Where Do You Get Jazbay Grapes in Skyrim? (Best Locations)

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You can find lots of Jazbay Grapes in the volcanic area south of Windhelm, and there’s a lot of Jazbay plants growing here. You’ll also find these growing along the road in this area too.

More specifically, the areas where Jazbay plants can be found in large numbers are:

  • Steamcrag Camp
  • Witchmist Grove
  • Eldergleam Sanctuary
  • Atronach Stone

Just like most plants in the game, they take 10 days to respawn after being harvested.

Alchemy merchants like Arcadia in Whiterun have a 21% chance of carrying 1-4 pieces of them too, so it’s better to find them in the wild where they grow in large numbers.

A Jazbay plant growing near a hot spring / Skyrim

This volcanic area with hot springs is the only place in Skyrim where you can find Jazbay Plants to harvest. Look for a small leafy plant that grows close to the ground with small purple-colored fruits.

You can also follow the road from Kynesgrove to the southeast and search for them along the road.

There are also numerous hot springs in the area, which are also good spots to look for Jazbay Grapes.

Just be mindful of the giants roaming the area, and the dragon in Bonestrewn Crest in the middle of the valley. The more fights you can avoid, the better.

Jazbay grapes growing near Eldergleam Sanctuary / Skyrim

You can also look around other points of interest in this area for some grapes.

The Jazbay plants can be found growing alongside other alchemical ingredients, such as Dragon’s Tongue and Creep Clusters. All of these items are pretty abundant in this area.

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