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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? The protagonist of the USA’ fifth longest-running cartoon series, SpongeBob SquarePants!

You don’t have to be a marine biologist to recognize the ultra-famous yellow goofy goober and his entourage of friends from Bikini Bottom.

With more than 10 seasons, three movies, and hundreds of merchandise, SpongeBob has become the cartoon of a generation.

If you’ve ever tried to find a collectible from the series then chances are you’ve felt overwhelmed by the amount of products out there. Not to mention if you’re looking to buy a gift for someone else.

Well I’ve done some research and come up with the best SpongeBob items available online, both new stuff and some rare older memorabilia.

Whether you’re a goofy goober yourself or know somebody who’d rather spend their summer vacations in Bikini Bottom, I’m sure you’ll be hooked by one of these wonderful pieces.

Plushies 6-Set

First up we have the main cast of SpongeBob ready to flood your life with the magic of friendship and slapstick humor.

While they’re wear resistant, well-made and accurately colored, Gary the Snail steals the show in this set. Such an iconic character deserves a lot more attention from the merch industry.

Whether you’re in the market for the whole cast or just one character, these super-soft plushies from JAMOR are one of your best options.

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SpongeBob Jumbo 20″ Plush

Never deny a child the possibility of having a plush as big as they are. It gets harder and more expensive as time goes on!

This giant SpongeBob plush is among the cuddliest things you’ll see all day. The bright colors and fine details make it a perfect addition to anyone’s collection of soft companions.

Go big or go home!

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Squidward Plushie

Squidward may not be as positive as SpongeBob, but he’s just as cuddly – even if he doesn’t want to admit it.

There aren’t that many options in regards to Squidward merch, so finding such a detailed and premium-quality plush is a total win in my book.

He’s perfect to complete your underwater plush collection. And if you happen to know one of the few kids who like Squidward, you’ll be a hero for getting them this.

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Bold And Brash Wall Art

Speaking of the struggling artist, I’ve recently gotten my tentacles on the quintessential piece for anyone trying to understand his deep conceptual art.

Despite art critics saying it belongs in the trash, we know they’re all just a bunch of hacks who couldn’t spot a genius when they’re right in front of them.

This very tasteful piece was painted on high-quality canvas and made to adorn any wall.

It’s a great option for older fans looking to display their exquisite taste in art for all to see. It’s also a great conversation starter.

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LEGO SpongeBob Set

With 425 pieces and infinite creative possibilities, few things could be better for a crafty fan than this SpongeBob LEGO set.

It includes the iconic pineapple house, the boat car SpongeBob will never get a license for, and many other items for SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward to use.

It’s very detailed and there are many elements to play around with, making it the perfect way to add a slice of Bikini Bottom to your world of Lego.

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Mattel SpongeBob Uno

No road trip or improvised motel stay is ever complete without a good game of UNO.

Anyone can enjoy UNO, but sometimes a little licensed push in the right direction can help get a new player to learn the rules.

Adding SpongeBob into the mix is sure to interest the little ones who fail to see how numbers could be fun. This set also includes larger cards for their little hands to grip better.

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SpongeBob Cranium

Cranium is a diverse game with many artistic activities and chances to flex your brain-muscles.

This SpongeBob-themed version makes an already good thing much better.

It’s not only the game’s looks that change but the categories as well. Have fun sculpting Squidward or drawing Mr. Krabs.

SpongeBob is just the thing you need to get children into a game most adults already enjoy.

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JAMOR 12pc SpongeBob Figures

Sometimes you can get quantity without sacrificing quality.

These 12 small characters are just the thing you need to populate a child’s imagination’s playground.

They’re also perfect to decorate a garden, a room, or perhaps even a fish tank.

The heavy-duty pieces will take anything a child or the elements have to throw at them like it’s nothing! Plus they’re made from biodegradable, environmentally-friendly materials so you can do your part to keep actual underwater life healthy.

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Cake Toppers Set

If you’re planning a birthday party and are still fretting over the cake’s decoration, perhaps some SpongeBob cake toppers are what you need.

After you’re done with them I figure they’d also make great decorations for the garden, and many children would be just fine playing with them. Everything is a toy if you’re creative enough!

