Top 5 Best Recurring Crops in Stardew Valley

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From your first day on the farm, you have one goal above all others – to earn money and learn to survive by farming.

Luckily, the game does provide you a number of ways to do that.

You can farm crops and livestock, fish, take on the dungeons, make your own goods, and more.

Often, crops are the easiest way to get started, especially since you’re handed a bundle of parsnip seeds right away.

That said, not all crops are created equal. All of them will keep you afloat – but some will help you to build that rich farming life quicker.

Recurring crops are often a prime choice for earning a steady profit, because you only have to plant them once.

That means no buying seeds every couple of weeks.

So to help you get the most for your gold, let’s look into some of the better recurring crops in the series.

Once you’ve planted these, you’ll never want to go back to regular old parsnips!


5. Corn

Corn Stardew Valley gameplay

Grow Season: Summer And Fall
Growth Time: 14 Days
Recurring: Every 4 Days

In Stardew Valley, corn is a tried-and-true crop.

Players often move to corn once they’ve gotten past purchasing the cheapest seeds possible.

Although the seeds can be expensive at a minimum of 150g, selling the corn can net you quite a bit over time.

The most important thing to note with growing corn is that you won’t get much of a profit unless you keep it growing over both summer and fall.

Growing corn for one season will only create about 200g in profit per plant.

But over two seasons you’ll be able to get a total of 550g per plant.

That’s not including any bonus corn cobs you might discover!


4. Blueberries

Blueberries in Stardew Valley

Grow Season: Summer
Growth Time: 13 Days
Recurring: Every 4 Days

As a delicious summer treat, blueberries are a pretty great way to make a profit.

Each packet of blueberry seeds costs 80g, and each blueberry you sell gains you 50g. That may not look like much of a gain.

But let’s not forget that every blueberry plant gives you 3 blueberries at every harvest.

That means for one harvest with one plant, you’ll already be earning almost twice as much as you spent on the plant.

For a single blueberry plant over one full season, you’ll gain 600g.

That’s nothing to sneeze at!


3. Pineapple

Pineapple Stardew Valley screenshot

Grow Season: Summer (Farm), Year-Long (Ginger Island)
Growth Time: 14 Days
Recurring: Every 7 Days

Pineapples may be one of the less common crops (at least early on), but they can be quite profitable once you get your hands on them.

What makes pineapples stand out as a great crop is that they won’t cost you any gold.

They will, however, cost you some time.

Obtained by trading a magma cap, pineapple seeds might as well be considered “free” if you plan on doing a lot of exploring anyway.

Once you’ve planted them, each plant can provide you with two pineapples per season.

And yes, that may not seem like a lot. But each pineapple is worth a whopping 300g!


2. Cranberries

Cranberries from Stardew Valley

Grow Season: Fall
Growth Time: 7 Days
Recurring: Every 5 Days

It’s hard to go wrong with growing cranberries on your farm, although they are a bit expensive to get your hands on.

Starting off at 240g from Pierre’s shop, you might find yourself wondering if these seeds are really worth growing.

They absolutely are!

From a single cranberry plant, you can end up with 10 cranberries by the end of the season.

Each of those cranberries is worth 75g when sold, coming out to a total of 750g per plant.

If you’re doing the math, that’s 510g profit for each plant. Not too shabby.


1. Ancient Fruit

Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

Grow Season: Spring, Summer, And Fall
Growth Time: 28 Days
Recurring: Every 7 Days

If you have the patience to grow these, I’d say there’s no better re-growing crop than the ancient fruit when it comes to turning a profit.

While you can purchase ancient seeds to get started, you may also come across them during your daily activities.

I’ve found a few myself while using the seed maker!

You can also grow ancient seeds in any season except for winter.

Granted they do take 28 days to fully grow – but each plant will give you four ancient fruits in each season after.

If you start growing on the first day of spring, you’ll be able to get 8 ancient fruits per plant before winter comes around.

Doesn’t sound like much, right?

Well consider this: each ancient fruit is worth 550g!

If you opt to use some Speed-Gro then you may end up earning even more.

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