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I think one of the best things that changed between Skyrim and the former titles of Morrowind and Oblivion is that there are no more birth sign specializations.

Remember back in the day when you had to choose a single birth sign, and you were set with it for good? Yeah, that was extremely annoying. And I remember my teenage-self having to download a mod specifically designed to change the sign as the game went on.

Thankfully, that’s not an issue in Skyrim.

However, that does open up space to talk about another subject that kinda ended up replacing the birth signs: the standing stones.

There might not be any more birth signs around. But we still got the Standing Stones, which are basically birth signs on steroids because you get to swap them whenever you like. Just look for the standing stone that has a buff that you’d like, and bam – it’s done.

So let’s say you want some customized stones added into Skyrim. Where do you look? Well, this list should get you started!


10. Rudy HQ – Standing Stones

Rudy HQ – Standing Stones Mod

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This mod changes the appearance of the Standing Stones to give them a more Nordic shape.

But it also has a feeling that seems to combine their texture with something that would’ve been made by the ancient Dwemer.

It’s a new way to look at the statues, and one that you can get quickly accustomed to.


9. Requiem – Standing Stone Rebalance

Standing Stone Rebalance Mod for Skyrim

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This is the first of three Standing Stone effect-changing mods on my list. And even though it’s the simplest out of the three, it’s still a good one to try out.

This rebalances the effects of all the Standing Stones in the game. And it provides each stone with much better abilities, which leaves you with a decision to make: which stone would fit best with your current build?


8. Rustic Standing Stones

Rustic Standing Stones Visuals Mod

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Out of all the retexture mods that I came across (trust me, there are way too many for the Standing Stones), this has to be one of my favorites.

It changes the feel of all the stones and gives them a very rustic vibe. Which somehow does seem to fit them almost to perfection.

I’d say they look better than their vanilla counterparts!


7. Wall of Honor and Ysgramor Statue

Wall of Honor and Ysgramor Statue Preview

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This might not be one of the most complex mods that you’ll find in the Nexus. But the level of detail that it adds to the game is just too good to pass up.

It’s a fantastic mod to try if you’re as much of a fan of the Companions as I was.

I always felt that they never got enough credit for what they did, and this mod changes that. It adds a statue of Ysgramor and a wall that serves as a way to honor those Companions who have fallen, as they protected the people of Skyrim from peril.

It’s a small mod. But the wall itself can be interacted with, so that’s pretty cool.


6. Sweet Sovngarde Statue

Sweet Sovngarde Statue in Skyrim

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Are you looking to have those old Sovngarde statues look good?

Well with this mod, you now can!

It replaces the basic textures that come with vanilla Skyrim with HD reworks of them. They won’t lose their “classic” visual style, but the improved textures will make them look much better.


5. Statue of Alduin

Statue of Alduin Mod

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So, this one is a bit of a weird mod. But I like it.

It replaces the Thalos statue in Whiterun with an Alduin one. Why?

I’m not sure. Does it make sense? Not likely.

Does it look good? Oh, most definitely.


4. Better Standing Stones

Better Standing Stones Power Mod

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Better Standing Stones aims to rework the vanilla Standing Stones in the game, and I have to say that the creator did quite a good job.

Basically, it changes the effects of every stone and makes the most useful effects go away, all to be replaced by much better and more intricate abilities that are actually useful.

Let’s face it, fellas: there were many stone powers that we simply ignored.

How many stones did we check out once and then never visit again? Far too many, I say.

This mod is a solution to that problem. It makes every single statue useful in its own way.


3. Player Statue

Player Statue Mod for Skyrim

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A statue of your player model. Nice.

It doesn’t look particularly good, but I’m giving this mod an A for effort.

It’ll be constructed after you’ve liberated Skyrim from the clutches of evil.


2. Stunning Statues of Skyrim

Custom Statues update mod for Skyrim

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This mod does actual justice to the people who love the statues in Skyrim.

Every single statue in the game has been remade, and now looks completely new. This means HD textures to make them look as if they were shiny by nature.

None of the statues gets a new effect, though. They’re all the same. But with a better visual style to them.

Granted I know this is just a visual change, but the fact that the creator got to work with every single statue in the game and improved them just makes me want to rate it so high up on this list.

Sometimes small tweaks to vanilla can add up to a better experience. Especially as Skyrim ages more with every passing year.

But getting back onto standing stone features…


1. Andromeda – Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim

Unique Standing Stones Modded for Skyrim

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This is the best Standing Stone mod in the game, and it’s not even close.

This completely reworks the vanilla standing stones and adds two new effects per stone, which also lets you create countless new builds, all totally unique.

Not only that, but you’ll also get the chance to unlock new abilities after you’ve discovered all of the stones on the map.

Once everything has been explored, every stone will grant a unique new power that’ll help you get a boost like never before.

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