Top 10 Best Werewolf Mods To Add Into Skyrim

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Being a werewolf in Skyrim can be extremely cool. But at the same time, it sometimes feels like it could be better.

There are just some things that feel a bit off when it comes to the perks and skill tree itself, and even the werewolf form feels like it could use a couple of improvements here and there.

As such I’ve made the decision to compile a big list of werewolf mods that will truly make you feel like a servant of the full moon.

Most of these mods are compatible with one another, but I would advise you to not try two overhauls at the same time, as those could bug out from time to time.

Tales of Lycanthropy is a great mod, but if you’re looking for the best overhaul out there stick to Moonlight Tales. You’ll see what I’m talking about once you finish reading this list.

10. Bloodmoon Rising – Moonlight Tales

Bloodmoon Rising mod

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This is a standalone mod, but it does work much better if you have Moonlight Tales installed.

This mod is mainly made to offer players who enjoy a challenge (read: those who play in Master difficulty or higher) an even bigger challenge than the base game can offer them.

However it also improves survivability in higher difficulties, making the game feel better and not as frustrating.

The mod works with any other mod that doesn’t mess with the skill tree and does a fantastic job complementing the Moonlight Tales mod.


9. Be Both Vampire and Werewolf

Vampire and Werewolf mod

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Alright, hear me out on this: how cool would it be if we could be a true servant of the night by becoming both a vampire and a werewolf at the same time?

I know that the name of the mod already spoiled the surprise, but that’s exactly what you can do with this bad boy.

This mod allows you to be both vampire and werewolf. But you can’t turn at the same time.

There was another mod that allowed you to be a weird hybrid creature that mixed the features of werewolves and vampires in one single entity, but it just looked too weird for my taste.


8. Underworld Dawnguard – Vampire and Werewolf Eyes

Underworld Dawnguard mod

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Is it just me, or do the eyes of characters in Underworld look extremely cool?

Well it clearly isn’t just me because someone had the idea of creating a mod that changed the way eyes look to make them exactly like those in the movies.

Needless to say, they look absolutely cool. If you’re looking to change the way your werewolf looks, then take quick glance at this freebie.


7. Tales of Lycanthropy

Tales of Lycanthropy mod

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Tales of Lycanthropy is the first overhaul mod on my list.

It brings back the werewolf disease from Morrowind and makes the addition of new transformations, as well as customization settings that are easy to tweak even for the least tech-savvy of players.

A great mod that enhances your werewolf experience by providing you with plenty more choices than the vanilla game!


6. Werewolf Revert Form

Werewolf Revert Form mod

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The main issue with being a werewolf is that you’re never in true control of your actions.

Turning back into a human would be a gamechanger, and it would make you feel like a much more powerful being of the night.

This mod allows just that and it requires no other additions to the game to work properly.


5. Werewolf Perks Expanded

Werewolf Perks Expanded mod

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Alright, this one fixes one of my main gripes with werewolves in Skyrim. So it’s getting a good spot on my list!

Werewolves seem to have little to no useful perks in the game and this mod reworks the skill tree to fix this issue.

It makes werewolf perks super useful! It also adds one of my favorite perks as well – ignore armor!

Hacking and slashing has never been as fun (and useful) as it is with this mod installed.


4. Werewolf Mastery

Werewolf Mastery mod for Skyrim

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This mod allows you to tweak how powerful werewolves are in the game.

If you’ve been playing for a while and your character is already leveled up to anything over level 50, you’re going to struggle to find use in becoming a werewolf.

Well this mod allows you to make your night-dweller abilities much better and enhance the overall feel of being a werewolf in the game.


3. Predator Vision

Predator Vision Skyrim

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This fantastic and immersive mod allows you to see exactly like a werewolf should.

Track your enemies regardless of the level of lighting and track prey however you want.

The Predator Vision mod allows you to feel like a true hunter or, should I rather say manhunter, in Skyrim.

You will not only see the silhouettes of your enemies. But you’ll also be able to see clearly in the night.


2. Heart of the Beast

Heart of the Beast mod

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If you’re getting this mod, you don’t really need the Underworld eye changer.

This one’s going to do the whole rework job for you. Heart of the Beast makes werewolves sound like truly frightening creatures and changes the textures of the fur as well as all relevant parts of the skin, making werewolves feel much more “realistic”.

This might not change anything related to gameplay, but if you’re looking for immersion then good luck finding anything better than Heart of the Beast.


1. Moonlight Tales

Moonlight Tales mod

Check Out This Mod

An overhaul mod that adds a full list of new features to the game, including the ability to become a werebear and even have werewolf companions.

A must-have mod for every werewolf fan out there.

The skin of each werewolf will feel more unique and better-lookin. Aand you’ll even have new options if you wish to seek a cure (why would you? Traitor).
In any case, Moonlight Tales is by far the best werewolf mod in Skyrim in my opinion.

Immersion is guaranteed thanks in part to the uniqueness that it adds to the game.

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