How To Get To Greymist Peaks in Spiritfarer (And Everything You Can Find There)

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Greymist Peaks, which is found in the game’s Crow’s End region, can be reached by acquiring the Mist Cleaner 1000 upgrade for Stella’s ship.

That said, this process starts long before you set sail for the island itself. And this guide will tell you everything you need to reach it, as well as what you can find on the island.


Step 1: Getting Through the Fog

You can find Albert’s shipyard near the middle of the map / Spiritfarer
You can find Albert’s shipyard near the middle of the map, as well as the starting point.

The first step is getting the necessary ship upgrade in order to reach the island.

If you go to the map, Greymist Peaks is found in the Crow’s End region, marked by a “wall” of mist in its borders. Trying to reach this region without the necessary upgrades is impossible for now.

As such, we need to head off into Albert’s Shipyard, the only place in the game where you can purchase any upgrade you need for your boat (aside from the scattered blueprints).

You can easily find this shipyard as it’s marked by Albert’s head near the center of the map where you first started the game, in the coordinates X: 61, Y: 64.

If you’re somewhere far away currently, you can use the nearest bus stop at X: 77, Y: 51.

The Mist Cleaner helps you pass through the fog / Spiritfarer
The Mist Cleaner helps you pass through the fog.

Once you’re there, open the boat improvements section at the bottom and click right until you find the Mist Cleaner 1000 upgrade.

Since this upgrade isn’t the first on the list, you need to first acquire these prior upgrades:

Boat Upgrade Function Cost
Mailbox Receive mail on the ship
  • 8 maple planks
  • 8 linen threads
  • 4 lightnings in a bottle
  • 250 glims
Icebreaker Break through ice barriers
  • 10 iron ingots
  • 12 oak planks
  • 18 linen fabrics
  • 1 spirit flower
  • 5 slates
  • 800 glims
Hermes’ Hymn Sail 20% faster
  • 5 slates
  • 18 oak planks
  • 16 wool fabrics
  • 1250 glims
Rock Destroyer Break through rock barriers
  • 10 aluminum ingots
  • 8 marbles
  • 6 fireglows
  • 2 spirit flowers
  • 1700 glims
Choral Bouquet Sail 40% faster
  • 12 ash planks
  • 8 zinc ingot
  • 3 comet rocks
  • 2000 glims
Mist Cleaner 1000 Get through the fog barriers
  • 8 silver ores
  • 22 silk fabrics
  • 8 bottled ectoplasms
  • 6 crystal glass sheets
  • 2 spirit flowers
  • 3000 glims

Given that some of the prior upgrades require 2 spirit flowers, sending 2 spirits into the Everdoor is a requirement.

The Mist Cleaner 1000 itself requires 2 spirit flowers before you can acquire it.

Luckily, following the spirit storylines and keeping these items in mind will help you reach this upgrade faster. Just keep in mind that more than likely, it will take a while.


Step 2: Reaching Greymist Peaks

Greymist Peaks is found in the coordinates X: 216, Y: 96 / Spiritfarer
Greymist Peaks is found in the coordinates X: 216, Y: 96.

Once you get the boat upgrade, you can then head on over to Greymist Peaks in Crow’s End region, with the coordinates X: 216, Y: 96.

If you wish, you can also use the nearest bus stop at X: 207, Y: 86.

Upon arriving at Greymist Peaks, you’ll immediately find a Raccoon Co. shop to the left, where you can buy:

  • Onion seeds
  • Tomato seeds
  • Garlic seeds
  • Peach seeds

As with all shops in this game, you can also sell some items in your inventory for some extra glims.

Alternatively, this is also the place where the spirits Bruce and Mickey want to take you in the request “Camping in a Cadillac”. Once you’re on the island, simply talk to them so you can get their Obols and finish the request.

The shop in Greymist Peaks / Spiritfarer
The shop in Greymist Peaks.

Getting To The Ability Shrine

Aside from the shop, Greymist Peaks also has an ability shrine – which you can get to after a series of platforming challenges.

For this section, you need to have the abilities bounce, glide, zipline, and double jump.

Step 1: Start by going left past the shop and over the main geyser, which will boost you up if you use the glide ability as air is going up. Use that boost to reach the right cliffside with the spirit and tent.

Step 2: This part is optional, but if you only reach the lower left cliffside, you can use zipline on the wires to hurl yourself over to the right cliffside.

Step 3: Once you’re there, use bounce on the tent until you get high enough to reach the next right cliffside. The key is to time the bounce on the roof of the tent, and you can use double jump to give yourself another boost near the top.

Step 4: From there, jump over to the left and use glide to reach a small platform. Note that you can use the air from the geyser to carry you over as well.

Step 5: Double jump onto the next platform on the left (with the light post), and then the next one, where there’s another tent.

Step 6: Bounce onto the tent and get the timing right until you reach the next platform up, where another geyser is located.

Step 7: Ride this geyser up onto the next platform, and make another series of double jumps onto the next two platforms to the right.

Step 8: From that last platform, ride the geyser (you can hear it and the screen will rumble) up onto the platform up top with the tent.

Step 9: Bounce on the tent up onto the ground up top, and you’ll find the shrine on the left, where you can get the dash ability.

The ability shrine at the top of Greymist Peaks / Spiritfarer
The ability shrine at the top of Greymist Peaks.

Finding the Hidden Shrine

Step 1: From the first shrine, use glide to ride the geyser air up onto the platform with two trees on the right.

Step 2: From there, continue right and double jump (or use your newfound ability Dash) to reach the next platform with the tent.

Step 3: Use the tent and bounce before gliding right and reaching the hidden shrine behind the trees.

Step 4: Talk to the spirit here. You will end up offering an obol and nothing will work. The spirit will get embarrassed, apologize, and give you two obols along with a necklace you can sell for glims.

From here, just glide back onto the platform with the tent on the left, and drop straight down into the entrance of the island so you can get back on the boat.

The hidden false shrine in Greymist Peaks / Spiritfarer
The hidden false shrine in Greymist Peaks, found near the actual ability shrine.
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