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Burping SpongeBob Game

If you’ve ever played the timeless hot potato game then you know what this is all about.

Pass SpongeBob around as fast as you can before he burps. If you’re holding him when he does, you’re out!

It’ll send kids into fits of uncontrollable laughter because, well, burping is funny.

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Stayreal SpongeBob Fleece Blanket

Sometimes you just need to relax, read a book, play video games or just take in the scenery.

To keep you warm on those days, I’ve found this beautiful blanket with a SpongeBob design.

It’s great for both young and older fans who can’t get enough of the eccentric sponge.

Velvety and supple, durable and wrinkle-free… what more could you need?

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Nick SpongeBob LED Nightlight

We all need a little reassuring that nothing is lurking in the closet from time to time.

This automatic LED nightlight will turn on or off according to lighting in the room. LED technology means it’ll last longer and won’t heat up, even if it’s on all night.

Kids will feel safe with SpongeBob there to make the night just a little less dark.

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SpongeBob Pillowcase Set

If you’re on the market to give a room a SpongeBob makeover, consider this pillowcase set including two of Bikini Bottom’s most recognizable faces.

Children or older fans with a sense of humor will see just how fitting it is to have SpongeBob on one pillow and Squidward on the other.

It’s also perfect for siblings sharing a bed – who’s the sponge and who’s the squid?

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Real Jellyfish Fields sign made from wood, SpongeBob

Jellyfish Fields Sign

Also ideal to decorate a room is this handmade wooden sign from Acmepropcompany on Etsy.

It’s hand-painted with great attention to detail to create a remarkably authentic look that mimics the show perfectly.

Whether you’re getting it for a child’s room, a garden piece, or just as part of your SpongeBob collection, this is sure to garner a lot of praise.

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Kelpo Cereal Box prop collectible from SpongeBob

Kelpo Cereal Box

Kelpo Cereal is Bikini Bottom’s leading brand of breakfast flakes.

They’re so good, they don’t even get soggy despite being underwater!

This prop is great to decorate a party or a SpongeBob exhibition of any kind.

It’s detailed and incredibly authentic, making anyone who sees it feel like they’re really in SpongeBob’s underwater world. A great gift for collectors too.

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Krusty Krab real Galley Grub menu sign from SpongeBob

Krusty Krab Galley Grub Menu Sign

This giant menu sign from the Krusty Krab was recreated letter by letter from an in-episode frame.

It hangs over Squidward’s workplace at the front desk. And it includes some of the weirdest menu items I’ve ever seen.

What even is a Sailor’s Surprise? Salty Sauce? What’s saltier than the sea?

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Full Bedding Set

Finding a licensed bedding set from a kid’s show that’s tastefully designed instead of just having the characters plastered on everywhere is one of the small victories of everyday life.

It’s even better when it’s as detailed and beautiful as this one, much less on-the-nose than a bright yellow set would be.

It’s also 100% cotton so it’s soft and pretty darn cozy year-round.

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Straw Tumbler

On-the-go plastic tumblers are one of those relatively modern creations we didn’t even know we needed some years ago.

Now every member of the family wants one, and the best way to tell them apart is cheery designs such as this SpongeBob one. Perfect for any fan of the show.

The double-wall insulation will keep the contents cold for hours. Both smoothies and milkshakes benefit greatly from the wide straw too.

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Krusty Krab Tumbler

For a slightly more sober design perfect for older fans, this original Krusty Krab tumbler might be the ideal choice.

Tastefully show your fandom love with something you could’ve only gotten from Bikini Bottom’s best burger joint. The home of the Krabby Patty!

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Krabby Patty Gummy Candy Pack

Instead of fruitlessly trying to recreate the Krabby Patty’s secret formula, why don’t you just get these sweet gummy reproductions to enjoy?

They’re great for birthday parties and events, and kids will have a lot of fun playing with them as they eat.

If you’ve ever eaten a gummy burger or hot dog you know how entertaining that can be.

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Krusty Krab Spatula

This stainless steel Krusty Krab spatula has a beautiful maple wood handle, and even a bottle opener so you’re never caught unprepared.

The Krusty Krab logo is laser cut onto the metal so it’ll endure even if you’re actively cooking with it.

