15 Best Weapons in Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness

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As the fifth entry in a beloved series, I think Integrity and Faithlessness had some big shoes to fill.

One of the broader aspect of this game’s massive customization comes with all the weapons your characters have at their disposal.

The game’s setting of a planet thrown into chaos after their first contact with an advanced alien race creates a great opportunity for designers to play around with different styles. This means weapons including ancient magical staves to technological masterpieces of destruction: it’s all on the table!

Since your whole party is always going into battle, you’ll need gear. So I’ve put together a little list with the most remarkable weapons in the game for each character.

15. Paws – Anne

Paws weapon in Star Ocean 5

It’s only natural for a cat-lover like Anne to get feline paws as her joke weapon.

Seeing her wielding these in battle is a funny sight, as the contrast between the “serious and cool” character she has and these soft and springy paws just becomes more evident in the middle of a fight.

Despite being a joke weapon, it’s still viable if you want to use it far into the game.

It has 16 augmentation slots, so if you conjure up some laser weapons with the right factors and feed them to the paws, you’ll end up with a surprisingly powerful weapon.


14. Arcadian Serenity – Emmerson

Arcadian Serenity in Star Ocean 5

While there are some better weapons available for the womanizer of the group in post-game, I decided to include the best weapon available before the game’s final battle(for those of you still working through the game’s story).

This sacred bow was passed down by generations of woodland spirits, providing an interesting contrast when wielded by an officer of a space army.

The Arcadian Serenity provides an attack value of 1300 along with 4 augmentation slots to power it up however you want.

It can be found in the Cathedral of Oblivion that you access through the Resulian Planes so it’s fairly easy to acquire as needed.


13. Farwell – Fidel

Farwell weapon in Star Ocean 5

The best pre-credits weapon for the game’s blue-haired hero is this sacred sword of legend, said to be infused with the power to bring down divine judgment upon the wielder’s enemies.

The Farwell provides Fidel with an attack value of 1400 and also includes 4 augmentations slots for added customization.

Like Emmerson’s Arcadian Serenity and most other ultimate campaign weapons, this can be found through the Cathedral of Oblivion.

But this one lies in the Alcazar of the Golden Age.


12. Chrome Nightmare – Victor

Chrome Nightmare weapon in Star Ocean 5

If someone turned up one day to try and strike me down with something called a “Chrome Nightmare”, I’d be more scared of the wielder than the weapon.

It’s fitting, considering how much of a weirdo Victor can be in certain Private Actions.

This weapon, said to cut through souls with a blade made of the physical manifestation of rancor, gives Victor a 1450 attack boost and 4 augmentation slots. All while also absorbing 1% of all dealt damage as MP; a really nice added effect, if I do say so.

It can be found through the Cathedral of Oblivion challenge in Northern Sohma.


11. Bloody Knuckles – Anne

Bloody Knuckles in Star Ocean 5

Something much more fitting for Anne’s personality and martial arts prowess are these Bloody Knuckles, said to be favored by the King of the Undead.

These ghastly knuckles give Anne 1350 attack points, have 4 augmentation slots, and let her absorb 3% of all damage dealt as HP to heal herself.

To find the Bloody Knuckles you just need to complete all seven rooms of the Cathedral of Oblivion at Treikur dunes. Easier said than done!


10. Asclepius – Miki

Asclepius weapon in Star Ocean 5

It’s always been funny to me how absurd the flavor text for JRPG weapons can be, in comparison to its characters and setting.

In this case, the motherly and gluttonous pink-coded Miki gets to wield a staff said to belong to a healer good enough to be considered a god by his peers.

It’s a reference to the Greek myth of Asclepius, if the staff’s name didn’t make it obvious enough.

This regenerating staff won’t only boost Miki’s INT stat by 1250, but also makes her healing spells 20% stronger. Which is great for a character who’ll spend most of her time healing rather than dealing damage.

It can be obtained through the Cathedral of Oblivion on the Coast of Minoz.


9. Carbuncle’s Prison – Fiore

Carbuncles Prison from Star Ocean 5

Like Fiore herself, the red gem in this weapon is said to bewitch those who lay eyes on it with its beauty.

Apparently a sprite resides inside the sphere, bringing fortune to the orb’s user. That effect takes the form of a 50% boost in FOL production whenever Fiore goes into battle with it equipped.

Other than that, it also lends her 1300 INT points to increase her damage, has 4 augmentation slots, and can be acquired by beating the Cathedral of Oblivion in the Eastern Eihmieds.


