Top 15 Slowest Pokémon From All Regions

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It’s pretty obvious that Pokémon abilities are determined by their stats.

Each stat is important in building a strong Pokémon, but they can still be useful even if one of their stats is incredibly low. In this case I’m talking about the snails of the group: the slowest creatures you’ll ever see in any region of these games.

And these 15 Pokémon prove that despite being super slow and falling behind their comrades, they are still able to hold their own in battle.

15. Wooper

Wooper pokemon

Wooper might look like the type of Pokémon that needs some speedy swimming skills to get around, but this isn’t the case.

Woopers have a speed of only 15 by default, meaning they’re unlikely to ever utilize what little momentum they have in them.

Also worth noting that Woopers tend to keep themselves buried in the mud at the bottom of any cold-water mass, so it’s not very surprising that they maintain this desire to stay still while in battle.


14. Pineco

Cute pineco in pine trees

Pineco has no real limbs. Sorry little guy, but it’s no real shock that a Pineco doesn’t have the fastest speeds in the game.

Pineco will hang from tree branches and wait for insects to approach, so they have no real use for speed in their natural environment.

They make up for their lack of speed with a strong defense stat of 90 as they make their protective shell thicker by continually adding more tree bark.


13. Silcoon

Silcoon pokemon cast

Silcoon is the necessary cocoon that occurs during the evolution of a Wurmple into a Beautifly.

These Pokémon do not last long as evolution takes just three levels to complete.

During this time Silcoon will reside in tree branches and covers themselves in silk, which is used to repel enemies.

This resting period helps conserve energy and so movement is unimportant for them. Their big eyes allow them to keep a vigilant watch for any predators, where they can use their moderate defense stat to protect themselves. But it’s all worth it to one day become an amazing Beautifly.


12. Cascoon

Cascoon angry pokemon

Like Silcoon, Cascoon acts as a cocoon for Wurmple, but will only evolve into Dustox.

Movement will only risk the evolution process so even in battle, Cascoon will not move at all. Even despite being attacked!

Because the risk of attack is so great, this creature will often hide underneath large leaves and foliage and use the leaves around them as added camouflage.

Both of these cocoon Pokémon lose their slow movement when they grow into their respective evolutions, but these guys could not get there without the dedication to slow living from Cascoon and Silcoon.


11. Roggenrola

Roggenrola pokemon closeup

Roggenrola have bodies that are hard as steel as they were compressed underground and given little chance of movement.

Though they have feet for mobility, they are not used to picking up any faster speeds. So much like Wooper, these guys only have a speed statistic of 15.

They do, however, have excellent hearing. This is used to keep an ear out for anyone who might wish to attack.

While they may be useful in battle, do not expect them to attack first.


10. Foongus

Foongus mushroom pokemon

Foongus will use their unique Pokéball-looking head to lure people, prey, and fellow Pokémon towards them in grassy areas.

Because they have the ability to lure others towards them, they never had a need for movement. And as such have one of the lowest speed stats of any Pokémon.

These cute little mushrooms will hop or roll if movement is needed, but rarely do they ever have to book it during a 5K.


9. Morelull

Morelull pokemon new anime

Morelull shares the same fungi traits as Foongus but tends to move more often as to not deplete the nutrients of plants around them.

They use a minimal amount of nutrients at night and then spend the rest of the time slowly finding a new place to reside where there’s access to more food.

Though their roots may look like feet, they are used to rooting into the ground while moving which is a painstakingly slow process.

Despite having more experience changing locations, Morelull shares the same slow speed as Foongus.

One benefit here is that they’ll release spores from the tops of their heads when in danger, so their mobility is not as necessary in battle.


8. Sandygast

Sandygast pokemon sand castle

The bodies of Sandygast are made from the sand castles of beach-goers that were not destroyed.

Because they can only reside in the sand, Sandygast have no recorded need or ability for movement.

They manage to build up a reputation as being powerful despite their lack of mobility.

Alolan Sandygast are considered so frightening that sticking a hand through one’s mouth is considered a courageous act to prove that you have no fear. Which kinda makes me wonder if speed is really a necessary statistic to have when intimidating your enemies.


7. Stakataka

Stakataka large legendary pokemon

These crazy looking Pokémon are considered an Ultra Beast, and they are some of the heaviest Pokémon out there.

Because of their Ultra Beast status they are able to travel to places through wormholes instead of relying on their own physical movement.

Their massive weight explains why they do not need to utilize speed to remain powerful, as they tend to remain motionless for most of the time. Stakataka will shake their entire body if something is on top of them, but they still hold a mere 13 speed stat to start.


6. Trapinch

Trapinch pokemon from anime

Trapinch builds nests in the sand where it waits for prey to enter, and so little effort is needed for them to find food.

They can go over a week with no water and so they are happy to stay in their nests for long periods of time, with a propensity for little movement.

Their speed is pretty low with a stat of 10 despite their evolution, Vibrava, having an impressive speed of 70.

While many of the slowest Pokémon have high defense stats to compensate for their slowness, Trapinch does not. Although they do have a moderate attack stat to help them out in battle which is a nice plus.


5. Bonsly

Bonsly hiding behind rock

Bonsly are known for staying in the same place for long periods of time using their resemblance to a bonsai tree as a means of camouflage.

They have developed an impressive defense statistic as their desire to remain in once place can cause trouble when in warmer environments where they may not be able to hide as well.

Even after evolving into Sudowoodo they will continue to camouflage as much as possible and keep close to trees so they are not seen.


4. Ferroseed

Ferroseed ready to fight

Ferroseed have pointy thorns around their bodies to protect them from any predators. One poke and you’ll quickly learn to leave Ferroseed alone.

They’re often found attached to cave walls where they use their spikes to absorb minerals, and so no movement is needed to survive for these guys.

When necessary, Ferroseed will shoot spikes to distract their enemies and give them the opportunity to slowly roll away. Which is made more difficult by their protruding spikes. But hey, that’s why you probably want one of these guys on your team.


3. Pyukumuku

Pyukumuku pokemon anime

Pyukumuku will spend some time traveling in search of a comfortable spot, but once that spot is found they will try to stay there forever. Even coming back to it when moved if possible.

Even after they have used up all resources in their favourite spot, they will let themselves starve because they don’t want to move. Note this design is based on a sea cucumber so it kinda makes sense.

When washed up on shore, beach-goers will throw Pyukumuku back to the sea giving them a chance to avoid starvation and get back to their natural habitat.


2. Shuckle

Shuckle peeking out of shell

If you imagine a turtle moving about slowly, you are probably envisioning the same speed as a Shuckle.

Shuckle can store berries inside of their shells which turn into nutritious liquids, and so have little need to forage for food.

Shuckle also tend to be shy in personality and will hide out amongst rocky areas, only coming out when absolutely necessary.

This was a close call between Shuckle or Slowpoke but you’d be surprised to learn that Slowpoke, actually ain’t so slow. I mean, compared to a sand castle and a sea cucumber.


1. Munchlax

Munchlax on top of Team Rocket

Munchlax coming in at #1 on our list is no surprise, as both Munchlax and Snorlax are well known for their lazy lifestyles.

They both like to spend the majority of their time sleeping or eating.

Munchlax will happily move when searching for new food, but this is the only time they are willingly mobile. Sounds a lot like Snorlax Jr… which it basically is.

The Munchlax lifestyle gives them impressive HP stats and so they are hard to take down in battle, even though they are likely the slowest to make their attacks.

But if you keep this guy in your team long enough to evolve you’ll end up with a tank that can roll over almost anything.

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