The Best Abigail Mods For Stardew Valley (All Free)

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Abigail is absolutely a fan favorite in Stardew Valley.

And I would imagine it’s because of the memes.

You see, there’s a little error in the game (or maybe just a bit of fun!) when you give Abigail quartz, she says something along the lines of it being a good snack.

It’s silly, but the Internet ran with it, as they tend to do.

But memes aside, enjoy these fun mods for Abigail!


10. Abigail Sprites Remastered

Abigail Sprites Remastered / Stardew Valley Mod

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With this you’ll get some minor changes to Abigail’s sprites, but they’re massive improvements.

It gets rid of her bowlegs, fixes her eye color and bow placement to match her portrait, and just generally cleans it up.

She’s a really pretty character.

So mods like this are nice to make her sprite more consistent with her portrait.

It can be tough to make pixel art perfect, so props to Concerned Ape for getting this far, honestly.


9. Abigail Revised- Seasonal

Abigail Revised- Seasonal / Stardew Valley Mod

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Don’t you hate how no matter the season, the villagers all wear the same things?

It’s always really bothered me.

Penny must freeze in the winter, and Elliott must boil in the summer.

It’s a bad deal all around, honestly.

But this mod makes it so that Abigail has four separate sprites with different outfits, to be more appropriate for the weather.

They’re really cute, and make her look a bit older too. So it’s definitely worth checking it out!


8. Abigail Weight Gain Sprite

Abigail Weight Gain Sprite / Stardew Valley Mod

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One thing about Stardew Valley that irks me is that all of the bachelors and bachelorettes are in perfect shape.

Pam, Clint, and Gus are the only ones that could be considered overweight in Pelican Town, which is so unrealistic.

Now we can make Abigail a bit heavier.

Also, this mod makes her a little taller – some people love large ladies, and this Abigail delivers!


7. Abigail Centaur Horse Replacement

Abigail Centaur Horse Replacement / Stardew Valley Mod

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This one is… a little weird.

It isn’t really Abigail. Instead it replaces the farmer’s horse with a centaur using Abigail’s face.

It’s kind of creepy, honestly.

But I’m going for variance in mods here. If I have to see this, so do you.

Listen, I know there’s horse girls out there, but I wasn’t expecting a horsegirl.


6. Abigail Redone

Abigail Redone / Stardew Valley Mod

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This isn’t a huge mod, but it’s a nice detail to add into Stardew.

Some people believe that Abigail is actually the wizard Rasmodius’ daughter and not Pierre’s, and others believe the purple hair comes instead from a box.

For the latter group, here you go.

This mod makes it so Abigail dyes her hair more frequently, and she uses all sorts of different colors, like a good emo should.

There’s red, blue, green, black, and (of course) purple!


5. Vanilla Gothic Abigail

Vanilla Gothic Abigail / Stardew Valley Mod

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Abigail has always struck me more as emo or scene than goth, but I can work with this.

Vanilla Gothic Abigail gives her some heavy dark makeup and new hair accessories, all going for a very gothic look.

It leaves her vanilla clothes alone. But surprisingly, they fit well enough and she still looks goth.

It’s amazing what a little heavy eyeliner can do, I guess!

Goth Abigail would totally hang out at the graveyard, just saying.


4. Abigail Sprite with Cat Ears

Abigail Sprite with Cat Ears / Stardew Valley Mod

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Some people really like cat ears and catgirls.

Well here’s a mod that gives Abigail cat ears!

It’s a very small change, but some players like little details like that.

She’s super cute with them on, that’s for sure.

Plus this changes her outfit, too – specifically into a sleeveless top, since apparently that matches better.

I bet if she could, Abigail would own a bunch of cats.

She strikes me as a cat person, not a dog person. I’m not sure why.


3. Nostalgia Abigail

Nostalgia Abigail / Stardew Valley Mod

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When Concerned Ape made Stardew Valley, they also released the original designs for the sprites.

Some of the villagers didn’t change too much – but some changed totally drastically.

This mod is based off of Abigail’s original design.

It gives her green hair and a pink bow, and an optional version to remove the bow if you don’t like it.

It also makes her clothes purple – so really, it’s just a color swap of her hair and clothes. But it’s worth checking out if you’re curious!


2. Abigail’s Baby

Abigail’s Baby / Stardew Valley Mod

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I don’t like how in the vanilla game, all babies look the same regardless of who you have them with.

It’s like, I know that pixel genetics aren’t going to be perfect or even great, but I’d like something.

That’s where mods come in.

Now, any children you have with Abigail will look like her, with green eyes and purple hair.

If you want a dash of realism and if you play family style, definitely check this out. It makes Stardew so much better than the same little brown haired twerps nyooming around otherwise.


1. Spanish Wedding Dress

Spanish Wedding Dress / Stardew Valley Mod

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This mod is a simple one, but neat:

It makes it so that when you get married, Abigail wears a black Spanish wedding dress.

I don’t know if the reason I like it so much is because it implies that Abigail is Spanish, or because it gives her the black wedding dress and that just suits her so well.

I could never see her in white – from what I know, the girls who would pick a black wedding dress would also absolutely stan the quartz-munching purple-haired girl, no cap.

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