Where Do You Get Juniper Berries in Skyrim?

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You can find Juniper Berries from small trees growing in the Reach, the western part of Skyrim. They are native to the area – and some more specific places where you can find lots of Juniper trees are Dushnikh Yal, Valthume, and in the village of Karthwasten.

You can also check your local alchemy shop every now and then.

These berries are a common ingredient, meaning that alchemy merchants have a 36% chance of carrying 1-5 pieces of Juniper Berries.

They have the alchemical effects of Weakness to Fire, Fortify Marksman, Regenerate Health and Damage Stamina Regen.

A Juniper tree in Skyrim

Juniper trees are small trees with green leaves and have light blue berries.

These can be found all over Skyrim, but they grow in great numbers in the Reach.

These trees can be found in the mountains, along the road, and along the big river that runs across the Reach.

If you’re not quite sure what these look like, just reference the image above as a guide.


Dushnikh Yal

Juniper plants growing outside Dushnikh Yal / Skyrim

One location you can try is Dushnikh Yal – an orc stronghold that’s southeast of the city of Markarth.

If you look around then you can find lots of Juniper plants growing around this area.

More specifically, 58 plants in total can be found here, growing just outside the stronghold and along the dirt paths.



Nordic ruin of Valthume / Skyrim

Valthume is a Nordic ruin area that’s also found southeast of Markarth, and east of Dushnikh Yal.

A total of 57 plants with Juniper Berries can be found around the ruins.



The village of Karthwasten / Skyrim

Karthwasten is a mining community found in the Reach.

49 Juniper plants can be found growing in and around the village.

There’s actually a path to the west leading to the mountains, and if you follow that path you can also find Juniper plants growing all around that area as well.

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