Skyrim Mods For Shoes, Boots & Sneakers (Male + Female)

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Shoes – one of the most functional fashion items to exist.

They can be used everywhere in any climate or situation, and shoes are a staple in any game where customization is key.

And being among those games, Skyrim has plenty of shoe mods to offer up.

From lore-friendly sandals and boots, to modern-day heels and sneakers, this list has all the best fashionable footwear a wandering hero could ask for.

So start tanning your hides and smelting your iron, as you’ll be crafting up some of the coolest shoes to hit your save files.


1. Leather Sandals

Leather Sandals Mod For Skyrim

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Functional and fashionable even in the chilly climates of Skyrim, these leather sandals are a great fit for any build.

As well as being lore-friendly, these shoes are also craftable from the start – since they only require leather to make.

They look good (of course) and are available across all types of armor, so you can rock your glass or ebony and still be styling.

Sadly, this is a “no boys allowed” mod, as these sandals can only be applied to female models.

But fret not, gentlemen, you will have chances to flaunt those calves! Just keep scrolling and see what else we’ve got in store for you.


2. The One Shoe

The One Shoe / Skyrim Mod

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This mod is a combination pack of a variety of shoes created by Frankfranky over months of work.

The One Shoe offers models and designs for a variety of shoe styles from ankle boots and pumps to baby doll and myrtles.

Each unique shoe type comes in unique colors, and have blank textures in the files to edit with your own designs and colors. The shoes are all easy to obtain using simple commands in-game, so you can add them directly to your inventory.

And with the high quality of the models & this being an ongoing project, your wardrobe will only grow with time.


3. Argonian Skin Shoes

Argonian Skin Shoes For Skyrim

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Here’s a mod for the ones with more exotic tastes (as well as those with a desire to use the hide of neighboring lizardfolk).

This is a reskin for the bartender shoes in-game, giving them the texture of reptilian skin. And with reptiles being uncommon here, the source of such skin isn’t clear – until you glance over at the Argonians.

If you’re a big fan of the Argonian race, this mod isn’t recommended (or at least hide it from them!). But the shoe models themselves look nice, and they function for both genders.


4. Advanced Shoes

Advanced Shoes Mod For Skyrim

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Advanced Shoes for Skyrim offers a variety of heeled shoe styles to wear – and they offer genuine protection!

With the same armor stats as Daedric Armor, these shoes are certainly made for walking, with style to boot. They’re found in a chest near Riverwood, and these shoes come in 10 unique styles and colors that can be easily added to your collection.

And here’s the best part:

You can temper them!

Tempering the shoes doesn’t change them, but who would turn away fashionable shoes that offer superior protection?


5. Grimoa’s Plantigrade Feet

Grimoa’s Plantigrade Feet Mod For Skyrim

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We’ve got this pack for all you players that want shoes for the beast races of Skyrim, specifically shoes that fit their natural foot shapes!

This mod changes the feet on the beast races in the game, give the Argonians more reptilian feet, and the Khajiit more feline feet.

That’s already a lot of detail, right?

Well it also changes the models of different vanilla armor to fit with the new foot shapes.

Instead of squeezing these odd feet into humanoid boots, they now fit the plantigrade feet in the form of wraps and plating.

A new look to Skyrim’s feet – both in biology and fashion.


6. Fashion Suede Gloves and Boots

Fashion Suede Gloves and Boots / Skyrim Mod

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This mod adds colored and retextured models of farm gloves and merchant boots. Fairly simple, but sometimes it’s the little things that stand out the most.

Both sets of items have improved textures to look more suede then leathery, and they’re given bright splashes of color too.

These items are all craftable and can also be found in the clothing shop in Solitude.

Each item comes in 6 bold colors, but can be adjusted to reduce the saturation within the mod settings.

And these can be used for both male and female models too.


7. Simple Armored Boots

Simple Armored Boots For Skyrim

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If you aren’t a fan of how clunky the other vanilla boots look, well, now you can get much simpler boots with this mod.

Using the model of farmer boots, these can be made as light or heavy armor, and they’re craftable at any smithy.

They’re also temperable and can be enchanted, keeping them just as useful and versatile as any other boots in the game.

And for armored boots, these look great with most vanilla gear – and they look even better with a variety of other modded armor sets.