Let nobody say that goofy goobers can’t be cooks!

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Mr. Krabs Oven Mitt

When I was a child, I always pretended I had crab pincers with oven mitts.

I wish I had seen something like this back in the day! It’s not only pretty, it’s also completely heat resistant.

It even includes a hanging loop for easier display.

This is the perfect gift for any SpongeBob fan who’s also an aspiring chef.

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Rare SpongeBob collectible - bubbles blower wand toy

SpongeBob Bubble Blower

SpongeBob loves blowing bubbles.

It’s one of his favorite pastimes, and he’s so good at it that he even blew himself a sentient bubble friend.

This vintage 2001 product is a must-have piece for any collection… and you can even blow some bubbles when nobody’s watching.

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SpongeBob coin bank

SpongeBob Coin Bank

It’s never too late or too early to teach kids about saving. And SpongeBob is just the character for the task.

Although he’s working a dead-end job as the Krusty Krab’s fry cook, he seems to have an easy time managing his money to keep a pet snail, provide for himself, and even indulge in hobbies. He must have amazing financial skills to pass down to your friends & family.

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SpongeBob Christmas tree ornament collectible

SpongeBob Ornament

Bring a bit of Bikini Bottom to your Christmas tree with these SpongeBob ornaments.

They’ve been training all year to hold their breath outside the water throughout the season, so don’t worry, they’ll be fine hanging from your pine’s branches.

You can be sure both young and old fans of the show will love this creative spin on a Christmas classic.

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SpongeBob fish character plushie

Bikini Bottom Fish Plush

If you want something truly unique, you have to get this random fishy citizen of Bikini Bottom.

This plush is handmade by FainyiaShtuchki on Etsy, who went as far as to make a crocheted wool sweater to keep him warm.

It’s perfect to keep you company on your desk, your kitchen, or wherever you want a bit of beachy Bikini Bottom decor.

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Cookie Cutters Set

Whether your child is enamored with Play-Dough or you just want to make some cookies, this full set of SpongeBob cookie cutters is just the thing you need.

These high-quality 3D printed cutters come in a single piece for cutting and texturing to save you time and effort.

And they’re the perfect size for delicious two-bite cookies.

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Popcorn Popper

Nothing’s better when sitting down to watch some TV than a bowl of fresh popcorn.

With this SpongeBob-themed popcorn popper it’ll be so easy and hassle-free, you’ll never watch TV without them again.

It has everything you need, including measuring spoons for oil and corn. Cleaning the non-stick heating plaque is also a breeze.

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Pineapple Cookie Jar

Cookie jars are a classic decoration with a special upside to them: they’re generally full of cookies!

This sculptured ceramic pineapple was made with a lot of attention to detail and the special artisanal charm only hand-crafted items have.

The whimsical high-spirit design featuring SpongeBob and Patrick is just perfect, and the soft colors and delicate lines stand out over the intense orange. Great for any true fan of the show.

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First 100 Episodes DVD Set

It’s a cold hard fact that the first few seasons of SpongeBob SquarePants were the best.

This 100 episode set includes the most entertaining and memorable episodes on the entire series.

Unlike many other compilations, it also includes the pilot episode and even the unaired alternate endings for “Shanghied”, where the audience chose the resolution during the premiere.

And if that’s not enough, perhaps the “Square Roots” short documentary will entice you even more(this documentary cannot be found anywhere else). It features interviews with the most influential members of the cast and creative team responsible for SpongeBob, showing us a glimpse into the inner workings of the show.

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Toynami Mr. Krabs

With wonderful colors and a funny design comes this Mr. Krabs figure from Toynami’s UNKL line.

Its signature UniPo body design sets it apart from your usual Mr. Krabs. If you really like it, you can consider the whole SpongeBob set.

Each one of them comes with an accessory. Fittingly, it’s a bag of money in the greedy crab’s case.

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Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen #1 gravestone SpongeBob toy prop

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen Gravestone Toy

Do you know who Smitty Werbenmanjensen is?

He was number one!

You may not be able to take his #1 hat from him, but his gravestone is the perfect indoor or outdoor SpongeBob decoration. Any fan of the show will instantly recognize it. And for them, you’ll be #1.

