Best Skyrim Sci-Fi Themed Mods For Your Own Lore

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No matter how much time passes, Skyrim never seems to lose its popularity.

While the game is definitely a solid title, its gameplay mechanics aren’t the reason it’s still so popular.

No, it’s mostly because of its amazing modding community. An untiring group of fans that continue to bring amazing mods that completely change the experience.

Well this list is dedicated to turning the game into a sci-fi themed TES adventure. Radical enough?


9. Dragon Ball Z Scouter

DBZ Scouter Mod for Skyrim

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What does Dragon Ball Z have to do with sci-fi? Really? Are we really asking me this question?

DBZ has everything to do with sci-fi, if we don’t count spiky-haired aliens who can launch energy beams while screaming their lungs out.

The technology seen in the series does have that little sci-fi touch that’s sorely missing in Skyrim, and that won’t be missing anymore with the Scouter mod.

This will let you not just look incredibly cool, but also detect any life forms in your vicinity. Is that rabbit’s power level OVER NINE THOUSANDS?! Time to find out!


8. Dwemer Set

Dwemer weapon mod example - Skyrim

Dwemer Steampunk-ish Weapons Mod

Dwemer Goggles & Scouter Mod

Dwemer Autoblade Mod

Dwemer Bombs Mod

Dwemer Buster Mod

Have you ever heard of the Dwemer race?

You sure have, if you’re a true fan of The Elder Scrolls.

But have you ever wished to play as one of them in Skyrim?

If your answer is a resounding “YES!” (possibly said in ancient dwarven tongue), then this Dwemer mod set is what you should download.

These advanced weapons and gear will make Skyrim feel a little more sci-fi, all while being lore-friendly! Don’t you just love when this happens?


7. Predator – The Lost Tribes

Lost Tribes Predator Character Mod for Skyrim

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“There is something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man.”

Prove to me you’re a true Predator fan, and fill in the rest of this iconic quote.

If you pass this initiation test, then you’re worthy of downloading the Predator – The Lost Tribes mod, something that introduces three playable Predators, 42 new Predator weapons, and tons of equipment inspired by the series.

You should be careful when traveling around once you’ve installed this mod, though: you never know when one of these monsters is going to ambush you.


6. Tardis

Tardis Mr Who Time Machine Mod for Skyrim

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Time to travel through time to learn the past, and the future, of all Tamriel.

That was a mouthful.

Tardis definitely needs no introduction, as it’s one of the oldest time machines ever built by man.

Unfortunately, something has gone terribly wrong when it landed in Skyrim, and it can no longer travel through time. Still, with the ability to travel to 250 different locations and create your own landing markers, do we really have something to complain about?


5. Halo Energy Sword

Halo Energy Sword Mod for Skyrim

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Halo and Skyrim are a match made in Heaven.

Or Hell, depending on which side of the Energy Sword you are!

This Halo Energy Sword mod recreates the Energy Sword seen in Halo Reach.

The sword’s unique design is unlike anything seen in vanilla TES, so if you’re thinking about styling on your enemies as you slice and dice them, this is the weapon mod to get.


4. Skyrim 40000

Skyrim 40000 Mod - Warhammer 40k + Skyrim

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A defender of humanity such as the Dragonborn has all the rights to wear the armor of the Adeptus Astartes.

Or the Space Marines, if you’re not familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Even if you’re not a fan of the sci-fi universe created by those visionary minds at Games Workshop, you’ll still love wearing the 20 sets of Space Marine armor introduced with this mod.

And if you don’t like them, well you’ll still find plenty of new options that will turn you into a Warhammer 40,000 fan, and the savior of all mankind. No matter the planet. No matter the galaxy.


3. Force Abilities

Jedi Force Abilities Mod for Skyrim

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Nothing screams sci-fi as much as Star Wars.

So nobody should be surprised to see mods based on the franchise in Skyrim.

And specifically the Force Abilities mod goes great with a sci-fi theme too.

It lets you turn into a Jedi, or a Sith, depending on your affinity with the Light and Dark sides of the force. And this grants you access to tons of different abilities like Push, Pyrokinesis, Stasis, Healing, and the iconic Lighting.

Now, if only we could get a Lightsaber to really look the part…


2. Magicka Sabers Expanded

Magicka Sabers Expanded Lightsaber Star Wars Mod - Skyrim

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I’m hearing some familiar sounds in the distance. Can’t you hear them too? Pshhhhh. Woooom. Woooom.

Sorry, I really have no idea how to spell Lightsaber sounds, but you get the idea.

Magicka Sabers Expanded is the mod you need to cosplay as a Jedi or Sith in Skyrim.

This pack introduces tons of different Lightsabers that do make all those sounds I horribly spelled above, as they slice through mail like it’s butter!


1. Grand Admiral Thrawn Invades Skyrim

Grand Admiral Thrawn Mod for Skyrim

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Being the hero is never easy.

I know it really shouldn’t be, but please, fighting evil and invaders from outer space at the same time?

Invasion of Skyrim is not just an amazing sci-fi mod, but also one of the best Skyrim mods ever made.

It gives us a new storyline boasting 20 unique locations and hundreds of new enemies, allies, and characters. So you can be sure that saving Skyrim from these invaders will be a feat to remember.

Just make sure you’re not turned to dust in the process: these invaders mean business!

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