Skyrim: Best Two-Handed Weapon Mods To Download

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Skyrim offers adventurers all the tools they need to survive the dangers lurking across the land.

But we’re not just adventurers. We’re demanding adventurers, and the vanilla weapons are not enough for us.

If you belong to this exclusive club of mod-loving adventurers, and if you’re looking for more two-handed blunt objects to smack things, well you’ve come to the right place.

These mods will be more than enough to satisfy all your needs of havoc and mayhem.


8. Immersive Weapons

Immersive Weapons Mod Preview for Skyrim

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Immersive Weapons is a very old mod, but you should know after playing Skyrim that there’s power in what comes from times long ago.

This pack introduces tons of different weapons that are meant to make the whole experience more immersive, while still respecting the lore.

Textures do show their age here, so the pack does feel a little dated.

But how a weapon looks should matter very little when you’re beheading bandits and evil creatures!


7. The Chair

Chair Weapon Mod for Skyrim

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If you’re looking to get into an old-fashioned tavern brawl, then a chair seems like the right choice.

This mod is not just another two-handed weapon in Skyrim.

It could possibly become the two-handed weapon you use to save the world. I mean, probably not but you know.

The basic version doesn’t do much damage, but the OP version deals exactly 737 points of damage per swing.

Getting beat down by a chair: now that’s what I call true humiliation.


6. Vigilant

Vigilant Equipment - Modded Sword for Skyrim

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A weapon mod that also includes an expanded and engaging quest?

Where do I sign?

Vigilant introduces tons of new equipment, including some pretty cool-looking weapons. But it also adds a new quest that has been masterfully crafted to blend into the game.

Sure, you need to put some effort in to get the new weapons here. But isn’t this what makes RPGs so much fun?


5. Zweihander

Zweihander Animations Weapons Mod - Skyrim

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Skyrim isn’t exactly known for its buttery-smooth animations.

But that’s nothing a healthy dose of modding can’t fix!

Zweihander does an amazing job at improving most of the two-handed weapon animations like idle, equip, block, turn, and walking movements.

Attacking animations are left untouched here (and maybe you can try some different mods for that).

But really, who’s going to notice a stiff animation in the heat of battle?


4. Witcher Style Sword Pack

Witcher Sword Mods for Skyrim

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Toss a coin to your Dragonborn, o’ valley of plenty, o’ valley of plenty, wo ho ho!

Sorry, I had to.

This Witcher Style Sword Pack is a massive weapon pack that introduces a whopping 102 craftable Witcher swords, 51 of them steel, 51 of them silver.

Because you know, steel is for humans, silver is for monsters.

And this crossover just fits so nicely, too.


3. Artifacts – The Tournament of The Ten Bloods

Tournament of The Ten Bloods Mod

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Don’t you just love when you get more than you bargained for?

The Tournament of Ten Bloods is a finely crafted mod that introduces not only different weapons (including a few very nice two-handed weapons) but also new quests that must be completed to obtain those weapons.

And no effort is too big to get such beautiful models adorned with high-resolution textures.


2. Artifacts – The Breton Paladin

Breton Paladin Mod for Skyrim

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Cosplaying is serious business.

Especially if you have to fight darkness and save the world from destruction with your new costume.

The Breton Paladin pack introduces not just an extremely nice two-handed weapon, but also a full Paladin armor set that will let you become the holy knight that Skyrim may not exactly deserve, but none the less desperately needs.

It’s a pretty boss setup, not gonna lie.


1. Artifacts – The Ice Blade of the Monarch

Ice Blade of the Monarch Weapon Mod for Skyrim

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Remember the time when the Ice Blade of the Monarch was the most sought after weapon in The Elder Scrolls series? I do.

But it’s time to stop remembering the good old days, and start living in the present… By bringing those good old days back!

The Ice Blade of the Monarch gives you the iconic weapon from Morrowind in all of its icy glory.

Sorry, I meant in all of its 4K high-quality glory.

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