20 Snorlax Themed Gifts: Toys, Plushies, Collectibles & Merch

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Snorlax was first introduced in the original Pokémon Red and Blue as a big, round, cute obstacle blocking us from further exploring the Kanto region until we found a way to wake him up.

It was frustrating!

Even so, people ended up falling in love with the thicc Pokémon giving rise to all kinds of Snorlax merch.

This is just one of those characters that appeals to everyone, Pokémon fan or not.

There’s something about his lazy lifestyle that speaks to our basest instincts and makes us feel relaxed. To sleep all day and wake only to eat… that’s what dreams are made of.

To bring a little bit of that dream into your life take a look at some of these gift ideas for the Snorlax lover in all of us.

1. Large Snorlax Plush

Sometimes you have to stick to the basics.

This 12″ Snorlax plushie from Tomy is a great addition to any bed or sofa in need of some extra cushions. It can also be very comfortable as a soft pillow.

If you get it for a child, you can rest assured the resistant polyester fiber will hold its form even after months of intense play. A great option for anyone with room for more plushies in their life.

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2. Indoor Slippers

Another item riding on its softness to get to your heart is this pair of indoor slippers fashioned after the sleepy giant.

Pitaya crafted these beautiful Pokémon slippers from high-quality cotton so they’re hypoallergenic and breathable, which is always nice for footwear.

These slippers are perfect for hanging around the house or for a really in-your-face Snorlax Fan cosplay.

They’re also available with other Pokémon designs too!

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3. Snorlax Bean Bag

If a regular old plushie is not enough for you, why not grab this giant stuffed Snorlax that doubles as a bean bag?

It’s the ideal Snorlax merch to really capture the scale of the hungry beast. And you can even use it to block kids or pets(or roommates) from entering your room as a throwback to the original Pokémon games.

If you’re getting this as a gift, just remember you’ll need time to stuff it with polyester yourself. So don’t make a last-minute order here.

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4. Keychain Charm

If, on the other hand, you’d rather go for something a bit more discreet then this Snorlax keychain charm from Sanei might be what you need.

It’s small, soft, and manages to capture the lazy Pokémon’s personality with its very detailed design.

The chain makes it easy to snap it onto your bag or keys. It’s the perfect accessory for the on-the-go Snorlax fan.

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5. Snorlax Eye Mask

Sleeping masks are generally underrated.

Absolute darkness really helps you fall into a deep, rejuvenating sleep, and a sleeping mask can help a lot with that. Especially if you live with someone who’s prone to using their phone late into the night.

The design is cute, the material is soft and easy on the skin, and it’s also really easy to wash. A perfect gift for someone who needs Snorlax levels of sleep.

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6. Gameboy Garden Terrarium

We could all use some gardening in our lives. Even those of us without gardens!

Well this small terrarium made to resemble an old-school Nintendo Gameboy will provide nostalgic value and some greenery for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s very colorful, which makes it perfect to spruce up any area you feel could be more cheery.

And this décor is all hand-crafted so each terrarium is unique.

The detail on Snorlax is also remarkable and will inspire the respect of both decor enthusiasts and gamer pals.

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7. Adult Onesie

Whether you’re looking for a comfy pajama or an easy cosplay, this Snorlax onesie from Vavalad has you covered.

It’ll keep you warm on colder nights and the soft material is like a constant, delicate caress on the skin.

Wear this at a sleepover and bask in the admiration of your peers, or just take a trip to the frozen yogurt place down the street and be the target of envious glances.

Be bold. Spark a onesie revolution.

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8. Sun & Moon Action Figure

Takaratomy is one of the most recognized companies in the business of figurines, and this Snorlax action figure based on the sleepy giant’s design from the latest Pokémon installment just screams “collectability”.

Get it to decorate an office or a room.

Engage in overly-detailed photoshoots with your other figurines.

Your imagination is the limit.

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9. Double-Sided Snorlax Charm

Some people just like funny gifts. And this double-sided Snorlax charm is sure to elicit a chuckle closely followed by a “d’awwwww”.

Snorlax stuffing himself on snacks would’ve been enough to make this a solid accessory, but that poor Pikachu who found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time is just adorable.

