’s cold weather.


2. HD 4K Imperial Tents Retexture

HD 4K Imperial Tents Retexture / Skyrim mod

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Roman Legions were the terror of non-aligned parties near Roman territory.

I can barely imagine the terror a Gaulish kid must have felt once they spotted the Roman Legion’s red tents just a few kilometers from their village.

This mod retextures the Imperial Legion’s tents with all-new patterns that perfectly emulate fabric, wood, bark, and iron.

It’s a little detail that’ll make any visit to a Legion camp a lot more immersive.


3. Legion Signifiers (Roman Standard)

Legion Signifiers (Roman Standard) / Skyrim mod

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A Roman Legion has no authority if it isn’t carrying a Roman standard.

Legion Signifiers bring these symbols of power and authority to Skyrim. You’ll see them planted at Legion camps and carried by Imperial detachments patrolling the land.

While these standards honor the Cyrodiilic Empire, they look undeniably Roman in style.

Seeing the Imperial seal flapping in the wind during a fierce battle against Stormcloak rebels can give Legionnaires the final push they need to overcome their enemies. For the Emperor!


4. Byzantine Third Empire Flag

Byzantine Third Empire Flag / Skyrim mod

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It helps to be specific about the region and time when talking about the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire lasted over 1000 years, but it suffered countless transformations during that time, and different “subcultures” sprang from this cultural melting pot.

This mod is based on the aesthetic sensibilities of the Byzantine Romans, who split off from the rest of the Roman Empire around 395 CE and ruled over the Eastern territories.

It transforms every Third Empire Flag in the game to resemble the first Byzantine flag in color and general design. Still, it maintains the Cyrodiilic Empire’s symbology (like the dragon and Amulet of Kings).


5. Roman Reman

Roman Reman / Skyrim mod

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The Gladius and Spatha were the Roman Legion’s pride and joy.

These weapons were designed with ease of use in mind, keeping their center of gravity close to the center so they could be maneuvered easily with one hand while the other held a shield.

The Roman Reman mod introduces a Gladius and a Spatha said to have originated in the times of the Reman Empire – also known as the Second Cyrodiilic Empire.

You’ll find two versions of the blades ready to install: a polished one and a more rustic and weathered option.

Since almost everything in Skyrim is covered in soot, I’d go for the weathered one.


6. Roman Imperial Sword (Re-Textured)

Roman Imperial Sword (Re-Textured) / Skyrim mod

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Another beautiful Gladius you can’t overlook is this Roman Imperial Sword.

Unlike the previous blade, this Gladius belongs to the real Roman Empire, as made evident by the classical Roman motifs on both the handle and the wooden sheath.

The blade is engraved with a phrase in Latin, Senatus Populusque Romanus, referring to the government of the ancient Roman Republic – a symbol of the Empire at large.

It’s time for those Stormcloak barbarians to know true Roman strength.


7. Ancient Imperial Septims

Ancient Imperial Septims / Skyrim mod

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In the Roman Empire, coin minting processes were basic and inefficient – at least compared to modern methods.

Moreover, coins were made of gold and silver, which aren’t the most durable metals.

For this reason, minor imperfections and a rough finish were commonplace on Roman coins.

This mod takes inspiration from this rustic coinage to give Imperial septims a much more lifelike design. The new septims look hand-made and a little worn.

You also get to choose whether you want gold or silver septims, which is a nice touch.


8. Imperial Champion

Imperial Champion / Skyrim mod

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The Roman army’s most decorated and high-ranking members often wore crests on their helmets – also called Galea – to signify their rank and honor.

Bandits and barbarians would tremble at the sight of these bright crests, for they knew a whole host of legionnaires followed close behind.

The Imperial Champion armor set features several plumed and crested helmets for your Roman Dragonborn. It includes six helmets, one cuirass, boots, bracers, and various weapons.

During installation, you get to choose whether your Roman soldiers will wear pants or not. There’s also a choice between red and blue accents – though we all know the most Roman choice.


9. Revitalized Imperial Armor

Revitalized Imperial Armor / Skyrim mod

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A similar concept with better execution is found in Revitalized Imperial Armor.

