Where Do You Farm Wolf Pelts in Skyrim?

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Wolf Pelts can be looted from wolves that are found all over Skyrim. These pelts can also be bought from vendors in the cities and hunters found in the wilds.

But hunting wolves in the wild is the best way to get their pelts, because they can be found almost everywhere.

They can be found alone or in packs roaming the forests, in the tundra, inside caves and mines, and even in the cold parts of northern Skyrim.

Some areas like Cragslane Cavern and Faldar’s Tooth also have Pit Wolves, which also drop Wolf Pelts.


Farming in the Wilds

Wolves encountered on the way to Whiterun / Skyrim

Wolves can be encountered early after leaving Helgen at the start of the game.

3 wolves can be found on the side the road near Embershard Mine, and they will attack when you get close. They can be a challenge even at low levels, as they attack simultaneously.

Early on you can also encounter 2-3 wolves on the road from Riverwood to Whiterun, and on the mountain path leading to Bleak Falls Barrow from the Riverwood bridge.

Ice Wolf dropping Ice Wolf Pelt / Skyrim

On the snowy parts around near Winterhold, wolves can also be found roaming the mountains.

Ice Wolves can also appear, and they drop Ice Wolf Pelts. These are the same as the regular wolf pelts, just with a different color.

You can also travel along the coast north of Winterhold to find lots of wolves there too.

Wolves attacking in a pack of 3 / Skyrim

Wolves in Captivity

Pit Wolves outside Cragslane Cavern / Skyrim

Cragslane Cavern can be found north of Shor’s Stone.

Outside the cave you can find two Pit Wolves locked in cages, and they also have Wolf Pelts.

Inside the cave there’s 4 more Pit Wolves you can farm for pelts. Bandits and gamblers also appear in the area so keep that in mind.


Faldar’s Tooth

Wolves found in cages in Faldar’s Tooth / Skyrim

Located to the west of Riften, Faldar’s Tooth also contain lots of Pit Wolves locked in cages.

If you approach the area, the bandits will release 2 wolves to attack you.

Inside the fort you also can find Pit Wolves locked in cages. A central arena is also located around here, where some dead wolves can be found and looted.

Lots of bandits are also camping inside the fort.

Close-up screenshot of a wolf in Skyrim / Skyrim

Wolves become less of a nuisance when you level up, so farming Wolf Pelts will be easier over time.

They can inflict you with Rockjoint disease though, which reduces the damage you deal with melee weapons by up to 75% less if it progresses to Severe Rockjoint. Visit a shrine or drink a Cure Disease Potion to cure it.

It’s also worth noting that leather can be produced by tanning wolf pelts.

And this leather can be crafted in to several armor pieces like Fur Armor, Leather Armor, and Studded Armor.

Wolf Pelt in Inventory / Skyrim
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