8. Scumbag Slayer – Fidel

Scumbag Slayer from Star Ocean 5

For many JRPG players, the game doesn’t start until the credits roll.

There are always bonus bosses to defeat and special dungeons to clear!

Star Ocean: IaF doesn’t lag behind in this regard. And you’d better start grinding that EXP if you wish to be high level enough to duke it out with the most powerful optional bosses.

The best way to do that is to defeat Metal Scumbags, literally walls of steel that won’t usually feel a thing… unless you use the Scumbag Slayer.

Not only can it damage them, it’ll kill them in one hit.

To get your hands on this puppy you need to smith together a meteorite, 3 wooden sticks, a mana ribbon and high-strength adhesive.

That, and say goodbye to your honor (according to the weapon’s description).


7. Mindhealer – Miki

Mindhealer from Star Ocean 5

After finding out that this weapon grants its bearer omniscience and thaumaturgical prowess, I’ve never been able to look at Miki the same way again.

This incredible power manifests itself in-game as a whopping 2400 INT and a 15% mana bonus. It also has 7 augmentation slots for you to fill. Yes, seven!

To get it you just need to synthesize together a moonstone and five rubies, which will only be possible after clearing the game.


6. Dragon’s Bellow – Emmerson

Dragons Bellow from Star Ocean 5

Unlike the previous weapon covered for Emmerson, I have to admit that the Dragon’s Bellow is nothing magical.

This powerful work of engineering is a phaser gun that looks like a dragon’s jaw and makes a humming sound similar to their roaring.

It provides Emmerson with a 2100 bonus attack, reduces the MP cost of his abilities by 20%, and overall makes him even more of a badass if that was even possible.

To make his ultimate weapon you must synthesize a moonstone, 4 diffusion devices, and a microblaster together. Be sure to stock up on ingredients too, since it may take several tries.


5. Ama-no-Murakumo – Victor

Ama-no-Murakumo from Star Ocean 5

Victor’s ultimate weapon is a sword blessed by the gods during the Age of Creation, said to be made from the tail of a dragon the size of a mountain.

Luckily it’s not quite as big, allowing Victor to wield it for 2500 attack points and a 10% MEN boost.

Like all other ultimate weapons you can acquire, this one has 7 augmentation slots as well.

If you wish to wield its power you’ll have to synthesize five gold pieces and a moonstone together.


4. Aether-in-Stasis – Fiore

Aether-in-Stasis from Star Ocean 5

Looking at Fiore, I always wondered whether she was into BDSM. This weapon, an artifact manifested by a goddess to make all who disobey her fall to their knees, more or less confirmed it.

Other than being strikingly fitting for her, this weapon gives Fiore 2500 INT points and a 10% boost to the same stat.

Now if you want to make it you’ll need to synthesize 5 rubies and a moonstone. Again, remember to stock up on these as the combination can drop a variety of items before this weapon(unfortunately).


3. Immolating Fangs – Anne

Immolating Fangs from Star Ocean 5

While Anne’s ultimate weapon also comes from an animal, it’s quite different from her paws.

The Immolating Fangs are made from the teeth of a fearless fire-red beast, and it’ll increase Anne’s critical hit rate by 30% along with giving her 2200 attack points.

It’s made by synthesizing 5 cashmeres and a moonstone.


2. Levantine – Fidel

Levantine from Star Ocean 5

Fidel’s ultimate endgame weapon is the polar opposite of the Farwell.

Instead of wielding divine judgment, this sword is demonic in nature.

While it’s described as a weapon forged during an apocalyptic event and quenched in the blood of the fallen, you’ll only need to synthesize 5 gold pieces and a moonstone to get it.

Once you do, you’ll be a whole 2400 attack points stronger, and you’ll get a 10% damage bonus for each hit as well.


1. Welch’s Handy Stick – Miki

Welchs Handy Stick from Star Ocean 5

Surprised to find a joke weapon at the top of the list?

Thanks to its 16 augmentation slots, Welch’s Handy Stick can be enhanced with elemental leathers and weapons with the right healing factors to make the definitive healing staff.

It won’t deal much damage, like at all. But you really don’t want Miki on the offensive anyway.

Give this a try as you progress along because it really can turn into an absolute game changer in battle.

To get your hands on this handy stick just try to synthesize a Signeturgy item with an impurity level of 50.

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