The Best Tropical Skyrim Mods For Fun In The Sun

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Skyrim is such a great game that you could play it for hundreds of hours without getting bored.

But after enough playtime, you start noticing how boring the default setting is.

Maybe you’ve even realized that the time has come for a change of scenery!

And with the following mods, you’ll be able to change the land of Skyrim into a luscious, beautiful tropical land – where the sun never stops shining and people never stop partying.


6. Tropical Equipment – Less Armor More Shields

Less Armor More Shields Skyrim Mod

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Before we start turning Skyrim into a Tropical experience, we must first take care of its inhabitants.

You don’t’ want them to face hot climate dressed in all that armor, do you?

This custom Tropical Equipment mod adds visible equipment changes for Bandits, Imperial Soldiers, and Stormcloak Soldiers. Now they can survive the intense heat of the tropics with some lighter outfits.

But they still can’t survive an arrow to the knee!


5. Tropical Islands Reloaded

Tropical Islands Reloaded Mod for Skyrim

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Want to take a nice relaxing vacation to a tropical isle, but lacking the funds to do so?

No worries: we got you covered with the Tropical Islands Reloaded mod.

This turns the world of Skyrim into a beautiful island paradise including breathtaking scenery, clear skies, blue seas, and even a Dwarven ruin. You know, in case you really can’t live a second of your life without adventuring.

This mod is a little light in terms of gameplay content, so it’s moreso for the atmosphere.

But if you’re looking to take some nice screenshots, this is the one you wanna install.


4. Tropical Skyrim – More Textures

More Textures Tropical Skyrim Mod

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No ‘Tropical Skyrim’ playthrough is complete without these extra textures.

This mod is a truly essential download if you’re looking into overhauling the whole game with a new setting.

It includes custom textures for Steel Arrows, Bard’s Tools, Forsworn Armor, and Conquistador Armor that make these items feel better suited for a breezy tropical setting.

Definitely not a comprehensive pack – but still a very good choice for your new exotic location.


3. Project Rainforest

Project Rainforest Preview for Skyrim

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There are some Skyrim mods out there that are way more than just simple mods.

They’re so big that they would rightly deserve to be called expansions.

Project Rainforest is definitely among them.

This mod is a complete overhaul that turns Tamriel, Dawnguard HQ, Falmer Valley, and parts of Solstheim into a tropical rainforest – complete with unique climate change, customized ambient sounds, and lots of other little tweaks.

And here’s the funny part: the game’s actual content isn’t touched at all.

So you should consider this mod as a starting point for your tropical dive into Skyrim.


2. Whiterun Paradise City

Whiterun Paradise City Mod for Skyrim

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Despite being so amazing, mods aren’t always perfect.

And sometimes, other modders take the time to fix those issues.

Ah, the power of the community!

Whiterun Paradise City improves the way the city looks in the Tropical Skyrim Enhanced mod (which I’ll mention next!)

So this add-on makes it look more like a proper luscious tropical city with new trees, flora, improved lighting, multiple insect spawn points, and more.

But here’s the real blue ribbon winner for this category…


1. Tropical Skyrim Enhanced

Tropical Skyrim Enhanced Mod Preview

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Truly the best environmental alteration mod ever made for Skyrim.

And that’s not a small feat at all, considering how many mods have been created for Skyrim since its release!

Tropical Skyrim Enhanced is an improved version of the original Tropical Skyrim mod, bringing the same amazing enhancements the original mod offered, alongside some amazing new features.

These new features include new LOD that makes the scenery look glorious, plus new textures and lots of recolors, new plant models, and a hundred other changes.

Check the mod description for more, but suffice to say this mod is basically the epitome of “Skyrim in paradise”.

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