Sonic Lost World: Best Custom Mods & Levels (All Free)

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Instead of going fast as most other entries in the series, Lost World slowed things almost to a crawl, turning the game in something very different from what we’re used to. And we’re used to a lot of changes… poor Sonic fans are still waiting for a proper sequel to Sonic Generations.

While there’s very little that can make the game feel like the previous entries, things are very different on PC where a few modifications can back the spark that Lost World seems to have changed so much.

But which mods are really going to make a difference? Let’s find out.


10. Quick Boot

Quick Boot Sonic Lost World Mod

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Sonic is all about going fast. And Sonic Lost World doesn’t get any faster than with the Quick Boot mod installed.

This simple mod makes it possible to boot directly into a stage, without any sort of wait time.

If you want to boot into something else, you can also configure the mod to do that too. So no matter where you want to go in the game, you can go as quickly as Sonic does when he speeds down Windy Hill zone. Or maybe even more, given the game’s slower pace.


9. Windy Valley

Windy Valley Mod for Sonic Lost World

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Windy Valley is among the funniest stages ever seen in the Sonic series. But it hasn’t seen the same amount of love that other Sonic Adventure stages have seen over the years.

Thankfully, modders are here to right all wrongs.

Windy Valley is still a custom stage in beta, so it isn’t as polished as the vanilla Sonic Lost World stages are. But it is definitely well done, as it not only recreates what made the original stage so fun, but it also tweaks item placements so things just feel smoother.


8. Nintendo Switch UI

Nintendo Switch UI Sonic Lost World Mod

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If you love the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, I salute you. I love it quite a bit myself!

But the controller is not as used as the DualShock 4 or the Xbox controllers, developers aren’t particularly interested in adding the correct button prompts for the Switch controller.

But this hasn’t stopped a modder from introducing them in Sonic Lost World with this mod.

No more wrong button presses and unfair deaths, folks.


7. Forces Sonic

Forces Sonic Sonic Lost World Mod screenshot

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Let’s be honest: Sonic Forces wasn’t a particularly good game on consoles.

But it’s undeniable that Sonic never looked as good as in that game.

The Forces Sonic skin gives us the character model from the latest entry in the Sonic series, bringing that into Sonic Lost World. Plus some proper Super Sonic music and other adjustments that make the skin feel almost official.

Such is the power of the Chaos Emeralds.


6. Cap Kingdom

Cap Kingdom Sonic Lost World Mod

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A Super Mario stage into a Sonic game? What sorcery is this?

Sorcery is not at work here. Just a brave modder who doesn’t believe in keeping the two most popular game franchises separated!

This Cap Kingdom mod brings the stage of the same name from Super Mario Odyssey into Sonic Lost World.

The results are impressive, to say the least. And despite some jank here and there, it’s a ton of fun. So don’t waste any time and let’s do the Odyssey together.


5. Classic Sonic

Classic Sonic Mod for Sonic Lost World

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Sonic Lost World hardly feels like a classic Sonic game. But somehow, Classic Sonic looks right at home in Windy Valley.

And if you don’t believe me, just download this mod to see for yourself.

The model has been lifted straight from Sonic Generations, so it’s a high-quality mesh that will not disappoint any fan of the Blue Blur.


4. Altered Sonic Textures

Altered Sonic Textures Sonic Lost World Mod

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Some improvements may be hard to spot.

Even more when we’re talking about the fastest hedgehog on this side of the universe.

Altered Sonic Textures brings some subtle changes to the Sonic model in Sonic Lost World that all look quite cool, such as some real improved coloring.

The changes may be hard to spot with the game in motion, but trust me: if you’ve played this series for years, you’ll notice.


3. Sonic Lost World Reshaded

Sonic Lost World Reshaded Sonic Lost World Mod

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Sonic Lost World has never looked better than with the Reshaded preset.

This preset, which can be toggled on and off on-the-fly at any time during the game, sharpens the graphics considerably. But that’s not all with this reshade.

It also improves all colors, lighting, and a few other visual settings. The improvements are subtle yet very noticeable, so I’m sure you’ll never go back to vanilla after downloading this preset.


2. FPS Change

FPS Change Sonic Lost World Mod

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Sonic Lost World isn’t a particularly demanding game.

But there are PCs out there that struggle to run the game constantly at 60FPS, resulting in all kinds of issues. And really, I say anyone should be able to play this title. Even on a 10-year-old desktop.

FPS Change is the perfect mod for those who play games on older machines, as it lets you set a different FPS lock, or even remove it altogether if you want to. This prevents issues from happening and makes the game playable with ease, even on some decrepit rigs.


1. Lost World Improvement Mod

Lost World Improvement Mod screenshot

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All the mods in this list improve Sonic Lost World. And they’re all worth trying.

But none manage to achieve the quality of the Lost World Improvement Mod.

This brings some radical changes to the experience so that the game feels more like the previous entries in the Sonic series. How?

By altering Sonic’s speed and physics, updating the stages, the interface, and plenty more.

It’s a complete overhaul. And it’s an overhaul that every fan of the Blue Blur should experience at least once.

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