Top 10 Best Characters in Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness

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As the fifth entry in the Star Ocean series, Integrity and Faithlessness did a lot of things to try and revamp the franchise for newer generations without alienating longtime fans.

In the realm of traditional JRPG games, the amazing visuals, constant 60fps, and sprawling landscapes really set the game apart. However the story and characters stay true to the traditions of the genre.

I mean sure, the battle system is amazing. And walking seamlessly into confrontations without a load screen of any kind is a great step-up when compared to other games.

But real fans of Star Ocean always want memorable characters in their party and all throughout the storyline.

Was the cast of Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness as good as the rest of the game? Let’s take a look at my picks for the best characters in the story and find out!

10. Hana

Hana Star Ocean 5

We don’t know too much about Hana, other than she’s one of Victor’s companions in the King’s Chosen.

She’s evidently from a wealthy background, but she doesn’t let that define her.

She chose a life in the military over research in great part to get away from the advantages and prestige her family’s connections inevitably provided. Which makes her a respectable character in my book.

However, the number one reason she made the list is her cute design.

It’s the perfect middle ground between slick, cool, and adorable!

9. Relia

Relia Star Ocean 5

A super-cute child with an overly-elaborate clothing design is nothing new in the world of JRPGs. But tri-Ace did a great job at adapting the archetype.

Unlike many Anime/JRPG children, Relia actually acts like a young kid.

Her amnesia probably helps in that department, but the way she interacts with Fidel and Miki is especially endearing.

The unease she exhibits about her own mysterious powers also makes her very believable.

8. Welch Vineyard

Welch Vineyard Star Ocean 5

No JRPG franchise is complete without a recurring character who somehow manages to make their way into every time period and geographical location the game takes place in.

The genius inventor Welch is Star Ocean’s answer to this requirement.

This version is a bit different from the rest, putting more emphasis on her capricious nature. But the core of her character remains.

She’s a springy blonde who’s a little bit crazy and loves to flirt around, to the point where Victor becomes uncomfortable and actively avoids visiting her shop.

She’ll teach you all about crafting, cooking, and smithing through her questline. So you’ll have a lot of time to get to know her as you progress through the game.

7. Daril Camuze

Daril Camuze Star Ocean 5

At first it’s hard to picture Fidel’s father as more than a vague figure of a legendary swordsman. But as the game progresses towards its climax it becomes evident that he’s a respectable dude despite a strained relationship with his son.

He expected a lot of Fidel, and like many parents tend to do, he pushed hard and seldom praised the boy in order to keep him striving for greatness.

It may have soured their relationship and hurt Fidel. But there’s no doubt he succeeded in making Fidel an upstanding man.

6. Anne Patriceani

Anne Patriceani Star Ocean 5

Fierce and strong women exist aplenty in JRPGs. But Anne takes it a step further, being both a master of martial arts and a veritable intellectual.

Her personality is a wonderful blend of smarts, timidness, and a strange disconnect from reality that makes you want to look at the world through her eyes.

She also likes cats which is essentially cheating when writing a character. I mean, who doesn’t like a cat-lover?

5. Victor Oakville

Victor Oakville Star Ocean 5

Victor was hand-picked for the King’s Chosen due to his excellent combat prowess, which he exhibits in battle with an ample reach and powerful moves with katanas and longswords.

His military uniform fits his serious and pragmatic personality.

But like most things in life, there’s more to Victor than meets the eye. Despite being so strong and respected, he shows an insecure side that’s always interested in improving himself. He’s also a little superstitious, and at times just plain weird.

I mean, he even challenges a cat to a duel in one point!

4. Fiore Brunelli

Fiore Brunelli Star Ocean 5

Dedicating your life to science and research doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy.

That’s what Fiore seems to say with her incredibly revealing clothes.

She’s still a very meticulous person, a side that becomes evident once you learn she actually keeps spares of her outfit in different sizes to account for weight changes. Talk about dedication.

This researcher at the Royal Institute of Signetary Studies in Langdauq has learned she can use both her brains and womanly allure to achieve her goals.

This dark and mysterious personality goes perfectly with her witchy design and obscure powers.

3. Emmerson T. Kenny

Emmerson T. Kenny Star Ocean 5

His design may look a bit like something the clergy would wear, but he’s far from a holy man.

Emmerson is from the Kenny clan, famous in Star Ocean lore for their military prowess. A skillset that Emmerson shares.

He’s seen a lot throughout his military career and probably done a lot of questionable things as well.

He has both the wisdom and confidence that come with age but hasn’t lost the playful side of an eternal-bachelor, and he can’t help but flirt with any girl that piques his interest.

Emmerson is a layered character and that’s what makes him such a good one.

2. Miki Sauvester

Miki Sauvester Star Ocean 5

Now one of the game’s best features is the introduction of characters that feel more mature than what’s usual in the genre, like Miki Sauvester.

Despite fulfilling the role of a cutesy childhood friend to the protagonist, she also acts as the party’s “mom” so to speak.

She supports the other characters through tough times, as you can see in many of their Private Actions.

Being an orphan herself she probably knows what it’s like to have nobody, so she tries to lend a hand to those in need.

1. Fidel Camuze

Fidel Camuze, best character in SO5

As the son of one of the planet’s most famous heroes and politicians, Fidel was under a lot of pressure growing up.

Instead of becoming an edgy teenager like most JRPG protagonists do, Fidel grew under the pressure to become a competent leader and a strong swordsman.

It probably helps that we meet him in his early twenties, rather than his teenage years.

Following the emphasis on having a more mature protagonist, part of his storyline is becoming a father to Relia and understanding his own father through that process.

It’s not only unique, but it shines a light on how JRPG stories can have a lot of depth and how to keep them interesting for aging fans.

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