How To Make Surströmming in Spiritfarer

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Surströmming is one of the few dishes in Spiritfarer that you can’t cook in the kitchen. Instead, you have to ferment herring in the cellar, which then turns into Surströmming after some time.

After cooking, you can give this dish to the spirit Gustav, as it’s his favorite food.

However, this process starts by unlocking and building the cellar, which requires the Master Blueprint Upgrade in Albert’s Shipyard. Aside from that, you will also need to fish for Herring.


Step 1: How To Build the Cellar

Albert’s Shipyard is found in the middle of the map / Spiritfarer
Albert’s Shipyard is found in the middle of the map, near Alt Harbor where you started.

As with any task that requires some sort of building in Spiritfarer, the process begins in Albert’s Shipyard, as it’s the only place where the game’s upgrades are available.

The shipyard is located in X: 61, Y: 64, just beside Alt Harbor.

Additionally, you can also reach Albert’s Shipyard faster via its nearest bus stop, X: 77, Y: 51.

After arriving there, proceed to the blueprints section, where you’ll find the Master blueprint upgrade. You’ll find that this is the fifth upgrade, meaning that all four prior upgrades are also required.

The Master blueprint upgrade / Spiritfarer
The Master blueprint upgrade is one of the later upgrades you can get in the game.

To help you fast-track the process, here’s a chart of all the upgrade requirements that you need:

Blueprint Upgrade Materials Cost
  • 2 maple logs
  • 1 limestone
400 Glims
  • 10 oak planks
  • 10 linen thread
1,000 Glims
  • 10 iron ingots
  • 10 wool fabric
1,850 Glims
  • 10 silica powder
  • 10 zinc ingots
2,800 Glims

After getting the Master blueprint upgrade, you’ll unlock the Cellar, along with two other buildings: the Cow Stall and the Smithy.

Additionally, the spirit Stanley will also introduce you to the Cellar after he boards the ship. You’ll find it in the “It’s Alive!” request, although you can still build it before then as long as you acquire the blueprint upgrade.

As for the building requirements, you will need:

  • 20 Linen Fabrics
  • 3 Comet Rocks
  • 10 Bottled Ectoplasms

Linen fabric is made by using linen thread on the Loom, while comet rocks are collected from the Meteor Showers event that the spirit Giovanni will first introduce to you.

You can start the bottled ectoplasm event by interacting with Jason / Spiritfarer
You can start the bottled ectoplasm event by interacting with Jason the beetle inside Stanley’s house.

Meanwhile, you can get bottled ectoplasm by catching dust shades in the bottled ectoplasm minigame with Jacob, Stanley’s pet beetle.

Once you acquire all of the materials, proceed to Stella’s blueprint station and look for the cellar in the production buildings section.

If you wish, the game also lets you build more than one cellar. However, like most of the other in-game buildings, doing so doubles the base cost, at least until the fourth copy.

The cellar is a small building that you can easily fit in your ship / Spiritfarer
The cellar is a small building that you can easily fit in your ship.

Step 2: How To Catch Herring

Then comes the easy part, which is to catch the only ingredient: herring.

Being easily one of the most common fish in the game, herring can be caught from absolutely anywhere on the map.

But if you don’t know where to start, then the waters around Alt Harbor at X: 43, Y: 40 is a great starting point.

To start fishing, go to the back of Stella’s ship and interact with the seat. Stella will then sit and cast a line into the water.

Fishing is done in the back of Stella’s ship / Spiritfarer
Fishing is done in the back of Stella’s ship.

Then, wait until there’s a bite (the bobber will start bouncing) and hold the action button to reel it in.

However, keep in mind that you can only reel in the line as long as it’s yellow. Once it turns red, let go of the line and wait for it to become yellow again before reeling once more.

Note: reeling at the line while it’s red will cause it to break, while reeling in too late after letting go will release the fish.

As such, make sure you time the push and release properly until you eventually capture the fish. Some fish are easier to catch than others, although it can be challenging all the same.

Once you get the hang of fishing, just keep doing so until you catch a herring.

Herring is one of the most common fish you can catch in the game / Spiritfarer
Herring is one of the most common fish you can catch in the game.

Making Surströmming

To make Surströmming, enter the cellar and interact with any of the three compartments. Note that you can place up to five pieces of Herring (or other items) inside these compartments.

After putting the herring inside, a timer should appear on top of the compartment you chose, which indicates how long you need to wait for the aging process (fermentation) to finish. This dish should take around 15 minutes to age, and you can do chores around the ship while you wait.

Once the timer goes off, a notification will pop up, and you should be able to get Surströmming from the compartment.

This dish falls under acquired taste, and you can sell it for 350 Glims.

Make sure you don’t take too long in getting the food though, as it will end up becoming a non-edible Expired Meal. If this happens, you have to repeat the entire process.

Wait for the timer to finish and you should get Surströmming / Spiritfarer
Once you put the herring in the cellar, simply wait for the timer to finish and you should get Surströmming after a few minutes.
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