This mod overhauls the Imperial Legion’s gear and weapons to look more regal and representative of the Empire’s culture.

It replaces the somewhat rustic armor of Imperial legionnaires with something more refined, reflecting the Empire’s more “civilized” and courtly attitudes contrasting the Nord way of life.

This makes Imperial army divisions look like well-funded groups with standardized equipment, as they should be. The bright red capes are a big favorite of mine.


10. Imperial Guard Centurion Armor

Imperial Guard Centurion Armor / Skyrim mod

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We’ll step away from realism to check out one of the most bad-ass armor sets ever.

The Imperial Guard Centurion Armor is meant for only the most elite fighters in the Imperial army.

It’s a heavy plate armor capable of protecting the wearer from almost any blow and striking fear in the hearts of their enemies.

The fully-closed helmet and tall crest make Imperial Guard Centurions look more like soul-less killing machines than human soldiers – and that’s the point.


11. Imperial Tribune Armor

Imperial Tribune Armor / Skyrim mod

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As the highest-ranking Imperial military man in the province of Skyrim, General Tullius should wear the best armor the Empire can produce.

The Imperial Tribune Armor is a gorgeous, historically-inspired armor reminiscent of what great generals and rulers of Rome would have worn in the heyday of the Empire.

The toned abdomen and shapely pecs sculpted on the cuirass symbolize the ideal every Roman man should strive for: strong and able.

Good thing steroids weren’t available yet, or Rome might have fallen a lot earlier.


12. Ashara SSE Imperial Outfit

Ashara SSE Imperial Outfit / Skyrim mod

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Romans weren’t at war 100% of the time. At least, not all of them were.

Watch any Roman historical reenactment in theater or film, and you’ll see Roman citizens wearing simple cloth tunics known as Chiltons instead of muscular armor.

The Ashara SSE Imperial Outfit brings a version of the Chilton to Skyrim, wearable regardless of gender and available in various vivid colors.

They’re comfortable for lounging at your Domus, watching a match at the Colosseum, or heading down to the forum for gossip and shopping.


13. Project Caelifinis – A Latin Language Conversion

Project Caelifinis – A Latin Language Conversion / Skyrim mod

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Many languages, such as Greek and Etruscan, were used throughout the Roman Empire throughout its history, but Latin enjoyed favor as the official tongue for the longest time.

Project Caelifinis transforms your Skyrim adventure into a Roman fable by replacing most written language with its Latin translation.

It might seem unwieldy, considering most of us don’t speak Latin, but if you’re that much of a Roman fan, this will blow your mind.

My favorite part about this mod is the Latin adaptations of places, titles, and groups.

For example, Skyrim becomes Caelifinis, the Dawnguard becomes the Aurorae Custodes, and the Dark Brotherhood is known as the Fraternitas Obscura.


14. Ruina Imperii SE

Ruina Imperii SE / Skyrim mod

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The Cyrodiilic Empire is based on the Roman Empire at its height. This is reflected in their architecture and equipment.

Ruina Imperii SE shows us the alternative: an Imperial Legion with equipment based on Late Roman and Early Byzantine styles.

These soldiers look a lot more like real-life medieval warriors. They wear long-sleeved chainmail, carry colorful shields showing off their heraldry, and look historically accurate.

This mod introduces an extensive collection of equipment for everyone from the lowest foot soldier to a warring prince. It’s a real work of art.


15. Historical Revival: The Roman Era

Historical Revival: The Roman Era / Skyrim mod

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You can’t talk about the Romans without mentioning their enemies, of which there were many.

Two of their most relevant foes are the Celts and the Parthians, both powerful warrior groups that shed copious blood in glorious battles against the Empire.

This Historical Revival mod plunges Skyrim into the Roman Era by replacing Imperials with Romans, Nords with Celts, and the Aldmerii Dominion with Parthia.

Once installed, these groups will wear historically-accurate armor and wield the appropriate weapons for their new culture. In addition, minor details like coinage and ore types have also been altered to match the historical context.

Everything was thoroughly researched before being included, so even the strict history buffs should enjoy this.

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