Skyrim: Best Armor & Outfit Mods For Serana (All Free)

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None of the followers you can meet in Skyrim are as beloved as Serana, the Volkihar vampire princess locked away in a coffin.

Whether you’re a vampire or a vampire hunter, Serana can become one of your most trusted friends and advisors. She’ll even agree to cure her vampirism if you bring her good-enough arguments as part of the Dawnguard, though let’s be honest: Who wants yet another human follower?

Serana is the only follower I’d consider more or less on-par with modded-in characters like Recorder, Sofia, and Vilja.

The one aspect she falls short on is her looks – especially her equipment.

So I’ve sorted through hundreds of armor mods and identified the ones that would fit Serana best.


1. Merta Assassin Outfit

Merta Assassin Outfit mod for Skyrim

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Serana is an ancient pure-blooded vampire who will undoubtedly outlast the Dragonborn (unless, of course, the Dovahkiin is a vampire too).

If she’s going to travel with you, Serana needs armor that’ll make an impact without revealing her identity.

Just imagine if you do some great deed and they make a statue of Serana! She’ll have to avoid the town for hundreds of years.

Enter the Merta Assassin Outfit by DeserterX – a tight, revealing leather suit with a black visor that’ll conceal her identity and turn her into Skyrim’s own Catwoman.

For something with a similar design but a lot bolder, consider the Merta Black Rose Outfit.


2. Vampire Leather Armor

Vampire Leather Armor Skyrim mod

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If you don’t see Serana as the Catwoman kind of girl, then this Vampire Leather Armor by RavenDier is a solid option for a more classic “princess of the night” look.

These leather vestments hug the skin and showcase the wearer’s curves without revealing too much.

They have a certain sophistication and dark flair that makes them perfect for a vampire’s wardrobe.

Along with the main black leather outfit, you get variations in blue, green, and pink so Serana can combine the right colors for every occasion.

This outfit works wonders with High Heels, and it’s meant for use with a CBBE body.


3. Scarlet Dawn Armor

Scarlet Dawn Armor mod for Skyrim

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After centuries of being locked away in a sarcophagus, Serana could use cute clothes that are easy to move in.

Something like the Scarlet Dawn Armor.

If this armor looks familiar, you’re not alone. As mod creator BloodFree explains, this armor takes inspiration from games like Assassin’s Creed, which is evident in the choice of colors and overall style.

This outfit is ideal for the traveling adventurer who cares about fashion.

Thanks to the color, you’ll look fantastic even after spilling several pints of blood on yourself.

Whether you’re a member of the Dark Brotherhood, a Nightingale, or just a vampire, this outfit should work like a charm.


4. Volkihar Knight

Volkihar Knight Skyrim mod

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Serana may have been locked away for centuries to protect her from her murderous father, but she’s still a high-ranking member of the Volkihar clan.

And she should have an outfit that reflects this.

The Volkihar Knight armor by Yamanotaka is ideal for a strong leader who’ll lead her clan in battle if push comes to shove.

It’s basically a heavily armored version of the outfit Serana is wearing when we first meet her, making this a lore-friendly upgrade.

After all, adventuring with the Dragonborn or fighting the Dawnguard requires a bit more protection than sitting around in a coffin hoping your dad doesn’t sacrifice you to Molag Bal.


5. Gwelda Vampire Outfit

Gwelda Vampire Outfit mod for Skyrim

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In our myths and legends, vampires can often sway the feeble human mind with a deep look into the victim’s eyes and a slight wave of the hand.

They’re seducers, and Serana should be no different.

Still, there’s no fun in seducing just through vampire powers.

The Gwelda Vampire Outfit by Deserter X is one of the best tools in any female vampire’s arsenal.

It’s sexy but delicate. It’s revealing, but not too much.

This dress makes you want to approach the wearer, willingly opening yourself to their charms – and making a vampire’s job much easier.


6. Black Sacrament Armor

Black Sacrament Armor Skyrim mod

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The Black Sacrament Armor by AmethystDeceiver was one of the most well-loved assassin outfits for Skyrim Legendary Edition, and it remains pretty popular in SSE.

It may be marketed toward assassins, but this skin-tight battlesuit seems perfect for a vampire too.

The full-body coverage should help protect Serana from the sun, allowing her to operate more comfortably outdoors.

There’s something about this outfit that gives me massive Mortal Kombat vibes. It looks an awful lot like Scarlet’s outfit in MK11, which is awfully appropriate considering she’s a blood sorcerer.

I love that you get a ton of colors and materials to choose from too, helping you customize Serana’s look.


7. Necromancer Robes

Necromancer Robes mod for Skyrim

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I’ve always loved the Western fantasy game idea of a dark sorceress.

Instead of an ugly twisted witch, our modern culture decided to turn female practitioners of the dark arts into sexy bombshells who intimidate their victims in more ways than one.

If you want Serana to distract your enemies with her looks while raising nearby zombies to tear them to pieces, you need these Necromancer Robes by Deserter X.

Details like the hagraven feathers on her shoulders, the tiny skulls hanging from her hip, and the massive pentagram necklace give the outfit a macabre edge.

Have her wear the leather blindfold, and things can get very dark indeed.


8. Lustmord Vampire Armor

Lustmord Vampire Armor Skyrim mod

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The Lustmord Vampire Armor by AmethystDeceiver is one of the most famous and versatile vampire-specific armors you’ll find in the modding scene.

Like most other vampire armors, there’s a lot of black fabric and leather involved.

In fact, one of my favorite parts about this outfit is the sheen coming from these leathery pieces.

Details like the garter pouch, the armored boots, and the optional cloak make this costume seem ideal for an adventuring vampire like Serana.


9. Crimson Blood Armor

Crimson Blood Armor mod for Skyrim

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Many players celebrate “realistic” outfits (like our previous entry) for straying from overused tropes and making our characters look more like people and less like superheroes or villains.

But there’s nothing wrong with a bit of villainy here and there – especially when you’re literally an immortal vampire.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear “Lady of Castle Volkihar” I picture leather, corsets, fishnets, spiky armor ornaments – anything that brings together great beauty with great danger.

The Crimson Blood Armor by Deserter X does that and more.

It’s as strong as Stahlrim Heavy armor, and it provides unique combat bonuses – and you’ll struggle to find something that makes Serana look more regal.


10. Another Vampire Leather Armor

Another Vampire Leather Armor Skyrim mod

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By far, my favorite armor for my favorite vampire follower is Another Vampire Leather Armor by RavenDier.

Other than the genius name, this armor set shines for making the wearer look just like a warring vampire noble – a very appropriate look for someone of Serana’s stature.

While definitely attractive, this armor set focuses on looking badass.

It’s better for Serana than any number of delicate dresses. Because as long as she’s my follower, we’re spending most of our time with a sword in hand and Raise Zombie on the other.

Of course, it’s also available for CBBE too.

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