The Best Custom Clint Mods for Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley offers players a ticket out of their monotonous city life and into a tight-knit rural community where everyone knows each other and lives in harmony with the land.

But even Pelican Town has its troubled souls.

One of them is Clint, the town’s mopey and self-conscious blacksmith.

Despite having one of the most important and cool jobs in town, Clint struggles to feel worthy of love. He seems quiet and grumpy, but it’s all anxiety and insecurities.

If you want to help Clint with his struggles, mods are the best way to go about it.


1. Wrong Idea Clint

Wrong Idea Clint / Stardew Valley Mod

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Clint’s self-esteem issues are apparent from early on in your relationship.

There’s a lot of darkness within this blacksmith, leading him to act the fool most of the time.

A prime example happens during Emily’s eight-hearts event, where he finds you standing close to the blue-haired fashion designer and assumes you must be an item.

He even congratulates you! It’s about as sad as it is embarrassing.

With this mod, you can stop Clint from using you as an excuse to hide his fear of rejection. Just head to Clint’s after the event and clear up the misunderstanding – or confirm his fears.


2. Dammit Clint Stop Hitting on My Wife

Dammit Clint Stop Hitting on My Wife / Stardew Valley Mod

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Many of Clint’s heart events and festival interactions have to do with his interest in Emily.

There’s nothing wrong with that if you’re not dating Emily, but after you marry her… Let’s just say Clint could use a little reminder of what marriage means.

You only need a little modding magic to stop Clint from disregarding your relationship and consistently pining after your wife.

Dammit Clint Stop Hitting on My Wife is an aptly-titled mod that rewrites much of Clint’s dialogue, so he doesn’t focus so much on Emily but on his shyness in general.


3. Clint Removes Apron

Clint Removes Apron / Stardew Valley Mod

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The human mind is full of mysteries and contradictions.

For example, many insecure people will often refuse to work on their image despite the ample evidence showing it would improve their social interactions and self-esteem.

Clint is one of these people, as you can tell from the fact that he always wears his work apron. He even wears the apron on his days off!

This mod helps Clint make the bare minimum effort by removing the apron whenever he’s not working at the forge. Show off that beefy blacksmith bod, man!


4. Clint Shop Overhaul

Clint Shop Overhaul / Stardew Valley Mod

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The first thing we learn about Clint is that he runs the local smithy.

For most of us, that’s his most important trait. We couldn’t really improve our tools or open geodes without his help.

After bringing so much business his way, Clint must have some savings to invest back into the store. This mod gives us a taste of what that may look like

Once installed, you’ll find a greatly expanded catalog at Clint’s. Now, he sells some processed essentials like metal bars, multiple kinds of geodes, and a ton of farm equipment.


5. Handsome Clint

Handsome Clint / Stardew Valley Mod

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Frankly, I get why Emily doesn’t care much for Clint.

It’s not only the fact that he never takes off the apron or smells of coal and sweat. I don’t think it’s just about his low self-esteem, either.

Clint is just, well, not hot. He’s not hot at all!

Looking at his sprite, I know I’d never marry that guy.

This mod changes Clint’s portrait and sprites to a younger-looking, well-groomed gentleman – the kind that looks gorgeous covered in sweat and coal dust.

Emily still won’t date him, though.


6. Aesthetic Clint

Aesthetic Clint / Stardew Valley Mod

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Another hot version of Clint that takes the timid blacksmith in an entirely new direction is Peachy’s Aesthetic Clint mod.

This add-on is not just about making Clint hotter – it’s fully transforming the character with minor changes to the sprite and character portrait.

It makes his hair blonde, gives him a full beard, and adds an enigmatic scar over his left eye to create a look worthy of a character from Michael Hirst’s Vikings (2013).

It makes Clint a lot more interesting, for sure. How did a Viking end up in Pelican Town?


7. Sexy Hairy Clint

Hairy Clint Redesign / Stardew Valley Mod

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Clint looks a bit pudgy and overweight despite having one of the most physically-demanding jobs in Pelican Town.

When I think of a blacksmith, I picture a jacked strongman with thick arms, bulging shoulders, and massive pecs covered in a manly coat of hair.

This mod makes Pelican Town’s resident blacksmith into a true bodybuilder. It’s Clint, played by Chris Hemsworth, after a heavy cycle of anabolic steroids.

It’s not just his portrait, either. Even his sprite is beefed-up – and he never puts on a shirt!


8. Happy Clint

Happy Clint / Stardew Valley Mod

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An enigmatic past or a muscular body built by years of honest hard work are great ways of making someone appear hotter – but when it comes to Clint, his personality is the biggest problem.

Talking to this blacksmith is draining.

He’s depressive and can drag down your own mood after exchanging just a couple words!

The Happy Clint mod will make trips to the smithy much more enjoyable by slipping Clint some Joy Pills from We Happy Few (2016).

It rewrites most of Clint’s day-to-day dialogue and even some of his heart events. He won’t become a beacon of light for Pelican Town, but it makes his story much more forward-facing.


9. Clint Narrative Overhaul

Clint Narrative Overhaul / Stardew Valley Mod

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Instead of erasing Clint’s personality by magically making him happier, why don’t we dive deep into the character and learn what makes him the way he is?

The Clint Narrative Overhaul strives to provide that experience by introducing over 180 new lines of unique dialogue.

You’ll have new, insightful conversations with Clint and learn about his likes, dislikes, and struggles with mental health.

There’s even some unique custom dialogue if you go ahead and marry his crush, Emily.

It’s a massive improvement to the character that’ll make you see this grumpy blacksmith in a new light.


10. Improved Clint

Improved Clint / Stardew Valley Mod

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Another great option to give Clint’s character some depth is Improved Clint by SoftPandaBoi.

Unlike the original Clint storyline, which watches as the blacksmith continues to live his sad and self-conscious lifestyle, this mod lets you explore the character further.

You’ll proudly bear witness as Clint finally finds the fire within and overcomes his one-sided love for Emily.

You can even date and marry Clint once this mod is installed!

He has his own custom spouse room and patio, so you can wake up at 6am to the ringing of your beefy husband hammering hot iron nearby.

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