Best Standing Stones in Skyrim (All Ranked)

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No one knows where the Standing Stones came from. In fact, the smartest and most gifted scholars do not fully understand how they even work.

We do know they grant unprecedented abilities to special and brave people who dare touch them. The Standing Stones have been in the Northern region of Tamriel well over the time of recorded history.

What we also know about the stones is they are capable of unlocking the potential of certain individuals.

What makes an individual worthy of qualifying for these buffs, you may ask? Sadly we don’t know.

But thankfully you qualify for them and they will grant you the magical power they contain within.

Considering there are thirteen stones, you may wonder which stone is the best.

Though there are no straightforward answers other than some grant buffs that are useful in various situations. I have classified them according to which buffs seem most valuable for the average adventurer.

The stories they tell may be unknown, but the power each of these stones grants is enough for you to power through the most difficult of adventures.

Which of these powers will you harness, and what will you use it for?

13. The Warrior Stone

Warrior Stone in Skyrim

If you dare approach the stone that contains the constellation of The Warrior, you will be granted unprecedented strength.

Under the guidance of The Warrior, your combat skills will increase rapidly, with a 20% learning buff, and you will master the ability to fight faster and harder than any warrior in the land.

A good piece of advice would be to activate this stone’s power prior to smithing. This allows you to maximize the amount of skill you will gain from the task.

Use it wisely and become stronger than ever on a permanent basis!

12. The Tower Stone

Tower Stone Skyrim

The Tower Stone may not provide an immediate boost in your stats, but it is extremely effective in certain situations.

If you are a stealthy thief who is looking to open the most secretive doors, then you will want to give this buff a try.

You will be able to unlock expert level doors and chests without being a master lockpicker and the effect will last for a whole day.

Keep in mind, you may only pick a single lock before the magic runs out.

Be wise with your decision and make sure you put this buff to good use – you will need to wait a whole day before using it again.

11. The Thief Stone

Thief Stone Skyrim

Have you ever wondered how thieves can move stealthily? Are you looking to join the ranks of those who are friends with the shadows?

The Thief Stone will grant you the ability to earn stealth experience faster than anyone else, with a 20% buff to your skill gain for a whole day.

Be sure to use this stone before going on a stealth mission.

10. The Shadow Stone

Shadow Stone Skyrim

If you want to become one with the dark or simply move without being detected but are not a strong wizard nor proficient with the ancient arts of Illusion, the Shadow Stone is there for you.

The powers of this stone will allow you to become invisible for an entire 60 seconds, although the effect only lasts for one day.

Sounds neat, right?

Many players love to use this stone to help power them through difficult Dark Brotherhood or Thieves’ Guild missions. Put its powers to good use!

9. The Ritual Stone

Ritual Stone Skyrim

The Ritual Stone allows you to harness the power of conjuration magic once per day.

That means this stone will allow you to revive corpses around you and control them. Use them to help you fight against any foe standing in your way.

You can use this spell once per day, as every stone has its limitations.

But the right timing might allow you to take down the mightiest of enemies with the help of those who are no longer with us.

8. The Serpent Stone

Serpent Stone in Skyrim

If you’re a proficient wizard you may know one of the best spells of the School of Alteration is the mighty and fearsome Paralyze.

The Serpent Stone allows you to harness the venomous bite of a snake and create a similar effect of the Paralyze spell.

You will be able to poison an enemy for 25 points, as well as give them a 5-second paralysis in which they will not be able to escape from.

7. The Lady Stone

Lady Stone in Skyrim

The Lady Stone may be able to accompany you in a fight with her healing buff.

You will be able to regenerate your health 25% faster for a limited period of time, but you will only be able to do it once per day.

However, using this spell when walking into a room filled with enemies will allow you to slay them all worrying about your health.

You will also receive a 25% boost to your stamina regeneration, so if the only option you have left is to run, you will be able to count on the Lady Stone’s guidance to get you as far away from trouble as divinely possible.

6. The Mage Stone

Mage Stone in Skyrim

Similar to the Warrior Stone, the Mage Stone permits you to gain magical experience faster.

You will gain a 20% boost to your magical experience gain without batting an eye – you just need to place your faith in the powers of this stone and watch your magical prowess increase on its own.

If you are a mage or you simply want to learn some skills quicker than your peers, be sure to pay a visit to Riverwood and glance around for the presence of this mighty stone.

5. The Lord Stone

Lord Stone in Skyrim

Are you looking to head into a fight, but simply do not trust your own ability to win? Ask the Lord Stone for help and be prepared to fight even the mightiest of opponents.

You will gain an extra 50 points of damage resistance, plus a 25-point buff to your magical resistance. This will make your armor sturdier and your skin more powerful.

The Lord is one of the best stones in the game and it serves as a great companion to all sorts of travelers, regardless of their background.

4. The Lover Stone

Lover Stone in Skyrim

The Lover Stone may not grant you a buff as powerful as the Warrior or Mage stones, but it is more effective. And you will be able to use it regardless of who you are and why you are in Skyrim.

It grants all of your skills an extra 15% in experience gain rate, which means you will be able to level up quicker in a complete sense – not only in a specific skill.

This stone is relatively far away from civilization, as it stands on the outskirts of Markrath and near the mines where the Ogres often roam.

Be careful when trying to ask the Lover for their strength.

3. The Atronach Stone

Atronach Stone in Skyrim

The Atronach Stone is the best stone if you are looking to face a handful of powerful wizards.

It hampers your magicka regeneration for a staggering 50%, but it grants you the ability to stand stronger against magical attacks of all kinds.

It gives you 50 extra points of magicka and allows you to absorb 50% of the magicka that hits you.

You will be sacrificing natural magicka regen and trading it for a more tank-y approach, which can prove to be quite useful when going up against a dozen of foes at once.

2. The Steed Stone

Steed Stone in Skyrim

The Steed Stone is a great companion for those who need to loot quickly in a short period of time and they simply cannot carry all the weight on their own back.

The Steed allow you to carry an extra 100 points of weight while also removing the weight of your armor for an entire day – you will be able to move as nimble as possible and carry more than you naturally are capable of doing.

It is an amazing buff and definitely one of the best any of the stones can give you.

1. The Apprentice Stone

Apprentice Stone Skyrim

The Apprentice Stone is an all-out stone that will give you a 100% boost to your magicka regeneration.

However, you will be sacrificing your ability to resist magic as a consequence of it. Just for the time while this is in effect.

It is a scary trade, but it can pay off if you are not facing any wizards.

It will take its toll if you want to fight against mages, though, so be sure to not resort to the use of this stone unless you are certain of what you’re coming up against.

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