Best Free Mods For The Spyro Reignited Trilogy

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Remakes of classics to be all the hype these days.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it does give older fans a trip down memory lane. At the same time, newer fans get the opportunity to experience games that otherwise wouldn’t receive much attention.

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy is one of these series, offering all three Spyro games which are all incredible (although I may have a bit of personal bias, as I did enjoy the games as a kid).

Bias aside though, what really adds to the current series is the HD graphics, and how modders can create custom content for these games.

There are already tons of custom mods out there, but here are some of the best I’ve seen so far.


20. Spyro Reignited Mod Manager

Spyro Reignited Mod Manager Screenshot

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As with any modded game, it’s always a good idea to get a mod manager when available.

When done right, mod managers are a huge help.

Especially when there are just too many mods you want to try.

Mr.G’s Mod Manager for Spyro Reignited definitely does everything you want & more, giving a user-friendly interface that lets you install and manage all your mods.

With this you can install new mods, enable/disable active mods, and even backup save files.


19. Intro Movie Remover (and credits)

Intro Movie Remover - Spyro Reignited Trilogy Mod

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Before we really jump into things, let’s also get this small quality of life mod out of the way.

Many fans found that the intro video got a bit annoying, as it plays every time you start the game.

If you feel the same way, here’s a simple fix that will get you playing as quick as possible.


18. Original Title Screen Music Mod

Original Title Screen Music Spyro Reignited Mod

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A lot of the older Spyro fans took it upon themselves to bring back some of the classic features from the PS1 release.

Not because the Reignited series looks bad.

Moreso it’s just that nostalgia plays such a huge role in our enjoyment of these remakes.

Thanks to modding, this is possible – starting with the Original Title Screen Music.

The remake comes with a completely new main menu theme, and all this done is bring back the original.


17. Classic Styled HUD

Classic Styled HUD Spyro Reignited Mod

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Continuing with the nostalgia idea, you can even bring back the classic HUD from the original series too.

What’s cool about this mod is that it doesn’t bring back the actual textures of the original game, it just modifies the HUD components to make it look similar to the old version.

So you’re still playing in HD, but also old-school.

This may seem like a minor change, sure. But it will definitely bring back some good memories for older fans.


16. Classic Spyro

Classic Spyro Reignited Mod

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Of course, it wasn’t long before someone actually modded Spyro himself to make him look more like the classic version.

Color is one of the most noticeable changes in the new Reignited series, and this mod changes that.

The reskin brings Spyro’s color palette closer to the original with less pink, less saturated colors, darker wings, and lighter scales.


15. Original Dialogue Subtitles & Beta Level Names

Original Dialogue Subtitles & Beta Level Names Spyro Mod

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If the previous graphical changes aren’t enough, you can take it even further with this mod.

Hardcore fans always notice the smallest changes – and that includes dialogue.

Some of the lines were altered in the HD remake version, and this mod restores everything to its original form.

Not only that, but level names in Spyro 2 were changed in the remake – si this mod fixes those too.


14. Spyro Re-Extinguished

Spyro Re-Extinguished Spyro Reignited Trilogy Mod

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To complete your nostalgia trip, you can even bring back audio from the original game.

That’s right, the sound effects and from the original PS1 version have actually been remastered and can be used in-game.

This mod pack currently includes retro sound effects for gems, chests, vases, and the famous Collosus monk chant.

With these mods you’re sure to get that blast-from-the-past experience, all with the newer graphics and faster gameplay.


13. Tint Remover

Tint Remover Spyro Reignited Mod

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Moving away from the retro look and feel, lets dive into some really newer modded content.

Modder rumpleBrumble698 just wanted to give the game an overall visual improvement. He felt the tints were overused, making the game feel like it was run through Instagram filters.

If you feel the same, here’s a quick fix that removes those tint filters and gives the game a clearer look.


12. Spyro 1 Enemies 4K

Spyro 1 Enemies 4K Spyro Reignited Mod Texture

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If you’re looking to further enhance your game’s graphics, there are a ton of updated texture mods that can help with that.

Although the games have been remastered to 1080p, seeing a PC release made it possible to play the game at higher resolutions.

This pack adds remastered 4k textures for enemies in the game, to make them look much better playing in 4k.

There’s also a 4k texture pack for bosses, so you might want to grab that as well.


11. Sparx Light

Sparx Light Spyro Reignited Mod

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If you’re particular about video game graphics, you probably know that lighting effects have received some of the biggest improvements in the past few years.

And if you’re one of those people, this mod will make a big difference in terms of visuals.

Sparx Light is a simple mod, sure.

But it’s great because it gives a glimpse into how beautiful the game could have looked, if the devs really went all-out with current GPUs.

So this mod simply adds lighting effects to Sparx the Dragonfly. Now his glow affects the environment as well – subtle, but appreciated!


10. Rainbow Flame Breath

Rainbow Flame Breath Spyro Reignited Mod

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One of the more creative mods in the list, Rainbow Flame Breath does exactly as the name suggests.

