Stardew Valley Alex Mods: Portraits, Dialogue & More

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It’s interesting – no matter how many friends I talk to about Stardew Valley, nobody ever claims Alex as their favorite character.

When you have to contend with crowd favorites like Sebastian, Sebastian, and oh, you know, Sebastian, I guess it makes sense.

But darn it, Alex is a pretty good character!

Here are some mods to help even the score and bring us to something closer to an equality utopia.


1. Portrait-Accurate Alex

Portrait-Accurate Alex Mod for Stardew Valley

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Have you ever noticed that there’s kind of a huge discrepancy between Concerned Ape’s sprites and portraits?

Modder iKeychain has noticed, anyway. And they created a skin to make the sprite a whole lot closer to the portrait for Alex.

Rather than the Black Parade-esque button down thing he’s got going on, Alex now has his sweater open to show his shirt underneath.

His hair is fluffier and a bit bigger, and his face has a little more shading.

Best of all, he’s even a bit taller.

Who doesn’t love a hulking sporty himbo?


2. Flirtier Alex Dialogue Overhaul

Flirtier Alex Dialogue Overhaul / Stardew Valley mod

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Speaking of loving hulking, sporty himbos, it’s a real pain when you marry one and he still won’t flirt with you.

Alex is a gentleman. And we appreciate that, but we also want to be courted a little, bud.

This neat little mod totally overhauls his dialogue and gives him over 300 more lines, some before and some after marriage.

He also gives you loads more gifts, like any doting boyfriend oughta.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I love you, honey. Now come here.” Alright, sold.


3. Yandere Alex Dialogue Expansion

Yandere Alex Dialogue Expansion in Stardew Valley

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What is with you kids and yanderes? Respectfully, I just don’t get it. You guys clearly do, though, because there are so many yandere mods on Nexus.

Whatever. The things I do for you.

This mod gives Alex over 200 lines of dialogue, with bangers like “Trust me. I know you more than you think I do”, and “I feel like I’m losing my mind.” Romantic!

His sprite is also replaced with a deranged little grinning thing. Enjoy, I guess?


4. The Alex Things for Custom Furniture

The Alex Things for Custom Furniture Stardew Valley mod

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There isn’t loads of furniture available in Stardew, compared to games like Animal Crossing or The Sims.

Mods that add more furniture are really helpful if you’re into decorating, which I definitely am!

Well this mod adds the items that come with marrying Alex to both the catalog and Robin’s shop.

They’re all sports or fitness themed, of course. Like framed jerseys or a weightlifting set.

Whether you want to pre-decorate your house for marrying the jock himbo, or just really into the stuff yourself, it’s worth a download!


5. Shirtless Alex

Shirtless Alex Mod for Stardew Valley

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To nobody’s surprise, there is an overwhelming number of shirtless Alex mods out there.

This one stands out from the rest because it makes a laudable effort to give him the muscles that we know this sporty man definitely has.

And this isn’t an easy feat, given Stardew Valley’s pixel art style.

But this mod by bluestarkiller also fixes his hair a little, making it a bit more solid looking. Worth a download if you want to thicken up your local himbo.


6. Female Alex

Female Alex Stardew Valley mod

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Dearest reader, you knew there was going to be one of these on the list.

Genderbending is a hot commodity in any modding community.

And this mod, obviously, makes Alex into a female version of himself.

It does a pretty good job of maintaining the original art style and keeping the style of the bro version, just turning the big himbo into a, well… big lady himbo, which is incredibly valid.

There are eleven well-made sprite expressions here too, so no worries about there being lack of content!

Definitely try this out if you want to add a new bachelorette to Pelican Town.


7. Alex’s Bedroom

Alex’s Bedroom Mod for Stardew Valley

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This is another pretty straightforward mod that doesn’t do too much. But what it does, it does well.

It changes up the room that appears after marrying a villager.

Since it’s Alex-themed, this mod gives the room a lot more Alex-oriented details. Such as a weightlifting set (even though he always does it outside), a football helmet, and some more posters on the wall.

It’s a nice bit of detail that blends in well with the rest of the house, so it really doesn’t look out of place.


8. Hispanic Alex

Hispanic Alex Stardew Valley mod

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Representation is a huge thing in the media. And unfortunately, Stardew Valley kind of falls short there.

Sebastian is presumed to be half-Asian and Demetrius and Maru are Black, but that’s really about it for anyone being anything but Caucasian.

This mod adds a little more diversity by giving Alex a Hispanic background.

Aside from skintone, the mod also adjusts his features a bit.

This same modder (AllegedMexican) also did a similar edit with George, so check that out if you want as well.

I think mods like this are really important. Everyone deserves to feel represented in a game, and when the original material falls short, mods can help!


9. Older Alex

Older Alex Mod for Stardew Valley

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The vast majority of the bachelors and bachelorettes in Pelican Town are so young.

When I was a teenager that was fine. But now that I’m getting older, whenever I play the game I just feel weird – because nobody but me is aging.

This mod is great because it makes young Alex into thicc older Alex.

A good choice for those of us that either prefer the older folks, or ARE the older folks.

And the art is really good too!


10. Alex’s Baby Recolor

Alex’s Baby Recolor Stardew Valley mod

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Have you ever realized that no matter who you marry in Stardew, when you have kids, they always look exactly the same?

That’s weird, right?

Well this mod makes it an issue of the past by replacing the default baby with one that genetically looks like Alex. Nifty!

Certainly a mod worth trying if you’re into realism.

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