25 Best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mods & Skins To Check Out

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SSB Ultimate is truly the ultimate rendition of the popular Nintendo series.

This latest entry in the series features all the characters that ever appeared. Quite a feat. Everyone is indeed here, but not everyone that could be here.

Due to the difficulty of modding Nintendo Switch games, there aren’t many Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mods that bring major gameplay changes. They wouldn’t sit well with the online modes, so most mods available right now focus on bringing new skins for already existing characters to make the game even more of a celebration of gaming as a whole.

Let’s dive in and see what we can find.


25. Melee Fox

Melee Fox Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod

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Do you remember the days when Fox used to dominate every tier list under the sun? I do. In a very uncomfortable type of way.

Fox continues to be among the strongest characters in Ultimate, but he lacks a little something that made him the best in Melee.

No, I’m not talking about infinite Shines. I’m talking about his classic costume, now back with a vengeance with this mod.


24. Doomfist Overwatch

Doomfist Overwatch Mod for SSB Ultimate

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Overwatch x Smash Ultimate is the ultimate crossover that has yet to happen.

While we wait for Nintendo to finally make a move, you can download the Doomfist Overwatch mod to change Captain Falcon into the popular character, complete with recolors, proper voice, and even facial expressions.

We really don’t need to wait on Nintendo, right?


23. Marth but his Tipper is a Paralyzer

Marth but his Tipper is a Paralyzer Mod screenshot

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Marth’s tipper is incredibly dangerous. But did you know that you can make things even worse for those on the receiving end of the legendary Falchion?

This mod makes it so Marth’s tipper always paralyzes enemies, allowing for pretty much every follow-up attack.

I just hope Nintendo doesn’t get any crazy idea from this mod for future Smash games. Marth’s pretty annoying already as he is!


22. Goomba Mario

Goomba Mario Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Time for some cosplaying, Mario fans.

Goomba Mario transforms the Italian plumber into the stuff of nightmares: an anthropomorphic Goomba.

I don’t know about you, but I feel a certain unease looking at this costume. Let’s hope your opponents do as well.


21. Megaman.Exe

Megaman.Exe Character for SSBU

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Megaman.Exe is probably the least-known Megaman around, especially compared to the original Blue Bomber and X.

This, however, doesn’t mean that he deserves to be always sidelined… right?

This Megaman.Exe mod takes the character model that appears during Mega Man’s Final Smash and turns it into a full-fledged costume. Some of the recolors do have some visual glitches, but if you’re a true fan of the Blue Bomber, you will love this costume nonetheless.


20. Bowsette Over Daisy

Bowsette Over Daisy for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Despite being a fan-made creation, Bowsette took the world by storm two years ago. It quickly became incredibly popular among Nintendo fans.

But is she popular enough to get a spot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

While Nintendo has yet to acknowledge the character in any official capacity, you can now take things into your own hands and replace Daisy with Bowsette with this mod. It also includes a fully customized UI, multiple colors, and new voice clips taken from Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The character doesn’t get any new moves… but she really doesn’t need them. Have you forgotten how powerful Daisy is in this game?


19. Stage Hazard Toggle

 Stage Hazard Toggle Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod

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Stage hazards in the Smash series can be very annoying, making some stages completely unusable for competitive play.

Let’s fix that with the Stage Hazard Toggle mod. It gives a very welcome quality of life improvement that lets you toggle hazards on and off on the stage select screen, without forcing you to change rulesets every single time.

This mod also seems to be safe in online multiplayer modes, but some desyncs are to be expected. Don’t blame your opponent’s connection!


18. Royal Engineer Toon Link

Royal Engineer Toon Link for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is such an underrated game that Nintendo’s treatment of the title is completely unjustified.

It’s almost as they have forgotten it even exists. But we definitely haven’t!

Royal Engineer Toon Link is the mod to be for obscure Zelda references.

This gives us an amazing new costume for Toon Link, inspired by his Spirit Tracks appearance as well as an alt based on Alfonzo, the only other Royal Engineer known in the Zelda universe. Time to hit your opponents like a train!


17. Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Travis Touchdown is one of those characters that deserves a spot in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

He’s not as iconic as other characters, sure. But his name has been associated with Nintendo consoles for a while now. Shouldn’t loyalty be rewarded?

The Travis Touchdown mod lets you control a fully functional, well-made version of the character that replaces Ike, the only sword user in Smash Ultimate that hits as hard as Travis does.

With the inclusion of custom UI, expressions, voice clips, moving eyes, and expressions, it will really feel like you’re controlling the anti-hero of the No More Heroes series.


16. Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Joaquin Phoenix Joker in SSBU

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Joker steals the show in SSB Ultimate. But he could be doing so much more.

The Joaquin Phoenix Joker add-on turns the beloved Persona 5 MC into a very different type of Joker. One that can move people with his tragic story, but also scare them to death with his antics.

Too bad we didn’t get any dancing Final Smash custom move!


15. Kill Bill Samus

Kill Bill Samus for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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I roared and I rampaged, and I got bloody satisfaction. Not on a quest for revenge, but by downloading this mod.

The Kill Bill Samus mod introduces a new costume for Zero Suit Samus inspired by the iconic outfit worn by The Bride in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

The suit is not a perfect reproduction of this outfit, as it lacks some detail. But I’m pretty sure it will be hard to notice while you’re beating everyone else on the field to a pulp.


14. Tiki Over Lucina

Tiki Over Lucina Mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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What’s that, you say there are too many Fire Emblem characters in Smash Ultimate? Nah, we actually don’t have enough.

This mod replaces Lucina with Tiki, one of the recurring characters in the Fire Emblem series.

The mod only includes a custom model, so no UI or custom voice clips here. But the model is so well-done that it deserved to be included in this list.