Either way, these are a functional addition to the wardrobe.


8. HDT High Heeled Boots

HDT High Heeled Boots / Skyrim Mod

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Custom heels for the girls of Skyrim that want some height with their vanilla armor sets.

This mod adds models that give females wearing any of the vanilla armor a fashionable heeled look that meshes well with each theme.

From heavy armor to light armor, there are models to cover all your options.

While showing a bit of leg has never been wise in the heat of combat, you can still flaunt those knee and thighs all day!

And they also add some height to the shorter races in Tamriel – just to give them a confidence boost.


9. Armonizer Armors Pack v3

Armonizer Armors Pack v3 / Skyrim Mod

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This mod adds new shoe models for both light and heavy armor options. And it’s a big pack!

Among the light boots are mostly reinforced leather and occupation-specific footwear, looking very lore-friendly.

The heavy boots are much the same, and even include heavy leather boots and metal-plated leathers.

All the new models look great – and they can all meld well with any of the vanilla armors on their own.

Plus with so many options your wardrobe will be bursting at the seams.


10. Digitigrade Beast Races

Digitigrade Beast Race Shoes / Skyrim Mod

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Here’s something for the ones that enjoyed the “new foot models” mod from Grimoa – but want fitting boot styles that work with vanilla textures.

This mod takes the vanilla boots of Skyrim and uses custom textures to make them fit better on the plantigrade foot style.

This allows the beast races to have functional boots instead of simply plates and wrappings.

And it works across all vanilla shoes, and for the shoes from DLC armor sets too.


11. Ata High Heels

Ata High Heels / Skyrim Mod

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These shoes are nice, functional, and craftable.

What more could you need?

These heels come in a whooping 14 different colors and can be created in any forge and tempered.

They’re showing plenty of skin, but they still provide the protection of whatever crafting materials you’re using. This even includes materials from DLCs as well.

I personally wouldn’t try hoofing across Skyrim in these myself… but for those that want fashion and armor working functionally together, this mod works. Also I doubt your character can get sore feet, right?

Just try not to break a heel while chasing after a dragon. That would be a mess.


12. Deer Hooves and Tail

Deer Hooves and Tail / Skyrim Mod

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Leaning more towards the aesthetic side, you can now embrace your inner deer with these boots.

The hooves + tail are considered light armor, and this modded boot set will give your character the look of being a genuine half deer.

The melding of the legs into the character model in nearly flawless.

So allow yourself to embrace your inner wild doe as you sprint across the snowy landscapes!

Just be careful to not have a hunter mistake for some mythical game to hunt down.


13. UGG Boots

UGG Boots For Skyrim

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This is a simple and straightforward mod – especially if your gal likes Pumpkin Spice season.

This mod allows you to add the fashion plague that is Ugg boots into Skyrim.

So now instead of comfy shoes, form-fitting boots, or armored greaves, you can run around in these fashion disasters.

The models are fairly accurate too, with only minor clipping issues with certain armor sets (only a few reported on the mod page).

Beyond that, these boots are exactly what you see in the title.

So if you truly wish to introduce Skyrim to this horribly viral footwear, the power and consequences are yours.


14. Converse Shoes

Converse Shoes Skyrim Mod

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While not totally lore-friendly, these comfy modern Converse shoes can help bring out your inner skater-punk.

Everyone knows what Converse is – and most of us have worn a pair at least once in our life.

And these iconic sneakers have now found their way into Skyrim!

Created only using linen wraps, these shoes come in 14 diverse colors, and can be reinforced to allow for utility.

They can also be bought from the armory in Whiterun!

Offering variety and ease of crafting, your character’s wardrobe can quickly take a step into the 21st century.


15. Vanilla Footwear For Better Males

Vanilla Footwear For Better Males / Skyrim Mod

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The vanilla footwear in Skyrim isn’t always perfect.

Textures don’t render correctly, lighting can look wrong, and a common victim of this is the male model.

No more!

This mod helps to correct those errors, specifically with all the vanilla boots in the game. It fills in the gaps left in textures, and adjusts the coloring and lighting to fit the shoes into the surrounding environment.

No more missing wedges of flesh or missing toes in open-toed shoes!

Now your men can walk freely without fear of looking like their feet were mangled due to rendering errors.


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