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real prop - Squidward wish I werent here right now button

I Really Wish I Weren’t Here Right Now Button

Nothing says “Squidward” like this hilarious and a surreal button.

It’ll show everyone around you how much you wish you were somewhere else without you having to open your mouth.

It’s also just the thing you need to breathe life into a Squidward cosplay and take it from “good” to “bold and brash”.

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Yellow SpongeBob hair scrunchie

SpongeBob Hair Scrunchie

A seamless and practical way to show your SpongeBob love comes in the form of this bright scrunchie from Lilscrunchieshop over at Etsy.

Tame your wild hair and tell everyone how much of a goofy goober you are in one fell swoop.

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iphone cases spongebob and patrick

iPhone Cases

If you’re looking for delicate & tasteful merch that’s useful as well, you can’t go wrong with these iPhone cases.

They have a nice matte finish that’ll keep them from looking greasy, and their sturdy manufacturing protects your phone from scratches and other daily risks.

Remember: there’s no such thing as too many phone cases.

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Sweet Victory SpongeBob wall art prop

Sweet Victory Wall Art

Commemorate one of the most iconic moments in animated TV with this incredible hand-painted art.

Any self-respecting fan of the show will recognize this as a symbol of how effort can overcome adversity, and they’ll be reminded of the most epic Bubble Bowl mid-game show there ever was.

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SpongeBob wall art - Squidward in the void SB129

Squidward in the Void Wall Art

Time, space, existence… These are all concepts we think we understand – but do we?

Reflect on your own lack of comprehension of anything beyond your senses while contemplating this surreal piece, taken straight from the episode SB-129.

A brilliant piece for any serious Squidward fan.

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Im Ready coffee mug

I’m Ready Mug

“I’m ready!” is the best motivational phrase to read along with your morning coffee.

Always be ready for work, studying, or whatever you have to do with this simple but charming mug.

It won’t make you as optimistic as SpongeBob, but it’ll make mornings a bit easier.

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SpongeBob and Squidwards houses as planters

SpongeBob & Squidward House Holders

Whether you’re holding pencils, pens, or using them as planters for leafy friends, these holders will bring Bikini Bottom to life wherever you put them.

They’re 3D printed using different colored materials so there’s no chance of the color ever losing intensity.

Their timeless design will also keep them fresh for years to come.

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SpongeBob jellyfish plushie

Jellyfish Plush

Who would have thought a jellyfish plush could be this cute?

It looks exactly like the jellyfish Patrick and SpongeBob love to catch in Bikini Bottom’s Jellyfish Fields.

It’s also big enough to serve as a cushion, and I guarantee you’ll be the only one of your friends who has a jellyfish plush like this.

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Bag clip-on of Plankton

Plankton Bag Clip

If anything could make the Chum Bucket’s owner cute, it’s this funny chubby-looking design.

Its deep colors will stand the test of time and the hardships of being attached to a bag, your keys, or wherever you decide he belongs.

Just make sure you don’t leave him alone with Grandma’s secret recipes.

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Rare SpongeBob bobblehead collectible

Universal Studios Bobblehead

It’s kind of difficult to call this a bobblehead when his whole body bobbles!

But this 2002 vintage item from Universal Studios Hollywood will look amazing anywhere you put it.

It’s perfect for any SpongeBob aficionado looking for a classic collectible format, and since it’s standing on peppermint candy it may even work as a Christmas decoration too.

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Rare 2004 SpongeBob vintage wall clock, Nickelodeon merch

Nick 15″ Wall Clock (2004)

Continuing our trip down the vintage road, we have this working 2004 clock depicting SpongeBob carrying the weight of the Krabby Patty upon his back.

This charming SpongeBob wall clock is the perfect piece to bring some personality and color into a child’s room or the kitchen. You’ll get hungry just by looking at it.

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SpongeBob animation cel - rare Nickelodeon collectible

SpongeBob Rare Cel Art

Be the proud owner of an original animation cell used in the production process by Nickelodeon.

There’s no greater show of love for a franchise than having a piece of its history on display.

It’s also an incredible conversation starter – your friends will be amazed you can even own one of these! Talk about a competent collector.

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