Modding makes all kinds of crazy things possible, and in the case of Spyro Reignited, I want some gosh darn rainbows.

Might seem pretty boring right?

Well not if you want our purple dragon spewing rainbow flames.


9. Reimagined Cynder

Reimagined Cynder Re-skinning Mod

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Retro and graphics mods aside, the modding community’s creativity really shines through with all the different Spyro reskins available.

There are already so many cool mods that let you completely change Spyro’s appearance, so I’ve dedicated most of my list to some of the best ones.

Starting off we have reimagined Cynder.

This was a big deal for Spyro fans as Cynder was one of the most loveable characters from The Legend of Spyro series.

Now you can enjoy the game as Cynder with FaithSDK’s HD skin.


8. Cynder Voice Mod

Cynder Voice Mod - Spyro Reignited Trilogy Mod

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If you’re using the Reimagined Cynder skin, it might not be all that great in terms of immersion.

You might be playing as Cynder throughout the game, but you’ll still be hearing Spyro’s voice – which won’t really make much sense.

Well leave it to the modding community! Because user DragonSkyRunner actually created a custom voice pack for Cynder.

Now it’ll look AND sound like you’re actually playing the game as Cynder herself.


7. Ember The Dragon

Ember The Dragon - Spyro Reignited Trilogy Mod

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Another special skin for old-school Spyro fans, this time taking from Spyro: A Hero’s Tail.

Ember was actually an unlockable character, but you had to beat the game to be able to play with her.

This mod brings our favorite pink dragon to the Reignited series, and in beautiful 4k textures I might add.


6. Spooky Spyro

Spooky Custom Skin - Spyro Reignited Trilogy Mod

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Now here’s a design that’s certainly more… creative.

A creepy Halloween theme to give Spyro a much darker look.

The skin reimagines Spyro with darker, ethereal scales that give him the look of a villain.

The bright red wings & hair add to the devilish appearance, and the glowing red eyes just really make for a more badass look.

Note his glowing green highlights on the horns and tail, all come with a matching flame color as well.


5. Minecraft Spyro

Minecraft Skin - Spyro Reignited Trilogy Mod

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Don’t worry, we have something for Minecraft fans too.

With this mod Spyro has been reimagined in the signature blocky style.

If you’re a Minecraft lover, you’ll definitely adore this mod.

If you’re a fan of the old-school Spyro games, you might enjoy this as well, since the blocky-ness also has a retro feel to it.

The mod is still in its early stages, as it doesn’t support the color cheat and powerups yet. But those are planned for a future release.

Sparx hasn’t been reskinned in this one, either, so things may look a bit out of place as you play.

Still pretty cool to see crossover between gaming series.


4. Oreo Spyro

Oreo Spyro Skin - Spyro Reignited Trilogy Mod

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Oreo Spyro gives our favorite dragon a cute cookies and cream colorway.

If only we had some milk…

Majority of his body is in cream, while the belly and horns make the cookies.

There are even blotches of black scattered around Spyro’s legs and face, adding a whole new level of detail. Should this design become cannon?

Oreo Spyro also kind of reminds me of the retro Batman colorway, so let’s call this a caped crusader type of look too.


3. The Spoker

The Spoker Spyro Reignited Trilogy Mod

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This is probably one of my personal favorites in for the game.

The mod comes complete with a backstory, as modder Boteko explains “Spyro’s mind broke after years of involuntary celibate, and now he is reborn as The Spoker.”

The Spoker sees Spyro reimagined as the Joker – based from the recent Joaquin Phoenix portrayal.

Spyro’s face is now covered in red, white, and blue face paint. Giving him that iconic clown appearance.

The green hair completes the look and brings the Joker to life in Spyro Reignited.


2. Nintendogs Skin

Nintendogs Skin Spyro Reignited Mod

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For those who aren’t familiar, Nintendogs was a surprise hit for the 3DS back in 2005.

At the risk of revealing how old I actually am – Nintendogs was sort of a modern take on the popular Tamagotchi toys from way back when I was a kid.

Fast-forward to 2020 and now we have a Nintendogs Skin for Spyro Reignited.

Boy the crossovers never end, huh?

That’s right, you can completely replace Spyro with a Shiba Inu texture from Nintendogs and play through the whole game that way. Definitely a cool effect.


1. CTR Winter Guardian Spyro

CTR Winter Guardian - Spyro Reignited Mod

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The Winder Guardian Spyro skin is actually an easter egg (kinda) for fans of the series.

Winter Guard Spyro was a reimagining of our favorite dragon that appeared in Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled.

He was a special buyable skin in the game, seeing Spyro as an ice dragon complete with antlers for horns.

Well thanks to modder sparrowii, Winter Guardian Spyro now comes to Spyro Reignited as well. Totally free!

Whether you’re familiar with the original CTR skin or not, this redesign just looks incredible.

It would make a great addition to your skin options, and probably a festive way to revisit the game around wintertime too.

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