The Best Vampire Lord Mods For Skyrim (All Free)

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Becoming a vampire in Skyrim isn’t hard.

Just get your life energy sucked out by a vampire, and there’s a fair chance you’ll contract Sanguinare Vampiris and begin your dark journey.

Then if you really want to reach the apex of vampirism, you’ll need to become a Vampire Lord – only possible if you’ve been given the blood of a pure vampire or turned by Molag Bal himself.

These menacing beasts represent the highest ideals of vampire culture: strength and power. They dominate melee combat with iron-hard talons and practice blood magic to frightening results.

But how do you keep growing once you’ve reached Vampire Lord supremacy?

With mods, of course!


1. Dragon Priest Armor for Vampire Lords

Dragon Priest Armor for Vampire Lords mod for Skyrim

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Vampire Lords are some of the most durable and intimidating creatures in TES V.

Still, even if I was a superhuman vampire beast with iron skin, I’d definitely appreciate a little extra protection.

Set yourself apart from the average Vampire Lord with Sam04956’s Dragon Priest Armor – a bad-ass exoskeleton that’ll strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Fighting a Vampire Lord is bad enough – but a dragon-worshipping warlock vampire lord? Talk about a hopeless match-up.


2. Supreme Vampire Lords

Supreme Vampire Lords Skyrim mod

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One thing that’s not so intimidating about vanilla Vampire Lords is their teeny-tiny wings.

I guess Bethesda devs wanted to match the proportions of regular human arms, but it ends up looking a bit ridiculous.

They’re clearly not flapping them to fly, so why do you even need these?

Rougeshot’s Supreme Vampire Lords mod dramatically improves the situation by enlarging these mutated appendages to double their original size.

It also fixes some clipping issues in the Vampire Lord’s flying animation.


3. Simply Bigger Vampire Lord Wings

Simply Bigger Vampire Lord Wings mod for Skyrim

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We’ve got a few ways to fix the glaring design inconsistencies of the Vampire Lord.

Just as you can enlarge their “wings,” you can make them into more realistic, functional flying limbs.

By imitating a more traditional batwing shape, this mod makes Vampire Lords more visually appealing and believable. Now, the wings actually look like they serve a function.

Creator Zoniyqk88 based these large Vampire Lord wings on a previous Legendary Edition mod, which you’ll also need for this add-on to work correctly.


4. Humanoid Vampire Lords

Humanoid Vampire Lords Skyrim mod

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Those who like to think of vampires as beautiful & ethereal individuals (rather than grizzly monsters) will appreciate Adohleas’ Humanoid Vampire Lords.

As the name suggests, this nifty add-on lets you keep your human form during your Vampire Lord transformation.

You can also set specific armor and accessories to be equipped whenever you transform, giving you complete control over your beast mode.

This mod is a god-send after you’ve spent so long making the perfect Dragonborn in character creation.


5. Vampire Lords can Fly

Vampire Lords can Fly mod for Skyrim

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Vanilla vampire lords prefer to hover rather than walk – but can they fly?

Well, no. I mean, it’s kind of obvious once you look at the vanilla wings.

It’s underwhelming to go through a painful transformation into an ugly blood-sucking beast with two raggedy stumps on your back only to find out you can’t soar the night sky with your “wings.”

This mod by JaySerpa will save you from the depths of despair by enabling Vampire Lords to fly around without a care in the world. Just watch out for arrows!


6. Vampire Lord Serana

Vampire Lord Serana Skyrim mod

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Being one of the purest and most powerful vampires in the Volkihar Clan, it’s weird that Serana doesn’t transform into a Vampire Lord.

I mean, what’s the point in renouncing the sun and the company of good people if you’re not vying for ultimate power?

This mod by Borgut1337 helps Serana break the glass ceiling and become a full-fledged Vampire Lord, mauling everyone silly enough to turn their blades toward her and the Dragonborn.

Note: we also have a collection of mods dedicated to Serana, so if you want more customization options we’ve got you covered.


7. Vampire Lord Expansion – Mihail Monsters & Animals

Vampire Lord Expansion – Mihail Monsters & Animals mod for Skyrim

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Transforming into a Vampire Lord is only half of the story.

As a member of the Dawnguard or any non-vampire adventurer, you’ll also have to fight a ton of vampires, and it’s only fair that they’d have some Vampire Lords of their own.

The Vampire Lord Expansion to Mihail’s Monsters and Animals series brings five new Vampire Lord variants to the world, including a skeletal lich and brutish vampire hulks.

These new Vampire Lord enemies have novel spells, and a unique AI that’ll use their abilities to the fullest.

You’ll find them ruling over vampire lairs and dungeons.


8. Royal Bloodline – Vampire Lord Perk Tree

Royal Bloodline – Vampire Lord Perk Tree Skyrim mod

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If you really want to lean into the Vampire Lord fantasy and use the transformation as your primary source of power in combat, you’ll need vampire powers that grow with you as you level up.

The Royal Bloodline add-on by Xyks & Tx12001 greatly expands your vampiric development options with a slew of new perks to strengthen your Vampire Lord transformation.

Some of the best include Sharpened Talons, which increases your melee damage and critical strike, and Sanguine Perfection, which empowers your blood magic.

You can even get an Eclipse skill that darkens the sun for 60 seconds, allowing you to operate at increased power for a bit.

And that’s only the tip of the occult iceberg!

There’s plenty to discover in Royal Bloodline, so if you like Vampire Lord combat, you have to check it out.

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