Where Do You Get Snowberries in Skyrim? (Farming Spots + Uses)

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You can get Snowberries by harvesting any Snowberry plant that grows in cold and snowy areas of Skyrim.

Many of these plants grow in the snowy areas between Solitude and Winterhold.

But more specifically, Dawnstar and Nightgate Inn have lots of Snowberry plants, and those spots are generally the best locations to farm lots of these berries.

Snowberry plants / Skyrim

The snowberry plant is very easy to spot.

It’s just a small bush with lots of red berries.

And harvesting one snowberry plant will only yield a single sample of snowberries, despite the plants themselves looking like they contain a lot of berries. But hey, that’s Skyrim.

Let’s now look in more detail at some of the better spots to pick up these berries.


Best Farming Spots

Snowberry plants near Fort Dunstad / Skyrim

If you follow the road from Dawnstar to Windhelm, you’ll find lots of Snowberries growing on the side of the road.

There are several points of interests along this road, such as:

  • Windward Ruins
  • Weynon Stones
  • Fort Dunstad
  • Silverdrift Lair

Just search around these places and you’ll have lots of Snowberries in no time.

Snowberry plants in Nightgate Inn / Skyrim

If you continue to follow the road leading to Windhelm, you’ll reach Nightgate Inn where lots of snowberries can be harvested as well.

There are over twenty Snowberry plants growing around this inn, so just fan out and check around the exterior.

Other places where lots of Snowberries can be harvested include:

  • Winterhold
  • College of Winterhold
  • Driftshade Refuge
  • Pale Imperial Camp
  • Forsaken Cave
  • Brandy-Mug Farm in Windhelm

You can also find lots of these plants in the southern part of Skyrim, particularly in the snowy areas near Falkreath and on the path to High Hrothgar.

Alchemy merchants can also sell these berries, so make sure to check them out occasionally.

Also, sometimes the apothecary satchels that you can find in dungeons may contain snowberries. But this isn’t exactly the best method for farming them.


Using Snowberries in Alchemy

Player using Snowberries in alchemy for Potion of Resist Frost / Skyrim

Snowberries are the only ingredient with all elemental resist effects.

Specifically, this ingredient offers Resist Fire, Resist Frost, Resist Shock, and Fortify Enchanting effects.

You can’t craft a potion that contains all three elemental resist effects, though.

For practical uses, you might combine Snowberries with Dragon’s Tongue to make a Resist Fire Potion.

Or using these berries with a Purple Mountain Flower will make a Resist Frost Potion.

And a Resist Shock Potion can be made if you combine the berries with Glowing Mushrooms.

Alternatively, you can try making a Fortify Enchanting potion by combining Snowberries with a Blue Butterfly Wing.

Potion of Resist Fire in Inventory / Skyrim

There’s a lot you can make with these little red berries, so they’re certainly worth farming if you have the time.

And Snowberries are a pretty common ingredient too.

So you can easily level up your alchemy skill and gain some gold by selling the potions you make.

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