We’re big Fire Emblem fans over here, in case you didn’t notice.


13. Chie Satonaka Min-Min

Chie Satonaka Min-Min Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod

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Now I face out, I hold out, I reach out to the truth of my life, seeking to seize on the whole moment.

Welcome to Persona 4 meets Smash!

The Chie Satonaka Min-Min mod gives us a new color scheme for ARMS’ Min-Min that makes her resemble Chie Satonaka from Persona 4. Why should we die-hard Persona fans settle with just Joker, when we can have everyone else as well?


12. 3D Quickplay Stage

3D Quickplay Stage Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod

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The training stage is the most used stage for those who aim to become Smash Ultimate champions.

If you’re among them, this mod is for you my friend.

This 3D Quickplay Stage mod brings a very light change to the regular training stage, introducing an increased field of view that makes the stage look a little better.

This mod also works well in conjunction with every other training stage mod, so no worries about any conflicts. Boot up and go.


11. Void Priestess Palutena

Void Priestess Palutena SSBU Mod

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Palutena becomes even more a force to be reckoned with thanks to this amazing costume mod.

Void Priestess Palutena will not just blast away at you with her energy attacks, but will also fill your heart with dread with her icy cold stare and her black outfit.

And don’t think not having a modded game will save you from the Void Priestess either. Her powers will manifest even if you haven’t tampered with the game. Scary!


10. Joker Sans

Joker Sans Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod

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Adding Sans from Undertale into Smash Ultimate made me darn happy. Not because I’m a Mii Gunner main, but because I can finally spike my opponents while Megalovania plays!

This simple costume mod introduces a new color scheme for the Sans Mii Gunner costume inspired by Joker from Persona 5.

Smash Ultimate is already crossover heaven.

So a crossover within a crossover shouldn’t surprise any of us.


9. Super Mario Odyssey Skinpack

Super Mario Odyssey Skinpack Mod screenshot

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I’m flipping the Switch, get ready for this, oh, let’s do the Odyssey.

In Smash Ultimate too!

This fantastic Super Mario Odyssey Skinpack celebrates Odyssey’s third anniversary with tons of new skins for Mario, Peach, Zero Suit Samus, Luigi, and Jigglypuff.

None of the characters will get his or her moves changed, either. So you can hop online without having to worry about getting hit by Nintendo’s ban hammer.

Or so I hope: you know how it is with Nintendo.


8. Ninten (Earthbound Beginnings)

Ninten (Earthbound Beginnings) for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Ness and Lucas have become Smash series staples, having appeared in multiple entries in the series.

But what about Ninten?

The main character of the original Mother has been seemingly forgotten by Nintendo, but not by fans of the series.

And so a modder took it upon himself to introduce the character into Smash Ultimate. The new model is not a mere reskin of Ness, as it comes with some unique details that make him feel like a proper inclusion.

Smash devs, you paying attention?


7. Every Character has the Knee

Every Character has the Knee Mod screenshot

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The most satisfying special move to pull off in all of Smash is now at everyone’s disposal!

The “Every Character has the Knee” mod tweaks every character’s move set so that they can perform Captain Falcon’s devastating knee special attack.

Note: it’s still as hard to land properly as ever, so don’t expect your opponents to fall easily to a cheap move.


6. Desert Unova

Desert Unova Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod

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I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t seem to remember the Unova stage looking so colorful.

Desert Unova introduces a tweaked and recolored version of the vanilla stage, complete with proper UI update and slightly different battlefield, and omega versions.

This modded stage is sure to cause desyncs when playing online, so make sure you stick to local play to avoid getting mass reported by other players.


5. BOTW Link Moveset

BOTW Link Moveset for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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It’s a shame that Link didn’t get more of his Breath of the Wild unique abilities in Smash Ultimate.

Imagine what he could have done with his elemental arrows!

Well you can stop wondering how things could have been, as this BOTW Link Moveset mod lets you use these elemental arrows by switching them with the taunt buttons.

And if this wasn’t enough, try aiming with your bow while in the air: it really does feel like Breath of the Wild now, doesn’t it?


4. Bowser New Down Air

Bowser New Down Air SSBU Mod

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I love using Bowser in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But one of his attacks leaves something to be desired.

Bowser New Down Air, which should never be used in online play, tweaks the character’s down air attack so that momentum is not lost while performing it.

Pretty much like most other down air attacks in Ultimate.

It is a bit broken, I have to say… but it’s so much fun!


3. Cloud (Final Fantasy VII Remake)

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud Character modded into SSBU

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Cloud may not be as broken as he was in Smash 4. But he’s still a force to be reckoned with in Smash Ultimate.

Must be his new costume.

Sadly, Cloud hasn’t really received any new costume officially… but it’s possible to change his vanilla one with the Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud mod, which tweaks details so the character looks closer in appearance to his remake counterpart.

Too bad nothing can be done for that ludicrous hair.


2. General Grievous

General Grievous Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod

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This General Grievous mod represents the obligatory Star Wars mod that every game has to receive.

It just comes with modding at this point.

Here we get the character first seen in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, added to Smash Ultimate, replacing Ganondorf.

Sadly, Grievous doesn’t have his signature Lightsabers. So you will have to make do with Ganondorf’s move set.

But seeing the high-count polygonal model in action will bring a tear to your eyes. It looks that good.


1. Squall (Final Fantasy VIII)

FF8 Squall Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod

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Despite no one believing it possible, we ended up getting Cloud Strife in Smash at one point… so why shouldn’t we wish for more?

This Squall mod introduces a great-looking version of the Final Fantasy VIII iconic main character into Smash Ultimate.

And yes, this mod comes complete with custom UI, voice updates, and his signature scowls. His moveset is not original, sadly.

But whatever, as Squall himself would say!

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