Hang in there, little guy!

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10. Watercolor Print

For the more artistically inclined I present this tasteful piece of decor sure to amaze any fan of the Pokémon franchise.

This high-quality print is hand-made with premium ink over a heavyweight, textured canvas that gives it both durability and a professional look and feel.

Even those who are not terribly into merch will appreciate the simple design, featuring Snorlax, Pikachu, and Eevee. Some of the most iconic critters in the franchise.

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11. Ultra Pro Snorlax 2″ Album

If you’re on the lookout for a gift to please a Trading Card Game enthusiast, well this Snorlax-themed card album will definitely do the trick.

It’ll hold 2’’ worth of Ultra PRO 9-pocket pages perfect for an afternoon spent negotiating with other TCG aficionados.

If you’re gonna collect ‘em all you might as well use a Pokémon themed album to store them in.

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12. Snorlax Cookie Cutter

What better way to celebrate the big glutton Pokémon than eating it?

This Snorlax cookie cutter will make some finely-detailed sugary treats in a flash.

Just make sure your dough is thick enough so every line can be transferred correctly.

Most cookie-baking lovers are always on the lookout for more cutters, and this one will make any Pokémon fan excited to run home and get cooking.

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13. Snorlax Nintendo Switch Dock

If you have a Nintendo Switch and love playing Pokémon Sun & Moon both at home and on-the-go, why not keep your console protected and scratch-free with this Snorlax dock cover?

It’s handmade by Dummygamer over at Etsy from microfiber and imitation leather. And according to customer reviews its quality might even be better than some official products!

This is the craftsmanship you get with handmade presents.

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14. Crystal Pokéball

Another great option to put your love for the Pokémon franchise on display is this elegant crystal Pokéball.

A detailed 3D model of the Pokémon is engraved into the crystal with laser equipment so that it can reflect the light from the LED base, creating a beautiful luminous image of the big guy.

You can order the Poke ball by itself, or coupled with an LED base of your choosing.

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15. Buddha Leather Wallet

Hand-crafted with genuine leather and lots of love, this Snorlax-themed wallet is a great practical gift for anyone who values attention to detail and quality products.

Its vivid colors produce a great contrast against the dark leather. And given they’re made by hand, no two wallets are the same.

The manufacturer will also take custom requests for engravings or even completely new designs so you might find yourself returning for more until you’ve outfitted everyone in your vicinity with a new leather wallet.

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16. Snorlax Planter

Most people nowadays have a severe lack of leafy friends in their homes or even at work.

This hand-crafted Snorlax planter is the perfect way to introduce some green in a Pokémon lover’s life.

It would also look great with a couple of other Pokémon planters as its own little area in a garden. And luckily the manufacturer offers several other designs such as Torterra or Bulbasaur.

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17. Snorlax Shoulder Bag

This compact shoulder bag featuring the sleeping giant’s placid face is perfect for children. Or simply to carry anyone’s phone and other essentials, such as a camera for vacations.

The soft material makes it a pleasure to carry around and the manufacturer offers many other designs which can be a godsend if you’re on crunch time for Christmas presents.

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18. Burger King 1999 Retro Collectibles

What would the Pokémon franchise be without its many collectibles?

Burger King used to hand out these plastic pokéballs with plushies inside with kids’ meals back in 1999, and there are only a handful laying around still in their original packaging.

This is the perfect gift for the hardcore collectors out there. Or simply for someone who happens to like both Snorlax and want a small desk toy.

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19. Snorlax Beanie

Themed beanies are a classic anime/video-game merchandising format. And it’s easy to see why.

They’ll make anyone look cute no matter the occasion. Snorlax’s pointy ears are just adorable!

This soft beanie is perfect to show your poké love without breaking the bank.

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20. 5pc Snorlax Pokémon Go Figures

Seeing such a small version of a massive Pokémon has a special kind of appeal.

These figurines are perfect to have laying around adorning your desk, and you’ll find yourself arranging them in different ways over and over again.

A very thoughtful gift for anyone in need of a little company during those long working hours spent sitting at a desk at home or in a cubicle.

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